Russian Foreign Ministry Update

At a time of hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s war on Russia — risking escalation to what could be disastrous — the Russian Federation’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova (MZ below), said the following about the nation’s liberating SMO:

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev, US-dominated NATO has been at war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian Nazis and conscript foot soldiers.

“Kiev regime” tactics include “terrorist methods and suppression of opponents.”

As orchestrated and directed by its US master, Nazi-infested Ukraine “is to blame for the loss of thousands of human lives andly large-scale destruction of civilian facilities in Donbass.”

The regime is responsible for nuclear terrorism for repeatedly shelling the Zaporozhye and Kursk nuclear power plants.

“Kiev regime (elements) of all stripes are proud of this,” said MZ.

“For many years, the Mirotvorets website published information on who was eliminated, cynically crossing out the family name of each one.”

“They are hailing the bombing and destruction of infrastructure and the murder of” defenseless civilians.

The regime is ruthlessly despotic and hugely corrupt, a malignant cancer infesting central Europe.

“The bottom line is that this is their global ideology – not creation but destruction, not light but darkness, endless lies, flip-flops and global hypocrisy that conceals hatred and a misanthropic ideology.”

Empowered by coup d’etat, they follow orders from their US master — endlessly calling for and getting more arms, equipment and related handouts from US/Western regimes.

Vladimir Putin minced no words in stressing that Russia will respond harshly to Kiev regime terror tactics.

Along with the scourge of Nazism, “hatred and terrorist ideology…unites” regime officials.

“(M)assacres outside Kupyansk, Kharkov region, after Russian forces (withdrew), are further shocking proof of regime crimes.”

“A video was posted online by former Azov commander, Maxim Zhorin, showing inhuman abuse of civilians by Ukrainian Nazis.”

“It’s a terrifying video of staggering cruelty” by US/Western supported monsters.

Given indisputable reality on the ground, Russia’s “only option is to continue its (SMO)” — to slay the made-in-the-USA monster.

Separately, Biden regime official, John Kirby’s call for conflict resolution talks rang hollow.

The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies sabotaged them early last spring — ordering Kiev to perpetuate war on Russia to the last Ukrainian.

Biden regime hardliners, congressional partners in crime and their MSM co-conspirators glorify the scourge of Nazism instead of condemning it.

Wanting perpetual war on Russia continued, resolving it diplomatically is anathema to their interests.

Supplying Nazi-infested Ukraine with continued tranches of weapons, munitions and equipment shows where US-dominated NATO really stands.

“There is nothing behind these fake calls for peace other than hypocrisy and a thinly veiled attempt to continue fighting” against Russia, MZ stressed, adding:

“The longer (Biden regime hardliners) continue to encourage the self-destructive and suicidal state of mind in Kiev, which is affecting Europe and other countries as well, and to encourage rather than disrupt terrorist attacks by Ukrainian saboteurs, the harder it will be to find diplomatic pathways to a settlement.”

In stark contrast to US-dominated Western regimes and Nazi-infested Ukraine, Russia “is committed to all its obligations under international law, sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

“We stated this repeatedly.”

“If you link this issue to the situation with Ukraine, there has been a war by the Kiev regime against its own citizens for many years.”

“They have been crying out for protection, for justice, for security, holding referendums and trying to make their voices heard by the international community through a plebiscite (a democratic procedure).”

“Eight years of nothing but active warfare by the Kiev regime against its own citizens” continues. 

US-installed Nazis in Kiev abolished the rule of law and democratic governance, tyranny replacing it.

They flagrantly and repeatedly breach human and civil rights of their people.

All things Russian are banned and virtually criminalized.

And all of the above occurred after hegemon USA replaced democracy in Ukraine with Nazified tyrannical rule.

A scourge on its border — what Russia justifiably wants eliminated to protect its security — should be endorsed and applauded by the world community of nations and peace-loving people everywhere.

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