Imperial Tool UN Human Rights Council (HRC)

Current HRC member-states include notorious human rights abusers USA, UK, Germany, France, and Nazi-infested Ukraine.

Dominated by the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, slammed its new report on invented Russian Federation human rights abuses in Ukraine, saying the following:

The HRC “is another propaganda tool that the collective West uses.”

Its imperial tool “documents eliminate the very essence of UN institutions, including the Human Rights Council (HRC).”

Hegemon USA and its imperial vassals use the HRC as “a platform to spread disinformation” about their invented enemies.

“The commission turns a blind eye to crimes committed by (Ukrainian Nazis) against civilians in Donbass, the Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions.”

The HRC “also failed to evaluate the Ukrainian military’s tactics to use civilians as human shields, deploy heavy artillery to and establish combat positions in civilian facilities.”

The world body’s so-called Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine was created in 2014 after the Obama/Biden regime’s coup — abolishing democratic governance in favor of Nazified tyrannical rule.

By falsely blaming Russia for flagrant Kiev international law breaches since that time, “the UN high commissioner on human rights (UNHCR) disgraced and “discredited itself.” 

“Many of its members were Ukrainian nationals recruited on the spot, whose (tyrannical) political views and preferences aren’t a secret to anyone.”

Published on October 18, the HRC’s report falsely accused Russia of war crimes committed by Ukrainian Nazis, including torture, as well as attacks on civilians, private residences, hospitals, schools and other nonmilitary targets.

Separately on Thursday, Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, slammed the Biden regime for “forming alliances against China and Russia in crucial fields,” adding:

Its diabolical actions reflect “the dichotomy between democracies and autocracies.”

Biden regime policy toward Russia, China, Iran and other nations free from US control aims “to divide the world into blocs and enter a new Cold War.”

Reinventing reality to serve its own interests, hegemon USA pretends “that all the world’s problems began after the launch of Russia’s special military operation, as if everything had been fine before that.”

A state of war exists by the empire of lies against the Russian Federation and its people.

“Our infrastructure of communication with the (Biden regime) lies in ruins,” Antonov stressed, adding:

“Efforts by Russian diplomats based in Washington to establish contact proved futile.”

Dominant Biden regime hardliners refuse to interface with Russia and other independent nations as equals.

Russia isn’t “fighting against Ukraine but in Ukraine” against the scourge of deeply embedded Nazism.

“We are fighting for equal relations and a world order based on international law, the UN Charter and implementation of indivisible security for all,” Antonov stressed. 

Under current conditions, it’s impossible to deal with the collective West diplomatically. 

Is the empire of lies and forever wars “ready for serious (dialogue) with us on issues related to global peace and stability,” Antonov asked? 

“The answer is clear from (its actions and) new National Security Strategy (NSS).”

Its diabolical aim is “containing Russia and competing with China” by a policy of anything goes.

It’s about maintaining a perpetual state of war on invented enemies — what risks unthinkable nuclear war.

A Final Comment

On October 19, US Army Colonel (Ret.) Douglas Macgregor, Ph.D, headlined an op-ed in the American Conservative, titled:

“War and Regrets in Ukraine”

The Biden regime “may regret its role in the war in Ukraine.”

When way too late to matter, Henry Kissinger once said:

“We should never have been there” — referring to a decade of lost US Southeast East Asia war in the 60s and 70s.

“Before long, Americans, even politicians inside the Beltway, will reach the same conclusion about (the Biden regime’s) Ukrainian proxy war against Russia,” Macgregor stressed.

“No one imagined that (dominant Biden regime hareliners) and the bipartisan (US) war party would drive Americans and Europeans into a political, military, and economic valley of death, from which there is no easy escape.”

“Yet that is precisely what is happening.”

Hegemon USA and its Western vassals are “blind” to reality on the ground in Ukraine.

Macgregor estimates Ukrainian battlefield casualties to be “at least 400,000…including 100,000 deaths” — for a lost cause.

In stark contrast to “catastrophic” Ukrainian losses, Russia’s are minimal, and at this time, is preparing “to strike a knockout blow” ahead.

Kiev’s only sensible option — not taken — is conflict resolution.

The US war party won’t tolerate what conflicts with its forever war-making agenda.

Yet the empire of lies and its Western vassals “gain(ed) nothing of strategic value” by waging war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian cannon fodder foot soldiers.

In stark contrast to the collective West’s decline, Macgregor sees the Russian Federation “grow(ing) stronger.”

The Biden regime, congressional allies and Western vassals “will regret” having challenged Russia militarily, he stressed. 

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