Russia’s UN Envoy on Nazi-Infested Ukraine

During a Friday Security Council session on Ukraine, Russia’s UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, once again set the record straight as in all his public remarks.

Slamming US imperial tool Antonio Guterres’ under-secretary general, Rosemary DiCarlo and so-called world body resident coordinator in Ukraine, Denise Brown, he stressed their indifference toward millions of long-suffering Donbass civilians — victims of Kiev’s aggression since 2014.

Operating as imperial tools for hegemon USA, they and Guterres have been silent about what they’ve endured — as orchestrated and directed by the secretariat’s higher power in Washington.

And they failed to condemn Kiev’s state terror against the Crimean Bridge — nor daily regime shelling of the Zaporozhye NPP and Kakhovskaya hydro power plant.

Nazi-infested Ukraine and its US/Western patrons “have been euphoric over (illusory advances by) Ukrainian troops which cost (the regime) enormous losses in manpower, weapons and equipment,” Nebenezia explained, adding:

And they pretend “that Russia exhausted its material and human resources and was about to start losing on the battlefield (sic).”

“In the meantime, Ukrainian (Nazis in cahoots with) their Western masters turned to terrorist methods of sabotage on Russian territory” — as explained above. 

Hardcore regime extremists and their US/Western supporters cheerlead state terror waged against Russia.

Kiev’s so-called foreign minister, Kuleba, was quoted as follows, saying:

“If you ask me who is blowing something up in Crimea or Belgorod, in private I will tell you that, yes, it’s us.”

Nebenzia stressed the following:

“Eight years of bitter experience of the people Donbass showed us what the Kiev regime is capable of.”

Its actions reflect “the belligerent ardor of brazen terrorism.”

“Our high precision missiles and Russian made UAVs hit many military facilities and related infrastructure in Ukraine to undermine its military capabilities and potential of the Zelensky regime.”

The US/West and Kiev refuse to admit that damage to Ukrainian civilian sites only occur from debris of shot down Russian loitering munitions.

Video evidence proves it.

Now Ukrainian Nazis and their US master pretend that Russian UAVs are Iranian ones — despite no evidence suggesting it.

Nebenzia slammed a letter by Western regimes to Security Council members, calling on the UN secretariat to (falsely) claim Russian UN Charter violations.

And dominant Biden regime Russophobes demanded an investigation by the secretariat, Nebenzia explaining:

It’s not “authorized” to take this step, a flagrant breach of its mandate if undertaken, adding:

“We expect the secretariat to provide an exhaustive confirmation that it is not going to follow these instructions of Western delegations in violation of the UN Charter and will not conduct any investigations.” 

If Guterres breaches international law in cahoots with US/Western regimes, Russia “will be compelled to reassess (its) relation with the secretariat.”

“We will no longer be able to” accept its abandonment of impartiality in deference to its US master.

Along with its Western vassals, the empire of lies and forever wars pretends that Nazi-infested Ukraine is an “innocent victim of the Russian aggression (sic)” in need of military assistance (sic).

What’s been supplied since 2014 was used to damage or destroy “more than 10,000 (private residences in Donbass), and more than 2,000 facilities of civilian infrastructure, including 424 education and 109 medical facilities in the DPR and LPR-controlled areas.”

Hegemon USA-supplied “HIMARS are actively used in these attacks.”

The same goes for UK, French and German-supplied artillery.

Along with waging war on Russian civilians, its infrastructure is repeatedly targeted, including attempts to sabotage the Zaporozhye and Kursk NPPs, as well as the Kakhovskaya dam.

Kiev Nazis brag about their state terror.

US-dominated NATO gave puppet Zelensky “carte blanche to commit war crimes.”

With US/Western-supplied weapons and munitions, the Nazi-infested regime takes full advantage.

It’s why smashing its scourge once and for all is crucial for Russia to accomplish as soon as possible.

Instead of condemning the Kiev regime, the UN secretariat supports it — and by so doing, endorses Nazism to its disgrace.

The same reality, of course, applies to the US/West.

Their ruling regimes wholeheartedly support Nazi-infested Ukraine and its made-in-the-USA military for waging war on Russia.

Nebenzia’s remarks included many examples of Ukrainian atrocities.

He concluded his remarks as follows, saying:

“(T)he current state of Ukrainian diplomacy proves (that it’s) not ready for any kind of dialogue, let alone civilized dialogue.”

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  1. The UN wants to investigate the Russians for using alleged Iranian drones in Ukraine but never investigated Ukrainian shelling of Donbass citizens for 8 years.

    Or Trump bragging about using a drone to kill Qassem Soleimani despite a report by UN’s special rapporteur Agnes Callamard concluding that the droning violated international law. Or the US State Department accusing her of “giving a pass to terrorists”.

    “Balaam” Gutteres never uttered a word on the USA and NATO for their habitual wars on others.

    Assange merely published material never authored by him, yet he is in Belmarsh.

    Jones did no physical damage for his unbelief of the official narrative on Sandy Hook, yet an unjustifiable billion-dollar penalty was imposed on him. This is in a country that championed free speech and democracy elsewhere. No doubt the courts of law are rigged, as are the elections.

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