A State of War Exists Between US-Dominated NATO and Russia

On October 19, Vladimir Putin formally introduced martial law in Russia’s Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions by executive order.

Saying the move aims to protect the territorial integrity of the above regions and its people, it also addresses the needs and objectives of Russian forces.

A “medium response level” was also introduced in Russia’s Crimea Republic, “the Krasnodar Territory, the Belgorod, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kursk and Rostov regions and (city of) Sevastopol.”

A “high alert level” is being introduced in Russia’s Central and Southern Federal Districts.

Senior officials in the above areas were instructed to establish operational headquarters for implementing measures relating to the reality of East/West war.

While Russia may still call its liberating campaign in Ukraine an SMO, a state of war exists in reality.

It’s at a time when undemocratic Dems are reportedly preparing legislation to provide Ukrainian Nazis with another $50 billion worth of arms, equipment and related aid to continue perpetual war on Russia.

It follows having approved $12 billion more for the Nazi-infested regime.

Whatever the empire of lies and forever wars provides to Ukraine, Russia continues to smash the US-created monster methodically.

Vladimir Putin’s formal declaration of martial law and other measures introduced in frontline areas likely indicates his intention to counter Ukraine’s cross-border state-terrorism more intensively.

It’s clear from near-daily strikes by Russian forces on the regime’s power and communications systems, along with targeting its key command and control centers in Kiev and elsewhere nationwide.

Newly mobilized reservists, numbering around 300,000, will greatly increase the ability of Russian forces to achieve Vladimir Putin’s publicly stated operational aims more quickly when deployed for their assigned mission. 

When cold weather follows Ukraine’s most rainy time of year sometime next month, Russia’s ability to liberate more Nazi-infested eastern and southern parts of its territory will be greatly enhanced.

Its SMO will then resemble a state of war, the regime to likely feel its sting more greatly than so far.

Nothing in the former nation-state should be off-limits for Russia to strike while continuing to minimize civilian casualties.

The aim of its operation is demilitarizing and deNazifying the made-in-the-USA monster, along with liberating new Russian regions entirely from its scourge.

Upcoming operational plans will likely pursue this fundamental aim with the full force of what Russia is capable of unleashing against an enemy bent on its destruction.

That enemy is US-dominated NATO.

Nazified Ukraine was weaponized to pursue the war-making alliance’s diabolical aims against Russia and other US invented enemies.

The empire of lies and forever wars doesn’t give a damn about Ukraine or its people — just its cannon fodder foot soldiers for use in pursuit of the US war party’s diabolical aims.

No matter how many die!

How many are maimed for life!

How many are gravely wounded!

No matter how many are sacrificed on the alter of hegemon USA’s forever war on humanity.

There’s no ambiguity about its longstanding aims and lawless methods of pursuing them.

To protect the Motherland and its people, Russia’s only sensible option is eliminating the threat posed by Nazi-infested Ukraine on its borders.

Along with liberating predominantly Russian-speaking areas entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation, establishment of a friendly government in Kiev is a sensible Kremlin aim to pursue.

After nearly 8 months of conflict, it’s long past time for Russia to slay the made-in-the-USA/Nazi-infested Ukraine monster once and for all.

It can’t happen a moment too soon.

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