Indifference Toward Long-Suffering Haitians by US Regimes and Their MSM Press Agents

Last week in support of unelected, US-installed Haitian puppet, Ariel Henry, CIA-linked WaPo editors called for Biden regime intervention in the island state.

Saying it’s “a step in the right direction” won’t change deep-seated opposition to Henry’s despotic, exploitive rule in cahoots with his US master.

It’s at a time when virtually everything in the country is dysfunctional.

Foreign troops on the ground will make an intolerable situation worse.

WaPo defied reality by falsely claiming that their presence could “restor(e) some semblance of normal life (sic).”

And saying the “hope for Haiti must involve a path toward democracy — and transition toward a legitimate government with popular support” ignored that it only existed under US-toppled Jean-Bertrand Aristide in the 1990s short-term and from Feb. 2001 – Feb. 2004.

Nor did WaPo explain that democracy as it should be is anathema to US interests — tolerating it nowhere, especially not domestically.

And this NYT perversion of reality on Haiti:

Saying democratically elected, US-ousted President Aristide “faced a surge of protests (for) ruling by decree (sic)…autocrat(ically) (sic), empowering street gangs (to) intimidate and kill critics (sic)” defied reality about an overwhelmingly popular leader.

After serving short-term in the 1990s before ousted by a US-orchestrated military coup, he was elected in 2000 by a 92% majority.

Throughout his tenure, he provided Haitians with what they never had before or after being ousted by the US a 2nd time to restore tyrannical puppet rule to serve its predatory interests.

Aristide renovated and built health clinics, hospitals and dispensaries to provide medical care for Haitians in need.

He implemented a Universal Schooling Program for all Haitian children and adolescents.

He began a literacy initiative to help eradicate the scourge.

He also advanced human and civil rights, along with instituting due process and judicial fairness.

During his tenure, the nation’s widely despised, US-trained, military and police death squads were disbanded.

Haitians enjoyed unprecedented freedoms and public safety under leadership serving all Haitians equitably.

Women for the first time held high-level ministerial posts.

Land was distributed to Haitian families. Minimum wages were raised, then doubled.

Farmers were provided with tools, credit, technical assistance, fertilizers and heavy equipment.

Irrigation systems provided them with water.

Low-cost housing was built, low interest rate loans instituted for Haitians to buy them.

Major investments were made to improve infrastructure, transportation and agriculture.

Social justice replaced public repression and corruption.

Unpaid taxes were collected from the nation’s wealthy and businesses, revenues used for vitally needed social services.

For the first time in the nation’s 500-year history, Haitians had real democracy as it should be, worlds apart from fantasy versions throughout the US-West.

All of the above and what related to it was abolished after hegemon USA ousted Aristide over 18 years ago.

US colonization, exploitation, despotic rule oppression, mass-impoverishment and food insecurity replaced it.

According to racist, former Biden regime special envoy for Haiti, Dan Foote, citing longstanding US foreign policy:

“Hait(ians) (are) a bunch of dumb Black people (sic) who can’t organize themselves (sic), and we need to tell them what to do or it’s going to get really bad (sic).”

Now the empire of lies and forever wars has zero tolerance toward Haitian refugees — while welcoming Ukrainians.

According to Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) last week:

In defiance of international and US constitutional law, hegemon USA decides what refugees and asylum seekers to accept or reject at its discretion.

Post-WW II, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was established to help them.

To gain legal protection, they must:

Be outside their country of origin

Fear persecution

Be harmed or fear harm by their government or others

Fear persecution for one or more of the above reasons and pose no danger to others.

Refugees and asylum seekers differ “only in the place where a person” seeks refuge.

The 1980 Refugee Act regulates US procedures for handling refugees and asylum seekers —  consistent with the 1967 UN Protocol on Refugees.

Both the Trump and Biden regimes breached their right to protection, FAIR explaining:

“Haitian (Central American refugees and) asylum seekers have been summarily expelled without being screened for eligibility.”

Yet weeks after Russia launched its liberating SMO, the Biden regime agreed to admit 100,000 Ukrainians.

In stark contrast, Haitian refugees and asylum seeker are denied admission to the US.

Ones entering US territory on their own are summarily deported if caught.

According to FAIR, the Biden regime “expelled…more than a million” Haitians and Central American refugees and asylum seekers.

In defiance of international law, US immigration policy is politicized.

So Ukrainians are allowed in, Haitians and Central Americans kept out.

At the same time, both wings of the US war party wholeheartedly support an array of despotic regimes, ones serving US interests at the expense of peace, equity, justice and the rule of law.

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  1. Haiti bought its freedom from France with gold mined from the country. I have read the US invaded Haiti just to steal the gold.

    In the the previous disaster said by some to profit the Clinton Foundation with $6 billion collected in the cause of relief and not turned over to Haiti. Haiti sued, but what could ever come of that. Reports of disappearing children for organ harvesting or sex slaves were there then and if you have been on the www long enough, you would know to expect those accounts to be scrubbed. Max Igan says the same thing is going on in Ukraine.

    People who say “we” gave aid to Haiti are pure Mythlanders and don’t have a clue. There is hatred for Haiti.


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