Candid Remarks by Russia’s SMO Commander Against the Scourge of Nazified Ukraine

by Stephen Lendman, quoting Russian General Sergey Surovikin’s straight-talk — what’s worlds apart from duplicitous US/Western double-talk.

Make no mistake.

Russian forces are systematically smashing Nazi-infested Ukraine and its greatly degraded military.

The longer its liberating SMO continues, the sooner what hegemon USA created will be taken apart and eliminated, the threat of Nazism to its security vanquished.

On Tuesday, Surovikin explained the following:

“The situation in the area of the special military operation can generally be described as tense.”

“The enemy does not leave attempts to attack the positions of Russian troops.”

“First of all, it concerns the Kupyansk, Krasny Liman and Nikolayev–Krivoy Rog direction.”

“Our enemy is the criminal regime that pushes Ukrainian citizens to death.”

“Ukrainians and we are one people, and we wish Ukraine to be a friendly state for Russia, independent of the West and NATO.”

“The Ukrainian regime intends to break our defense.”

“With this purpose, (its) armed forces (AFU) are bringing all their reserves available to the frontline.”

“These are usually territorial defense units that” received little or no training, no simulated or real battlefield experience.

Dominant regime Nazis “condemn(ed) them to death.”

“These unit have low morale” no will to fight.

“To prevent desertions from frontline (positions), Ukrainian authorities (deployed) blocking detachments manned by (Nazi thugs).”

They “shoot everyone who tries to abandon the battlefield.”

“The enemy (has been) suffer(ing) from 600 to 1,000” daily casualties — expendable cannon fodder replaced by more of the same.

Russia “follow(s) a different strategy.”

“It was already mentioned by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.”

“We do not seek high rates of advance, but save every soldier and methodically ‘grind down’ the attacking enemy.”

“Not only do we minimize our casualties this way, but also considerably reduce the number of” civilian deaths and injuries.

Russia’s “Joint Group of Troops is currently taking measures to increase the combat and numerical strength in units and formations, to create additional reserve forces, to prepare defense lines and positions all along the line of contact.”

“We continue launching attacks with (devastating) high-precision (munitions) at the (regime’s) military and infrastructure facilities that (affect the) combat effectiveness of Ukrainian troops.”

Surovikin serves both as SMO Joint Group of Forces Commander and as Commander-in-Chief of Russia’s Aerospace Forces.

“The special military operation proved the effectiveness of the air systems and air defense facilities available,” he explained.

“Crews of operational-tactical, army and long-range aviation performed over 34,000 combat flights during the operation.”

“They launched over 7,000 guided airpower ordnance.”

“The cutting-edge Kinzhal ultrasonic air missiles (proved highly able to) neutralize” strategic enemy targets.

No regime air defense system can intercept and prevent them from striking intended targets.

“Highest precision has also been shown by air-based strategic cruise missiles.”

“As for operational quality, I want to distinguish (Russia’s 5th generation) Su-57 multipurpose aircraft.”

“Fitted with a wide range of armaments, it performs multifaceted tasks related to the neutralization of air and ground targets.”

Russia’s loitering kamikaze UAVs performed “over 8,000 flights.”

Its “attack drones destroyed over 600 AFU facilities.”

“Several days ago, interim governor of Kherson Region, Vladimir Saldo, said that authorities decided to” shift Kherson city residents out of harm’s way to safe locations.

“The enemy launches deliberate attacks at infrastructure facilities and residential buildings located in Kherson.”

“HIMARS rockets damaged the Antonovka bridge and Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant dyke where traffic is currently stopped.”

“It imped(ed) alimentation deliveries.”

“Certain problems (were) recorded in supplying water and electricity.”

These issues adversely affect the lives and well-being of area residents.

US-dominated “NATO leadership in charge of Ukrain(ian) (troops) demanded that the Kiev regime conduct offensive operations towards Kherson, regardless of (military and civilian) casualties.”

Russia has information on possible regime use of banned weapons and prohibited methods of war-making near Kherson.

It’s preparing “a massive missile attack on the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant, as well as launching massive, indiscriminate missile and artillery” strikes on Kherson city.

“This action (if not foiled risks) destruction of (Kherson’s industrial center) infrastructure and (large numbers of) civilian casualties.”

Russia’s “primary task is to save lives and (preserve the) health of civilians.”

That’s why “Russia’s army (is) provid(ing) safe departure of the population according to the resettlement program currently being prepared by (its) government.”

“Our further plans and action regarding the city of Kherson will depend on military and tactical” strategy.

First and foremost, Russia prioritizes saving lives by minimizing casualties to its forces and area civilians.

“We will operate consciously (and) promptly, not excluding making difficult decisions.”

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