On the Wrong Side of History

In support of privileged interests and US-dominated NATO’s imperial rampaging at the expense of peace, equity and justice, according to the rule of law, the dominant Western 4th estate is profoundly on the wrong side of history.

And journalism as it should be for sticking exclusively to the fabricated official narrative.

Run by hugely corrupted Nazis since the US 2014 coup in Kiev, Ukraine transformed itself from a failed state to a platform for perpetual war on Russia by the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies — along with its co-opted Western vassals.

Internally, the US-installed Ukraine regime abolished fundamental rights too precious to lose across the board, tyrannical rule replacing them.

Instead of exposing and condemning all of the above, US/Western MSM wholeheartedly endorse and cheerlead the worst of what would likely make an array of garden variety despots blush.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT featured its customary bald-faced Big Lies on all things Russia and Ukraine.

No regime troops are advancing anywhere along frontline positions.

When attempts are made, they’re foiled, the regime experiencing a significant loss of manpower, arms and equipment.

As explained in a same-day article, residents in and around Kherson city are being relocated out of harm’s way — ahead of attempted Kiev regime terror-strikes with intent to cause maximum numbers of civilian casualties.

Not according to NYT fake news, falsely claiming the following:

“(E)vacuations (of Kherson civilians to safe areas out of harm’s way) signal(s) increased pressure on Russian troops (sic).”

And this Times rubbish, citing a puppet Zelensky regime Big Lie claim that its military doesn’t shell cities (sic) — what they’ve done for over 8 years on Donbass and repeatedly on Russian residential areas.

And this Times perversion of reality:

Citing Russia’s SMO commander-in-chief on the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine, the self-styled newspaper of record willfully misquoted him.

Calling conditions in Kherson city “tense,” the Times falsely claimed that he said the following:

Surovikin “acknowledged (sic) that his army’s grip on Kherson was tenuous (sic) and appeared to suggest that a tactical retreat could be necessary (sic).”

And this Times bald-faced Big Lie:

Regime troops “have been advancing along both sides of the (Dnieper) River (sic).”

And falsely claiming that they “mad(e) it harder for Moscow to resupply (its regional) forces” is debunked by reality on the ground.

And this Times trash:

“Ukrainian fighters…attack(ed) Kherson city (sic), destabilizing Russian forces (sic).”

Whenever the Times and other MSM quote or cite regime sources, a litany of bald-faced Big Lies follows.

More Times trash in response to reality it ignored:

During a Tuesday Security Council session, Vladimir Putin announced the following:

“I signed a decree on the introduction of martial law in four constituent entities of Russia (Donetsk, as well as the Zaporozhye and Kherson Regions).” 

“It will immediately be sent to the Federation Council for approval.”

“The State Duma has been notified of this decision.”

Martial law was instituted in the above regions since they joined Russia last month — to protect its people from US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Ukrainian Nazis.

“Now we need to formalize” it legislatively, Putin explained.

Instead of explaining the above, the Times falsely accused Putin of “an effort to tighten control (sic).”

And this Times trash:

In a nation with a population of about 144 million, Russia mobilized 300,000 reservists with military experience.

Yet according to Times fake news, “Moscow is eerily empty of men (sic).

Separately in its one-sided support for undemocratic Dems, the Times slammed House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, for saying if Republicans regain congressional control after November midterms, the party won’t “write a blank check” to Ukraine.

Dozens of GOP House and Senate members oppose unlimited funding for the regime.

At the same time, the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies will continue to support the Nazi-infested regime no matter which wing of its war party controls Congress and/or the White House.

Separately according to WaPo’s dumb and dumber/over-the-top, warmongering extremist, Max Boot:

Mindless of Russia’s overwhelming military superiority, its super-weapons exceeding the best in the US/West — with more in the pipeline coming — he sounded lame-brained and daft by falsely claiming that “Russia is giving a master class in how not to fight a war (sic),” adding:

“His latest tactic — bombing Ukrainian cities — is yet another desperate and despicable gambit (sic) that is likely to backfire (sic).”

Russian strikes on strategic regime targets are methodically taking out its power grid ability to supply electricity, its communications systems and commander centers.

It’s efficiently and effectively degrading the ability of regime troops to withstand its vastly superior firepower.

Yet according to Boot’s perversion of reality, things are the other way around — despite indisputable facts on the ground proving otherwise.

A further litany of dumb and dumber bald-faced Big lies followed.

“(T)here is no indication that (Russia took) out a single HIMARS (sic).”

It destroyed at least half a dozen and hundreds of its rockets.

Russia was “unprepared when the Ukrainians launched a surprise attack around Kharkov (sic).”

Russia’s Defense Ministry knew it was coming well in advance, its forces, weapons, munitions and equipment safely redeployed from strategically unimportant Kharkov areas to Donbass where needed.

Russia’s “government (was)  reduced to sending police and soldiers to hunt down potential recruits (sic) as if they were an 18th-century press gang (sic).”

When mobilization was announced, long lines queued up at recruiting stations to volunteer for service.

And phony claims of large numbers of Russian casualties are a favorite MSM perversion of reality.

Rubbish from serial liars like Boot won’t prevent Russia’s triumph over the scourge of US/Western supported Nazism in Ukraine.

It’s just a matter of time before it’s achieved and announced.

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