There He Goes Again

Pseudo-journalist far removed from the real thing, Thomas Friedman, produces all trash all the time in his NYT fake news columns — what no responsible editors would touch.

Saying hegemon USA’s “struggle with Russia is indirect” shows profound ignorance of reality on the ground at the Pentagon, CIA, NATO headquarters and Nazi-infested Ukraine.

The empire of lies and forever wars has been waging war on Russia for years — including direct involvement in Kiev’s aggression since April 2014.

Pentagon and CIA elements are running the regime’s war by supplying arms and equipment, along with choosing targets to strike.

Perhaps Friedman has been involved in reinventing reality far too long to understand the real thing — even if it bit him on the rump.

And what he called regime “battlefield successes” are illusory, not real.

Indeed hegemon USA is “in conflict with Russia and China at the same time” — and Iran, other nations free from its imperial control as well as continental Europe to crush their economies with eliminating competitors in mind.

US war on China and other nations by hot and/or other means aims to marginalize, weaken, contain, and isolate them politically, economically and financially on the world stage — an already doomed agenda.

Turning reality on its head, Friedman falsely accused China of “using technology for absolute control at home and abroad (sic)” — how hegemon USA operates against invented enemies and allies to dominate them.

No matter what the empire of lies and forever wars throws at China, Russia and other independent nations, its unipolar moment passed.

Multilateralism replaced it, what Friedman doesn’t understand because his focus is providing press agent services for the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

Russia became largely self-sufficient to be free from dependence on US/Western imports.

China is increasingly moving in the same direction, along with being a major supplier of goods to Western and other world markets.

Since the Biden regime banned exports of chip technology to China, global producers face large-scale losses.

Year-to-date Philadelphia Semiconductor Index losses exceed 44% — compared to a 25% S & P 500 Index decline.

On Wednesday, Bloomberg News reported that world’s largest chip maker by revenue, Intel, intends “a major reduction in headcount…”

“(L)ikely numbering in the thousands, (it’s) to cut costs and cope with a sputtering personal-computer market, according to people with knowledge of the situation.”

It’s also related to banning chip exports to China by the Biden regime.

Its “disruptive and discriminatory” move risks loss of millions of jobs, according to industry analysts.

On Wednesday, chipmaking technology supplier, Applied Materials, said that Biden regime export restrictions to China will cost the company from $250-550 million in Q II, a similar loss in Q IV.

In 2021, China accounted for 29% of the company’s sales.

Other US chip makers are bracing for stiff revenue and profit declines from lost sales to China.

Some US producers may lose up to 30% of their revenue and face a significant decline in profits.

With less working capital, their research will be impeded.

Along with threatening world peace by waging hot war on Russia, Biden regime policies are wrecking Western economies.

Yet the Times and other MSM cheerlead the White House imposter and rogue’s gallery of unindicted war criminals surrounding him. 

Threatening everyone everywhere, they back what demands no-holds-barred exposure and condemnation.

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  1. Yep — TF is a Jewish-Zionist snake, slithering in the grass, always pandering to The Lobby and the “elite”….

    As ever, it’s a pleasure and an enlightenment to read Mr. Lendman’s *real* news! …all “fit to print and peruse”

    “No matter what the empire of lies and forever wars throws at China, Russia and other independent nations, its unipolar moment passed.” Amen.


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