Vladimir Putin’s Straight-Talk at the Russian Energy Week International Forum

In all his public remarks, Vladimir Putin is refreshingly candid and straight forward — in sharp contrast to double-talking US/Western officials, figures never to be trusted.

At a time of hegemon USA-dominated NATO hot and sanctions war on Russia — in flagrant breach of international law — Putin justifiably slammed their diabolical “ambitions, (their) overtly subversive actions,” including their aim to “destroy (Russian) infrastructure.”

“There is no doubt that…sabotage of Nord Stream I and II (was) an act of international terrorism, the purpose of which is to undermine the energy security of the entire continent,” he stressed.

There’s no doubt about US dirty hands behind what happened.

There’s no doubt about its intent “to destroy and block cheap energy sources, hence depriving millions of people, industrial consumers of gas, heat, electricity and other resources…forcing them to buy all this at much higher (US) prices.”

Rendering 3 of 4 Nord Stream gas lines to Germany inoperable is one among many other examples of how hegemon USA operates.

Its diabolical action “set an extremely dangerous precedent,” Putin stressed. 

It “shows that any critical piece of transport, energy or communications infrastructure is under threat, regardless of its location, management or whether it lies on the seabed or on land” or in space.

While not directly related to energy, “the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge by Ukrainian” Nazis — OK’d by their US master — was further proof of how they operate ruthlessly in flagrant breach of international law.

Directly related to energy, they’re involved in nuclear terrorism by regular strikes on the Zaporozhye NPP, as well as attempted “attacks near the Kursk NPP in Russia and against (the) TurkStream” pipeline.

Russia has “solid documented evidence (to show that) these crimes were plotted and ordered by the end beneficiaries seeking instability and conflicts,” Putin explained.

Hegemon USA alone benefitted from sabotaging Nord Stream pipelines to Germany.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners “want to completely sever ties between Russia and the European Union, to fully undermine and crush Europe’s political agency, weaken its industrial potential and seize the market.”

There’s no ambiguity about who had motive, opportunity and expertise to sabotage Nord Stream I and II.

Shutting them down lets US firms sell exorbitantly higher priced LNG to European markets over much cheaper Russian pipeline gas.

With it shut out of the continent, the cost differential increased significantly, US corporate predators taking full advantage of their opportunity to price-gouge European buyers.

“(W)e watched this happen quite recently when American tankers carrying LNG to Europe turned around halfway and changed their destinations because LNG sellers were offered a higher price elsewhere,” Putin stressed, adding:

“They ignored the interests of their European customers” — in cahoots with hegemon USA’s diabolical aim to crush their markets for the benefit of corporate America.

Through its one remaining Nord Stream line and other capabilities, Russia is willing to supply continental Europe with vitally needed natural gas, what their ruling regimes shun.

As for repairing sabotaged NS I and II lines to Germany, it only makes sense if European regimes want what Russia can supply and if pipeline routes can be secure from further sabotage, Putin explained, adding:

Shunning available Russian gas cost European regimes “more than 300 billion euros in losses,” a major self-inflicted blow to their economies.

“(T)he price difference between the spot market and longterm contracts is three or four-fold.”

“And who did it? Was it Russia?” 

“They did it themselves. (T)hey imposed this trading system on us.” 

“They forced Gazprom to shift, in part, to a link to the spot market, and now they are groaning.”

It’s “their own fault.”

They’re paying “triple the price” because of their harebrained actions.

Feeding inflation, it reached double-digit levels in Britain and across the continent.

The cost burden for European consumers and enterprises “more than tripled over the past year.”

“The European population is stocking up on wood for winter like in the Middle Ages.”

Economic and financial harm has nothing to do with Russia, nothing to do with its liberating SMO.

It’s all about allying with US sanctions war on Russia by  European regimes.

Economic and financial well-being of their nations and people depend on access to readily available Russian oil, gas and other commodities.

Putin repeated what he and other Russian officials stressed earlier.

“We are not going to supply energy to countries that introduce price caps.”

“I want to tell those who prefer con jobs and shameless blackmail to business partnerships and market mechanisms, we have been living in this political paradigm for decades now.”

European regimes “should know that we will not do anything that disadvantages us.”

“Russia is one of the key participants in the global energy market and among the world leaders in oil and gas production and exports, as well as electricity generation and coal mining.”

“Despite sanctions and sabotage of infrastructure, we do not intend to cede our positions.”

Russia is shifting lost volume through Nord Stream to the Black Sea region and Asia.

“We will continue to increase energy exports to fast-growing markets,” Putin stressed.

Despite everything thrown at Russia by hegemon USA and its Western vassals, its ability to produce and sell commodities is welcomed by numerous buyers.

Domestically, Russian energy and electricity prices are less costly to consumers and enterprises than anywhere else in Europe.

Russia’s dependability as a reliable supplier of energy and other products is welcomed “by the overwhelming majority of our partners and countries around the world,” Putin stressed.

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