Hardline US Senators Urge Unrestricted Pentagon Procurement Powers for War on Russia, China and Other Invented Enemies

On Monday, Defense News reported the following:

Senate Armed Services Committee chairman, Jack Reed, and ranking GOP member, Jim Inhofe, proposed a forever war on Russia amendment to the annual US (war-making) authorization bill — what’s expected to be rubber-stamp-adopted next month by Congress.

The amendment grants the Pentagon so-called emergency wartime procurement power through FY 2024.

When adopted and signed into law by the fake Biden — as part of hegemon USA’s annual war-making budget — a virtual state of war will exist by the empire of lies and forever wars against Russia and other invented enemies.

The nation’s merchants of death, destruction and human misery will be green-lighted to greatly ramp up production of weapons, munitions and equipment for perpetual war-making.

Unrestrained procurement power granted the Pentagon will assure providing Nazi-infested Ukraine with continued supplies of arms and equipment for US war on Russia by use of expendable regime foot soldiers.

According to Defense News:

The proposed amendment aims “to spur the Pentagon and industry to move more aggressively by removing bureaucratic barriers, with an eye not only on Russia but the potential for a confrontation with China over Taiwan, according to (an anonymous) senior congressional aide” who added:

“Whether you want to call it wartime contracting or emergency contracting, we can’t play around anymore (sic).”

“We can’t pussyfoot around with minimum-sustaining-rate buys of these munitions.”

“It’s hard to think of something as high on everybody’s list as buying a ton of munitions for the next few years, for our operational plans against China and continuing to supply (Nazi-infested) Ukraine.”

When enacted into law, the US war department will be authorized to make non-competitive contractual agreements with the nation’s merchants of death — what’ll be a boon to their rampant profiteering.

“The Inhofe-Reed amendment would also grant special emergency procurement authorities reserved for contingency operations and waive a requirement that contractors provide certified cost and pricing data,” Defense News explained, adding:

The measure followed “criticism (on) Capitol Hill” that the Biden regime and Pentagon aren’t supplying Nazi-infested Ukraine with enough arms and equipment fast enough to continue perpetual US war on Russia.

Criticizing the measure as well, Center for Defense Information at the watchdog Project on Government Oversight analyst, Nazified Ukraine-supporting, Julia Gledhill, said the following:

“Ukraine aid shouldn’t be another way for contractors to nickel and dime the Pentagon, wasting taxpayer dollars and undermining the purpose of assistance: to support the Ukrainian people (sic).”

“(T)he amendment further deteriorates already weak guardrails in place to prevent corporate price gouging of the military.”

In July, House members adopted their own version of the nation’s annual war-making budget — its provisions more limited on the Pentagon than the proposed Senate measure.

Yet it calls for large-scale production of weapons and munitions with perpetual war-making in mind.

According to US war department-linked Center for Strategic and International Studies analyst, Mark Cancian:

Replenishing US stockpiles of weapons and munitions, as urged by House and Senate members, goes way beyond aiding Ukraine’s war machine.

What’s proposed aims to build “stockpiles for (one or more) major ground war(s) in the future.”

Last month, the Biden regime’s war department said it’s planning to “expand (US-dominated NATO’s) industrial base ability to produce large-scale volumes of weapons and munitions — for waging perpetual war on Russia, perhaps China and Iran to follow.

On Tuesday, interventionist Blinken falsely accused China of intending to seize Taiwan by brute force on what he called a “much faster timeline (sic).”

Policymakers in Russia, China and Iran are well aware of hegemon USA’s diabolical aims.

Their military capabilities are well prepared to counter them.

Russia’s super-weapons way outmatch the best of what’s available to the US-dominated war-making alliance.

If dominant US hardliners are reckless enough to strike Russia’s heartland directly, the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies will pay dearly for its aggression.

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