The Pharma-Linked CDC’s ACIP Recommends Health-Destroying Kill Shots for Young Children

The Pharma-linked CDC aims to proliferate diseases, not control and prevent them.

With maximum industry profiteering in mind, what’s going on is also all about mass-extermination of unwanted billions of people — ones targeted for elimination in the US and worldwide.

On October 20, the CDC’s so-called Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) said the following:

The Pharma-controlled agency unanimously “update(d)” its recommended use hazardous to health vaccines — to include mass-jabbing of kids as young as 6 months old with toxic flu/covid kill shots.

Earlier I quoted noted scholar/physician, Dr. Vernon Coleman, saying:

“Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying.”

“The sad truth is that the enormous and rich vaccine industry and the government have bought the medical profession, lock stock and syringe barrel.” 

“GPs, once members of a proud and distinguished profession, a profession which gave the world a seemingly endless series of medical giants, have been reduced to snivelling, whining needle-men (and women) for the drug industry.”

They’re “hand-maidens to an industry which cares nothing for people but everything for profits.”

“Vaccinations are a constant bonanza time for doctors” and Pharma profiteers.

They’re a vehicle for proliferating diseases instead of protecting against them — flu/covid jabs most hazardous of all.

They’re toxins for destroying health, not protecting and preserving it as falsely mass-promoted.

On Friday, Coleman added the following to his earlier condemnation of toxic kill shots, saying:

At this time, Pharma, its MSM press agents and go-along doctors “are pushing two jabs.”

“One is, allegedly, to stop you getting the flu.”

“And the other is, allegedly, to stop you getting the other flu – the over-marketed one known as covid.”

Along with diabolical aims in mind, mass-jabbing for alleged protection from an array of diseases — not gotten — is enormously profitable for Pharma and physicians.

According to the fabricated official narrative throughout the US/West and elsewhere, “vaccination programs reduced illness, prevented millions of deaths and are the main reason why the average life expectation has risen (sic),” Coleman explained, stressing:

“These are all barefaced lies.”

“The whole vaccination story is one of the great modern scandals of our time.”

“The entire medical profession has been bribed by the drug industry, working through (ruling authorities) and using taxpayers’ money.”

Most doctors know little more about vaccines than what’s claimed by the fabricated official narrative — crafted by Pharma.

“(D)octors know nothing about the dangers of…vaccines they…jab into patients’ arms.”

Commenting on Thursday’s ACIP recommended mass-jabbing of young children with toxic kill shots, noted physician, Dr. Meryl Nass, said the following:

CDC officials added them “to the childhood (vaccination) schedule.”

Their action “was both sneaky and remarkably bold.”

They want “everyone…inject(ed) for everything.”

The “CDC can truly be characterized as ‘public health in reverse.’ ”

So-called “public health professionals” at the CDC and other regulatory agencies “are careerists who love vaccines and are blind to the consequences of their actions.”

“Blind is putting it charitably.”

And this from inventor of mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone.

Used in Pfizer and Moderna kill shots, he earlier expressed “grave concerns about lack of transparency of side effects, censored discussion, and lack of informed consent that these bring.”  

On Thursday’s unanimous ACIP vote, he said the following:

“It is time for an overhaul of the CDC, the ACIP, the FDA, NIH, NIAID and the whole HHS enterprise.”

“It is time for parents to take control back from the state.”

And this from researcher Steve Kirsch:

Not a “single healthy kid died from” flu/covid.

Many healthy kids “die(d)” or experienced serious adverse events from kill shots.

Official US/Western policy aims to destroy public health instead of the other way around.

Instead of exposing and condemning the mother of all state-sponsored scams, MSM endorse and cheerlead it.

In response to the ACIP vote, CNN quoted pediatrician, Dr. Jesse Hackell, saying:

Some parents are hesitant about vaccines “because of something they’ve heard or something they’ve read” — mocking what’s likely science-based.

Like most doctors, Hackell pushes mass-jabbing for alleged protection not gotten.

So do CNN and other MSM.

While states decide policy on this issue, most go along with what Pharma-controlled regulatory agencies recommend — at the expense of public health over protecting and preserving it.

How many people know that approved drugs kill or greatly harm far more people than illicit ones?

How many health professionals know the above reality?

How many urge what harms health over the other way around?

How many people are aware that US/Western public health policy prioritizes profits over protection?

How many people in the US/West know that doctors can be delicensed for prescribing known safe, effective, and approved ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine for treating and curing flu/covid?

How many know that they’ve been scammed and betrayed by their ruling authorities in cahoots with Pharma profiteers?

How many are willing will resist in their own self-interest?

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  1. This is the link to Clif High’s Telegram Channel on the conspiracy of fifteen defying any reasoning to commit what is obvious betrayal/treason and a massive morbid betrayal at that:

    I link to Clif High because he is in my top ten people to know. A search of his channel there for “Khazarian Mafia” would be a good move in understanding the Rothchild stranglehold on humanity and the central banks are the central problem.

    I favor naming it the Khazarian Cabal since “The Cabal” is already out there. The Cabal does not indicate the presence of bloodlines.

    Treason is just another word for betrayal. “Treason” is an example of a word driven from the field by the Khazarian mafia who do a great job of controlling thought and belief. The only instance I have ever seen of it used in a sentence as substitute for “betrayal” is in a Jack London book said to be fiction in support of socialism where he said “treason to love.”

    This vote is an in-your-face treason in the since of betrayal.

    Treason fills the air.


  2. I had another comment go to ether where I put up a link and content to Dr. Jane Ruby’s Telegram channel.

    I also had “Kabbalah and cabal have similarity.”

    Eleven people to grow on: Stephen Lendman – , Paul Craig Roberts, Catherine Austin Fitts,, Amanda Vollmer, Clif High, Ken Wheeler, David Dubyne, Ben Davidson, Max Igan, Jeff Corbett, Alexander Mercouris


  3. “GOVERNMENT Reports Show CONVID ‘VAX’ is KILLING HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS (at least) EVERY Single WEEK!” is a 44:23 video on “world orders review” channel. I submitted a comment with the link that went to aether.

    It has 2904 this morning at 11AM after going up yesterday afternoon. I don’t know where everyone’s head is at.


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