The Rise and Ignominious Fall of Britain’s Disgraced PM

A figure of ill-repute throughout her public life, she sowed the seeds of her own demise.

Unfit for any public office, Tories share blame for selecting her for the top job.

Her mindless selection was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, an act of futility whenever tried.

There’s no way to prettify chaos she created in record time.

As one observer stressed, her political shelf life was shorter-lived than lettuce.

The day before her resignation, London Guardian editors said she’s “finished…her authority as prime minister spent.”

The regime she “formed six weeks ago no longer exists.”

Its feet of clay crumbled.

“Her (dysfunctional) project is over. Its “discipline collapsed.”

She’s barely holding on, losing her grip before a new PM replaces her.

Her domestic agenda was all about making majority Brits poorer to more greatly benefit the privileged few.

There’s “no prospect of” her changing her wicked ways.

There’s “no justification for keeping” her at No. 10 any longer — even though her replacement won’t likely ease the chaos she caused.

Instead of a new PM chosen by Tories, indeed “that choice should be made by the British people.”

But given autocracy bordering on tyranny in the UK and other Western countries, chances for democracy as it should be ahead are zero.

When beginning her tenure on Sept. 6, who would have thought that it would crumble in record time.

Her predecessors since Harold Wilson’s tenure from March 4, 1974 to April 5, 1976 all lasted in office at least three years — compared to Truss’ 45 days.

Before her tumultuous tenure, Britain’s shortest serving PM was George Canning — in office for 119 days before dying of pneumonia.

In record time, Truss may have killed Britain’s economy — and perhaps Tory dominance since 2010 with her demise.

According to a late September YouGov poll for the London Times, Labor would trounce Tories if a new election was held.

If an election was held today, Labor would get “52%” support, Tories “24%,” Lib Dems “10%,” Greens “5%,” SNP “4%,” and Reform “3%.”

MSM headlines read like obituaries of her tumultuous 45 days as PM.

Reuters: “Liz Truss brought down after six weeks into the job.”

The Telegraph hours before her resignation:

“ Liz Truss has to go (for) Tor(ies) to have any chance of recovering” from her disastrous tenure.

After she resigned, the Telegraph headlined:

BoJo “expected to run in Tory leadership race as PM quits”

He’s “taking soundings about trying to get his old job back” — despite his scandal-ridden tenure.

The Sun headlined:

“Liz Truss dramatically QUITS as Prime Minister after just 44 days in No 10 marred by mini-budget fiasco & Tory infighting”

The Daily Mail headlined:

“Truss  QUITS after just 44 days in No10: PM admits defeat after crisis talks with Tory chiefs over flood of MP no-confidence letters — with a replacement to be chosen in a WEEK as Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak prepare to ‘battle for the soul of the party’ ”

And this from the Times of London:

“Liz Truss resigns as PM with Boris Johnson expected to run”

“The successor to Britain’s shortest-serving PM will be chosen within a week”

NBC News ripped her, saying “Truss resigns after disastrous economic plan”

AP News headlined: “Liz Truss promised UK a shakeup — but was forced out instead”

“Shortest Tenure in British History; Tax Plan Set Off Revolt,” the NYT headlined.

“Voters no longer trust (Tories) on the economy,” WaPo headlined.

Truss resigned after “a chaotic six weeks in office during which her approval rating fell to the lowest of any British prime minister in decades,” the WSJ reported.

She’ll stick around until a new PM is chosen next week.

She may be gone, but UK governance for ruling elites and monied interests exclusively will continue no matter who’s at No. 10.

The same disturbing reality applies to the US and elsewhere throughout the West.

3 thoughts on “The Rise and Ignominious Fall of Britain’s Disgraced PM

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    1. ME TOO! Admitting to admiring Corbyn being an instant ‘CANCEL’ offence

      Labour is just as awful; the Tories should call a general election and pass the toxic parcel on.
      But… don’t expect any original ideas to percolate while the current clowns sit on the opposition benches.

      Jeremy Corbyn, the only politician with integrity and courage, was killed off by the propaganda of his own party,while the actual anti Semites stood protected.
      “An investigation based on the largest leak of documents in British political history. The Labour Files examines thousands of internal documents, emails and social media messages to reveal how senior officials in one of the two parties of government in the UK ran a coup by stealth against the elected leader of the party. The program will show how officials set about silencing, excluding and expelling its own members in a ruthless campaign to destroy the chances of Jeremy Corbyn becoming Britain’s prime minister. Candidates for key political roles were blocked and constituency groups suspended as the party’s central office sought to control the elected leadership.”

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