The Scourge of MSM Fake News Over the Real Thing

The dominant US/Western 4th estate is a mortal enemy of truth and full disclosure.

Journalism as is should be is banned in their daily editions on vital domestic and geopolitical issues.

State-approved talking points instead are featured.

Consumers of what’s published in print or reported electronically are mind-manipulated to know nothing beyond the fabricated official narrative.

MSM managed news misinformation and disinformation was always abysmal.

Today it’s worse than ever.

Matching Star Trek, it goes beyond where it long ago went before.

Reaching new lows, it supports forever US/Western wars on humanity at home and worldwide, as well as growing tyrannical rule over governance of, by and for everyone equitably, according to the rule of law.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT once again pretended that the UN Charter right of self-determination is “a violation of international law (sic).”

And despite how overwhelmingly Ukrainian Nazi and conscript troops have been pummeled by overpowering Russian military superiority, their attempted advances foiled, Times fake news pretends otherwise.

And this Biden regime-approved propaganda rubbish by the neocon-infested/so-called Institute for the Study of War:

“Russia continues to conduct massive, forced deportations of Ukrainians (sic).”

Like all its trash, the above claim turned truth on its head and trampled on it for good measure.

More trash:

Russia “place(d) children from (liberated, not occupied) areas of Ukraine up for adoption with Russian families in a manner that may constitute a violation of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (sic).

And this WaPo trash in its latest fake news edition:

“Russia is grabbing men off the street to fight in Ukraine (sic).”

What’s clearly a bald-faced Big Lie about Russia has been going on for months in Nazi-infested Ukraine.

Recruitment police are grabbing Ukrainian teenagers, youths and men up to age-60 for frontline cannon fodder combat duty — handing out conscription notices on streets, in churches, nightclubs, restaurants, in other public places and by raids on personal residences.

Because of manpower shortages, even convicts and women are being conscripted.

According to an anonymous Ukrainian recruitment employee, the regime “needs fresh manpower.”

Draft notices are “being given in public places.”

“Everyone knows that.”

“It happens at malls, recreation areas, gas stations.”

“It doesn’t matter where.”

“The goal is to recruit as many people as possible for the military.”

The health of recruits doesn’t matter, just maximum numbers of warm bodies for cannon fodder duty — recruits given minimal training of a few days at most.

Instead of reporting what’s well-known in Ukraine, WaPo falsely claimed the following:

Russia is “snatch(ing) men off the streets and outside Metro stations (sic).”

“Police (are) lurk(ing) in apartment building lobbies to hand out military summonses (sic).”

“They’ve raided office blocks and hostels (sic).”

“They’ve invaded cafes and restaurants, blocking the exits (sic).”

And this WSJ trash:

“President Vladimir Putin’s massive (sic) military mobilization and escalating talk of nuclear weapons (sic) in the protracted Ukraine conflict are rattling many Russians (sic).”

The Journal conveniently ignored Putin’s 80.9% approval rating — based on All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center polling results from a survey of 1,600 respondents from Oct. 3 – 9.

The dismal state of so-called US/Western leadership pales in comparison to his prominent stature on the world stage.

Notably when responding to questions posed in public, he replies knowledgeably and candidly with no crib notes, no teleprompter or earpiece to feed him answers.

In stark contrast, the fake Biden mumbles and bumbles remarks in public — even with help from the above aids to keep him on message.

More WSJ trash:

Ignoring Russia’s unchallenged control of Ukraine’s airspace, Journal fake news falsely claimed the following:

“Failure to control Ukraine’s skies betrays a key flaw in Russia’s” SMO (sic).

“Without air supremacy (sic), Moscow can’t stop Kiev’s offensive (sic) or target precisely (sic)…” 

Reality on the ground, in Ukraine’s airspace and offshore waters is worlds apart different from the Journal’s fake news.

Few regime military aircraft remain, most eliminated earlier by Russia.

Whenever what remains goes airborne, they’re destroyed by Russian forces.

Yet according to Journal fake news, Russia is “struggling…from poor coordination (sic), unmotivated soldiers (sic), and “failure to win control of Ukraine’s skies (sic).”

The regime achieved zero strategic “battlefield successes” since Russia’s SMO began.

The notion that “Kiev regrouped and managed to thwart Russian air attacks (sic)” is debunked by daily facts on the ground.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Sunday:

Its forces destroyed five regime munitions depots in the last 24 hours.

“Tactical and army aircraft, missile and artillery troops hit three command points near the Korovy Yar and Nikoforovka settlements in Donetsk, the Kharkov Region, as well as positions of 42 artillery units, manpower and military equipment in 141 areas.”

Also in the last 24 hours, “Russian Armed Forces continued to use high-precision, long-range air-launched weapons to (strike) Ukraine’s military assets and energy facilities.”

Attempts by regime troops to penetrate Russian Kherson Region defenses were foiled.

“Russian troops stood their ground, causing heavy losses to the enemy.” 

“Over 250 Ukrainian troops were killed, 11 tanks, 14 combat armored vehicles and two field artillery pieces destroyed.”

Russia’s air defense system downed 11 regime drones in the last 24 hours.

Eight regime HIMARS and Olkha rockets were also destroyed.

Near Krasny Liman, Russian airpower and artillery prevented regime troops “from crossing the Zherebets River near Stelmakhovka and Makeyevka settlements in Lugansk and the Yampolovka settlement in Donetsk.”

In the Kharkov Region, Russia destroyed “three US-supplied M777 howitzers.” 

Separately on October 13 and 14, Russian forces thwarted another attempt by regime troops to capture and Zaporozhye NPP.

Wherever regime troops attempt to advance along frontline positions, they sustain heavy losses of manpower, arms and equipment.

It’s why Nazified Ukraine is desperate to recruit more warm bodies for cannon fodder duty, perhaps including the lame, halt and blind, the aged and infirm and young kids for a lost cause.

A Final Comment

On Saturday, Southfront reported the following:

Another attempted regime offensive in Russia’s Kherson Region “resulted in heavy losses,” adding:

It was “carried out by forces of two infantry battalions with the support of about 30 tanks and 50 infantry fighting vehicles.”

Russian “reconnaissance…detected (regime) maneuvers… and responded with heavy artillery fire.”

“Russian aircraft also shelled the advancing enemy troops.”

“The failed offensive operation resulted in heavy losses of the AFU.” 

“The Russian military thwarted Ukrainian attempts to bring reserves into the battle.”

“According to preliminary reports, at least 15 Ukrainian tanks and 20 enemy infantry fighting vehicles were destroyed.”

The regime “lost more than 100 servicemen.”

Russia is preparing for further attempts by regime troops to penetrate its defense in Kherson and other areas.

Its forces “continue to successfully repel Ukrainian attacks in Kherson, Zaporozhye (and other) regions.”

“Ukrainian forces fail(ed) to develop any offensive in the LPR and are retreating in the DPR.” 

Russian forces are achieving battlefield “successes,” not Ukrainian troops on the receiving end of their overpowering military superiority.


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