Big Lies Take on a Life of Their Own

On all things Russia and Ukraine, fake news mass deception claims by US/Western regimes are proliferated by their MSM co-conspirators.

According to NYT rubbish, the civilian body count is mounting (sic) from Russian strikes on Nazified Ukraine’s military, power generation and communications systems.

Expressing support for Ukrainian Nazis, the EU’s so-called foreign policy chief, Borrell, was quoted saying:

“(W)e have to continue to support (the Nazi-infested regime) as much as needed and for how long is needed (sic)” — even though it’s accomplishing nothing and self-inflicting harm on EU member-states.

And this Times trash:

Ignoring how Russian forces continue to batter and degrade Ukraine’s military, the self-styled newspaper of record falsely claimed that they “continue to lose ground (sic).”

And this trampling on truth by paid-to-lie and mass-deceive Times pseudo-economist, Krugman, saying:

“Russia (is) losing on the battlefield (sic) (while) trying to blackmail Europe (sic) by cutting off its supply of natural gas (sic).”

And this Krugman whopper:

Hegemon US/Western “sanctions…dealt a crucial blow (sic) to Vladimir Putin’s” liberating SMO.

And this so-called Council of Europe act of desperation:

On Thursday, it turned reality on its head by designating Russia a “terrorist” state (sic).

Russia earlier called the Council a “convenient platform for NATO’s information and political campaigns” — along with supporting its aggression against invented enemies. 

On Thursday, military analyst, Andrei Martyanov, explained that the US-dominated West “is in very deep trouble.”

“(I)t desperately needs an off-ramp.”

Yet the empire of lies and forever wars “has no leverage over Russia.”

Nor does it have anything remotely resembling leadership and competent diplomacy.

As Russian forces continue to pummel Nazi-infested Ukraine, Martyanov believes that “white flags are getting ready” to be hoisted.

And this reality check from the American Conservative, the publication asking:

Why is hegemon USA supporting Ukraine when it’s “emphatically not in our best interest — especially as we may be barreling towards armageddon?”

The average American doesn’t give a damn about “an ethnically divided, strategically unimportant” former nation-state, now a Pentagon/CIA-controlled territory.

And this reality check by the publication:

US-installed puppet Zelensky “banned (opposition) political parties.”

He “banned pro-Russian (and independent) media.”

His regime banned “instruction in (and public use of) the Russian language.”

Kiev’s military includes “neo-Nazi Azov battalion (thugs), as well as admirers of…fascist, anti-Semite, Nazi collaborator…Stepan Bandera.”

According to “the Pandora Papers disclosure:”

“(D)espite campaigning on a platform of fighting corruption…Zelensky…stashed away…a fortune (of stolen wealth)…in overseas bank accounts.”

So “did his cronies.”

Yet dominant Biden regime hardliners are “trying to drag the US into a war that is moving closer to becoming nuclear.”

No one should “led by the nose to the brink of nuclear war.”

Don’t expect anything remotely like the above reality to be published by the NYT, WaPo and vast majority of other militantly Russophobic MSM.

Instead WaPo trash like the following is featured:

Vladimir Putin is waging “a war on truth (sic).”

“(I)n today’s Russia…speaking the truth is considered a crime against the state (sic).”

And this WSJ trash in its latest fake news edition:

“The Crimean bridge was daringly taken out (sic)” — ignoring vehicular and rail traffic to and from the mainland.

And ignoring Vladimir Putin’s overwhelming public approval, the Journal sounded delusional, asking:

“Will (he) fall…?

His strong public support is in stark contrast to majority opposition to the fake Biden among US voters.

And in Britain, Tory MPs reportedly gave Liz Truss 17 days to change her wrecking ball agenda or be replaced as PM, according to the UK Daily Mail, adding:

“Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt (are) being lined up” as a joint replacement.

France’s Macron and Germany’s Scholz also face growing public opposition for wrecking their respective economies in support of the Biden regime’s sanctions war on Russia.

Separately on Friday, Ukraine’s military admitted that Russian strikes on the regime’s power generation and communication systems caused significant damage in targeted cities.

Vladimir Putin confirmed it with a warning, saying:

Further terrorist attacks on Russian territory by Ukrainian Nazis will face a stiff response.

It continues on Friday against regime targets.

A Final Comment

According to an October 10 GrayZone investigative report:

Last spring, British intelligence “secret(ly) plot(ted) to blow up” the Crimean Bridge by “specially trained Ukrainian” saboteurs.

Clearly supported by the Biden regime, the UK plot showed “involvement of NATO powers in” hegemon USA’s war on Russia.

It’s also more indisputable evidence of US/Western decadence and depravity — and refusal of their ruling regimes to change their wicked ways.

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