Truth v. Trash

Kherson Region is Russian Federation territory — liberated from the scourge of US/NATO-supported Nazism, what infests the Kiev regime.

Russian forces overwhelmingly foiled multiple attempts by its made-in-the-USA military to retake what’s part of the Motherland.

Its Defense Ministry knows another attempt is coming, what’ll be smashed like earlier efforts to regain control of the region.

On Friday, Russian upper house Federation Council Deputy Speaker, Andrey Turchak, said the following:

“Evacuation (of civilians) from the Kherson Region to our other regions is necessary to ensure maximum safety for our people.”

“Our forces on the right bank in Kherson continue to hold back attempts by Ukraine’s armed forces to break through the defenses.”

“There is also a risk that the territory may be flooded.”

“It is important for the population to leave the Kherson Region for a while.”

It’s “so our troops can fight Ukrainian neo-Nazis at full strength and eliminate them while avoiding civilian casualties.”

“At the moment, a group of our (lower house) State Duma members already arrived in the region.”

“They have been operating in Donbass since the very first days of the special military operation.”

“They will help residents with logistics and address other technical issues.”

Earlier, Kherson Region Deputy Governor, Kirill Stremousov, said that Ukrainian Nazis plan to flood part of the region by sabotaging the Kakhovka dam — to aid regime troops cross the Dnieper River as part of another doomed-to-fail offensive.

Well aware of what’s planned, Russian forces are prepared to foil it in similar fashion to how they battered and defeated regime troops in Kherson Region and elsewhere earlier.

Stremousov stressed it, saying “everything is under control.”

When regime troops attempt to break through Russian defenses, they “tak(e) a beating” every time.

“This is not Kharkov (Region or Krasny) Liman. We are holding the” line.

Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, explained that regime troops sustained “considerable losses” of manpower, arms and equipment in failed attempts to retake Kherson Region and other areas liberated from the scourge of Nazified control.

Attempted Kiev offensives “failed miserably,” he stressed.

Kherson Region Governor, Vladimir Salvo, said the following:

“The threat is no greater than it has been for almost six months.”

“When (regime officials claim that) ‘we will enter Kherson,’ let’s recall Chernobayevka.”

“There was a great fuss that…there is no such locality anymore.”

“But now roads are being repaired there and people live normal lives.” 

US/NATO/Kiev “claims (were) fake news, expected to cause panic.”

“Each (regime) counteroffensive (attempt) fail(ed).”

“They just lose (more) manpower,” arms and equipment.

Knowing they can’t defeat Russia’s overwhelming military and tactical superiority, “they (keep) send(ing)” cannon fodder lambs to the slaughter anyway.

Defying reality on the ground in daily fake news reports, the self-styled newspaper of record, NYT, reinvented it once again on what’s going on in the Kherson Region.

Falsely calling it “Russian-occupied” territory (sic), more Times trash following, saying:

“Civilians (are fleeing the region in) panic (sic).”

Regime troops are not “advanc(ing)” into Russian territory.

And this WaPo trash:

Regime troops “advance(d) on two fronts (sic), pushing Russian forces into retreat (from) Donetsk and Lugansk to the east (sic) and the Kherson region to the south (sic).”

And this AP (fake) News trash:

Kherson Region residents were “urged…to evacuate to Russia on Friday.” 

AP falsely claimed that regime troops “pushed their counteroffensive deeper into the region (sic).” 

And this AP bald-faced Big Lie:

Russian forces “are leaving…Kherson city (sic).”


Residents are “discussing the imminent arrival of (regime troops) and preparing for it (sic).” 

Commenting on the above reinvented reality, noted military analyst, Andrei Martyanov, minced no words as follows, saying:

“Practically every single word here is a lie.”

It’s customary US/Western-Kiev “BS…infused into” the public mind.

Reality about Russia’s liberating SMO is that it continues to smash the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested Kiev monster.

When Moscow declares mission accomplished ahead, reality on the ground will speak for itself.


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  1. Common talk among those with names on the conflict are saying when the ground freezes in a couple of weeks, Russia will begin the closing offensive with talk it will be over in February.

    The contact line only goes west and Ukraine isn’t going to push bac the iron curtain.

    Mercouris discusses the fall of Bakhmut:


  2. Thanks. May you live a healthy hapoy and prosperous life Ameen.

    Thanks for being there for providing real news, when it’s not available.
    Plz keep up the good work.
    Prayers for you n family Ameen.


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