The Scourge of MSM Complicity with US/NATO War Crimes

Prostitutes of the press feature state-approved propaganda over journalism as it should be in support of powerful interests.

Whatever conflicts with the fabricated official narrative is banned in their fake news reports.

For them, imperial wars of aggression against invented enemies are considered liberating ones.

Patriotism demands support for policies pursued by US-dominated NATO — now matter how egregiously in breach of the UN Charter and other internationa law.

The rule of law only applies when supports US interests. 

When opposed, it doesn’t exist for the self-styled master of the universe, its Western vassals and their MSM co-conspirators.

All things related to beneficial social change is heresy.

So is governance of, by and for everyone equitable according to the rule of law.

What democracy is supposed to be is banned throughout the US/West, fantasy versions alone allowed.

Followers of dominant 4th estate reports are brainwashed to know nothing about reality.

What US/Western regimes want featured alone appears in daily MSM fake news editions.

The self-styled newspaper of record, NYT, is the closest thing to a US ministry of propaganda, while masquerading as real news, commentary and analysis.

For time immemorial, the Times — and other MSM — have one-sidedly supported powerful public and private interests at the expense of the general welfare and rule of law.

Cheerleading US/NATO imperial wars on invented enemies, the dominant 4th estate endorses the toppling of independent leaders, along with propping up friendly despots and turning a blind eye to the worst of Western war crimes and related abuses of power.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT once again turned reality on its head with its customary trash on all things Russia and Ukraine.

Ignoring state terror by Ukrainian Nazis against residential areas — with killing or injuring maximum numbers of civilians in mind — the Times falsely accused Russia of committing their crimes.

Russian strikes on Ukrainian cities focus exclusively on military, communications and power grid sites.

They’re all about retaliating against regime state terror, along with wanting Ukraine demilitarized and deNazified.

They’re unrelated to “heighten(ing) misery” as winter cold approaches — a US/NATO specialty against invented enemies, how Ukrainian Nazis have been operating since spring 2014 against Donbass civilians.

Instead of explaining what’s gone on, the Times and other MSM consistently suppressed it — while falsely blaming Russia and Donbass freedom fighters for Ukrainian crimes against them.

And this Times trash:

Citing US-installed puppet Zelensky, a war criminal multiple times over, an exposed serial liar, one of his latest whoppers was the following:

“Russian terrorists (sic) (prepared a) false flag (sic) (by) min(ing) the dam and aggregates of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant (sic).”

According to Zelensky’s Big Lie, Russia wants to greatly harm tens of thousands of its citizens to blame Ukrainian Nazis for what it’ll clearly have nothing to do with if regime shelling breaches the dam and floods the area.

More Times trash:

The Russian Federation forcefully “transferred thousands of Ukrainian children (cross-border) to be adopted and become citizens (sic).”

Moscow rescued hundreds of thousands of Russian-speaking Ukrainians from the scourge Nazi tyrannical rule.

Worlds apart from forcibly transferring them, they expressed relief and gratitude to Russia for aiding them regain fundamental freedom abolished by Ukrainian Nazis. 

Yet according to Times trash, Russia’s de facto rescue mission “is a potential war crime (sic).”

And this Times perversion of reality:

Russia abducted Ukrainian children after “kill(ing) or imprison(ing) their parents (sic).”

The Times and other MSM never explain the following:

The vast majority of Ukrainian troops are involuntary conscripts.

They teenagers to middle-aged men bordering on elderly status.

They’re snatched from streets, schools, churches, private homes and wherever else warm bodies gather.

Trained at most for a few days, they’re ill-equipped and ill-prepared for frontline combat.

To their rear, Ukrainian Nazis are positioned — with orders to shoot conscripts unwilling to serve as regime cannon fodder.

If conflict continues months longer, a generation of Ukrainian youths may be lost.

As long as dominant Nazis are in charge, millions of Ukrainians will suffer from the scourge of their tyrannical rule, along with US-ordered forever war on Russia no matter the human toll.

And this WaPo trash:

“Russian forces committed countless war crimes in Syria (sic), (while employing similar) tactics in Ukraine (sic).”

War crimes and atrocities of every shape and kind define how hegemon USA-dominated NATO wars are waged against invented enemies — what’s clearly not how Russia operates.

Yet according to WaPo fake news:

“Russian forces conducted widespread war crimes (sic), including strikes against civilian infrastructure (sic), attacking humanitarian facilities (sic), committing summary executions, unlawful confinement, torture, ill-treatment, rape and other sexual violence (sic).”

All of the above and more like it is typical WaPo trash on what relates to Russia and other US invented enemies.

The same reality applies to other MSM.

And quoting a Ukrainian Nazi, WaPo spewed the following trash:

“Russia tries to break people’s resistance and occupy their country using the tool of immense pain on civilians (sic).”

And what WaPo falsely called “Putin’s atrocities” applies to US, Western and Ukraine regimes, not Russia.

And repeated claims by WaPo and other MSM about Russia “exhausting its combat capabilities” are debunked by its plentiful supply of what’s needed to smash the made-in-the-USA Ukraine monster.

It’s happening day by day methodically, things intensified since early October after General Sergey Surovikin was appointed commander-in-chief of Russia’s liberating SMO.

It’s just a matter of time before the Kremlin announces mission accomplished.

At the same time, state terror by US/NATO regimes will likely continue against Russia and other invented enemies — keeping the risk of global war ominously high.

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