The Big Lie: Rape a Russian Weapon of War

Like most of his predecessors, UN secretary general Guterres time and again flagrantly breached the mandate he’s sworn to uphold.

Installed by hegemon USA to serve its interests, he supports its forever wars by hot and/or other means by failing to forthrightly condemn them.

Instead of denouncing its crimes of war and against humanity, its use of biological, chemical, radiological and other banned weapons and its atrocities of every shape and kind, he blames all of the above on nations targeted by the US for regime change.

The so-called UN secretary general’s special representative on sexual violence in conflict, Pramila Patten, acts in similar fashion as a reliable US imperial tool.

In Security Council remarks last June, she falsely accused Russian forces of “sexual violence” against Ukrainian women and girls (sic) — based on bald-faced Big Lies fed her by Ukrainian Nazis on a visit to Kiev.

“The Russian Federation is using sexual violence and rape as instruments of terror to control civilians (sic),” she falsely said, adding:

Ukrainian “children are experiencing the kind of exposure to trauma and stress that has the potential to derail their lives (sic).”

Last Thursday, she repeated her bald-faced Big Lies — falsely accusing Russian forces of “rapes and sexual assaults (as part of their) military strategy to dehumanize victims (sic),” adding:

“When women are held for days and raped, when you start to rape little boys and men, when you see a series of genital mutilations, when you hear women testify about Russian soldiers equipped with viagra (sic), it’s clearly a military strategy (sic).”

“And when the victims report what was said during rapes, it is clearly a deliberate tactic to dehumanize victims (sic).”

So-called testimonies she cited were manipulated by Kiev Nazis to falsely blame Russia for what its forces had nothing to do with.

Throughout its liberating SMO, Russian forces were falsely blamed time and again for crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities — committed by Ukrainian Nazis.

During the Obama/Biden regime’s preemptive 2011 war on nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Libya — to replace Muammar Gaddafi with US-controlled puppet rule — imperial tool prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno Ocampo, falsely said the following:

“(W)e have information that there was a policy to rape in Libya those who were against the government (sic).”

Gaddafi “used it to punish people (sic).”

At the time, unindicted war criminal, racketeer, perjurer and proponent of first-strike use of nukes, Hillary, falsely accused Gaddafi of ordering “rape, physical intimidation, sexual harassment, and even so-called virginity tests.”

And the Obama/Biden regime’s so-called UN envoy, Susan Rice, repeated the bald-faced Big Lie.

Weeks after Pentagon-led NATO  aggression began, US-dominated Western regimes and their MSM press agents falsely claimed that viagra was distributed to Libyan forces, encouraging them to commit rape and other forms of sexual abuse.

Not a shred of credible evidence supported invented, not legitimate, accusations.

What goes around, comes around — the rape and sexual abuse canard now falsely used against Russian soldiers.

Patten was enlisted by the Biden regime to falsely accuse Russian soldiers of sexual crimes they did not commit.

She compounded her Big Lie by falsely claiming that “reported (rape) cases are only the tip of the iceberg (sic).”

In stark contrast last June, a Lugansk official accused Ukrainian Nazis of holding “dozens of women hostage…regularly rap(ing) them.”

Eyewitnesses accused Azov battalion thugs of hooliganism, unlawful detention, looting, torture, murder and rape.

Instead of demanding accountability for real crimes against humanity, not invented ones, imperial tool UN officials followed a regime of silence — when not falsely blaming Russia for Ukrainian crimes.

In response to Patten’s bald-faced 

Big Lies, Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the following:

Her unacceptable accusations went “beyond the reach of reason,” adding:

“One cannot even comment on P. Patten’s…words in a serious way.”

“Once again, what we are seeing is classic ‘highly likely’ ” rubbish.

Based on what the puppet Zelensky regime — and imperial tool Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine — fed her, she “reached the level of twisted imagination.”

Sexual atrocities reflect how Ukrainian Nazis operate, clearly not Russian forces.

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