Trampling on Truth Monday

According to press agent for undemocratic Dems, the Pentagon, Wall Street crooks and other corporate predators, the NYT:

Vladimir Putin is “desperate (sic).”

Methodically slaying the made-in-the-USA/Nazi-infested Ukraine monster by Russian forces is suppressed by the Times and other MSM. 

Turning reality on its head is featured instead with trash like the following:

“Russia’s battlefield prospects (are) steadily diminishing (sic).”

Its forces are “unprepared” to wage war against hugely inferior regime troops.

“Severe (battlefield) losses” apply to greatly battered and degraded Kiev Nazified and conscript troops, clearly not Russia’s military.

So called “Ukrainian resilience and will to fight” is illusory, far removed from reality on the ground.

Attempted regime offensives failed to achieve anything strategic.

Using a small fraction of its military capabilities, resilient Russian forces are worlds apart from “depleted.”

And claiming that Russia is sending “unprepared and questionably led conscripts to” frontline positions (sic) applies solely to greatly depleted regime troops. 

So are the following bald-faced Big Lies:

Mobilized Russian reservists are “unlikely to become a capable fighting force (sic).”

“There are signs of discipline problems among mobilized soldiers in Russian garrisons (sic).”

“They join an army already degraded in quality and capability (sic).”

“Much…of Russia’s…active duty personnel has been wounded or killed (sic) and its best equipment destroyed or captured (sic).”

“Headway of (regime troops) in the south (sic)” is illusory, not reality.

Russia “br(oke) the nuclear taboo (sic).”

Its actions show “that the war is going poorly (sic) (and) and options (for turning things around) are shrinking (sic).”

All of the above and volumes more like it comprise typical Times trash — its specialty on all major domestic and geopolitical issues.

More Times trash:

Citing an “unidentified” source, likely an invented one, the Times reinvented reality as follows, falsely saying:

“Half of (newly mobilized Russian forces) are hungover (sic), old (sic), at risk (sic).”

An “ambulance should be on duty (sic).”

And this trash:

“Thousands of (mobilized Russian forces are) untrained (and) ill-equipped (sic).”

They’re given “at best basics and at worst nothing…(then) throw(n) into combat (as) cannon fodder (sic).”

More Times trash:

“Russia’s military is struggling to…deploy enough troops to halt recent (illusory) Ukrainian advances while rebuilding ground forces decimated (sic) during eight months of war.”

And this trash:

“(T)he mobilization effort (was) a shambles from the start (sic).”

Russian forces live in “inhuman conditions (sic).”

And this trash from the neocon-infested Institute for the Study of War:

Russia’s “military leadership is continuing to compromise the future reconstitution of the force by prioritizing the immediate mobilization of as many bodies as possible for ongoing fighting in Ukraine (sic.” 

And this trash from Britain’s war ministry: 

“The failure of Russian crews to destroy intact equipment before withdrawing (sic) or surrendering (sic) highlights their poor state of training (sic) and low levels of battle discipline (sic).”

And this trash from a Swedish defense research agency Russophobe:

Russia “will have to make a choice — build a unit properly over time and then risk losing the war (sic), or using that unit now because the war demands it (sic), but the unit will be half ready (sic).”

And this trash from another Russophobe:

Russia “lost a lot of military specialists (sic).”

“There is nobody to train” newly mobilized forces (sic).

“Military training is very weak (sic) and has been that way for a long time (sic).”

“Men in Donbass (are) being snatched off streets and sent directly to frontline” positions (sic).”

The Times and other US/Western MSM feature trash like the above in all fake news reports about Russia.

Truth and full disclosure about reality on the ground is consistently suppressed.

One thought on “Trampling on Truth Monday

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  1. EVERY thing in that article is what these yankee/nato scum is doing. It is all projection. Every thing the fake news outfits say is talking about themselves. It is going to be funny when China grabs taiwan and Russia FINALLY gets to completely destroy what is left of the ukrain army and kill ALL of them and the mercinaries. Kill them. Target them…..KILL them. Every last one. KILL THEM. Then post the pictures of their rotting corpses on the web for everyone like me to LOL. KILL thousands of them if possible. Cant wait for China to start helping to KILL them too. Maybe Iran can send in some men to help KILL the nazis. Kim Jon Un has men available to help KILL nazis too. Hope he can send some soldiers to help exterminate these nato/nazi scum. Too bad its taking them all so dam long.


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