All Things Russia and Ukraine Update

On bended knee in Brussels, so-called Ukrainian prime minister, Denis Shmigal, admitted that economic and financial collapse looms without billions of euros and/or dollars in aid.

Citing “an extremely negative scenario,” the US-installed puppet regime cannot pay wages or pensions — because it’s bankrupt politically, economically and financially.

Ignoring its proxy war on Russia and its own Russian-speaking population since 2014, he failed to acknowledge the bed two US-installed regimes made and now must sleep in.

Since October 10, Russian forces have been wrecking Ukraine’s power grid and communication systems by hypersonic missile and loitering munition strikes.

The puppet Zelensky regime needs thousands of mobile power generators for warming centers to prevent millions of Ukrainians from freezing as cold weather approaches.

With their economies mired in what’s likely to be protracted recession and decline, EU and UK regimes are increasingly hard-pressed to handle internal needs.

Because of diminishing resources, their aid to Ukrainian Nazis will likely be reduced.

According to an unnamed Scholz regime official, Germany is “massively” decreasing its arms purchases because of severe budget restraints.

Britain, France and other European regimes may be forced to follow suit.

Will significant cuts in aid to Ukrainian Nazis be the next shoe to drop?

At the same time, they may use some of around $300 billion of Biden regime-stolen Russian assets  for Ukraine.

According to so-called European Council head, Charles Michel, the bloc is “look(ing) into” taking this step.

And this from so-called European Commission head, von der Leyen:

EU regimes may provide Ukrainian Nazis with about €1.5 billion monthly — using stolen Russia funds.

Separately on Saturday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, slammed bloc regimes as follows, saying:

“(T)he EU does not show any willingness to resolve the conflict peacefully.”

“On the contrary, the(ir) (ruling regimes and Britain) continue to thoughtlessly invest considerable funds in ongoing hostilities.”

“For this purpose, (they proposed another 500 million euros in) funding for arms supplies to Ukrainian (Nazis) and (to) establish an EU mission on military support for” the regime.

And the EU intends to “train and equip with mortal weapons Ukrainian militants who will keep exterminating the civilian population and wiping out civilian and critical infrastructure.”

“Is the EU ready to share responsibility for these crimes?”

Zakharova added the following:

“Accusations that Russia is ‘shelling Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure’ is utterly hypocritical.”

“The EU (Britain and their US master) lost the moral right to say anything about war crimes.”

For “over eight years, (their ruling regimes) turned a blind eye to killing of civilians, (including) women and children, as a result of  Kiev’s shelling of Donbass” residential areas.

Ukrainian Nazis continue to terrorize civilians cross-border in Russia.

On Sunday, Russia’s Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, warned of a possible dirty provocation by Ukrainian Nazis.

Contemptuous of the rule of law, they repeatedly commit egregious war crimes and related atrocities against civilians — supported and encouraged by their US master.

And this from Southfront on Saturday:

Air alerts have become an every day thing in Ukraine for the past two weeks.

“(E)xplosions thundered in Kiev.”

In and around Odessa, “Russian missiles hit the Podolsk district, the village of Alexandrovka, the towns of Usatovo and Mayaki.”

“(T)argets likely included military facilities used by the AFU as well as  local energy infrastructure sites.

Since October 10, the regime’s nationwide power grid sustained major damage.

Its military command centers are being taken out.

Some “railway sections (were) de-energized.” 

Availability of water in some regimes was greatly compromised.

On Saturday, Kherson Region’s Deputy Governor, Kirill Stremousov, said the following:

“Nothing changed in the Kherson direction. We are holding the line.”

Russian forces continue to foil attempted advances by regime troops.

They’ve sustained heavy losses of manpower, arms and equipment.

Kiev and the US/West show profound indifference toward the lives, rights and well-being of Ukrainians.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Saturday:

“The enemy tried to breach the Nikolayev and Krivoi Rog line (by) two tactical battalions.” 

“All attempted attacks were repelled.”

A Final Comment

According to former Indian diplomat, MK Bhadrakuma:

Vladimir Putin is outwitting and outmaneuvering his US/Western counterparts.

On Friday, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, explained the following:

“At a recent meeting in Astana,” Turkish President Erdogan expressed interest in what Vladimir Putin proposed — establishing a gas hub in Turkey with what Russia can supply.

Both “presidents instructed the(ir) relevant departments to start talks and consultations immediately.” 

“(D)etails (on proceeding with the project) will now be fine-tuned” — what’ll be a win-win for both countries when operational.

Turkey has required infrastructure to set up an international gas hub on its territory — from which it can supply Europe with what Russia can supply.

Bhadrakuma called Putin’s proposal “stunning.”

It’s a way for Russia to sell gas to US vassal states in Europe through NATO member-state Turkey by building another pipeline between both countries.

It won’t help this winter but will longer-term if the project is completed and becomes operational — perhaps a year or so from now.

Germany and other continental European states require Russian gas.

There’s no alternative to what it can supply.

Way-overpriced US LNG can’t make up for what’s lost by refusing to buy Russian gas in amounts needed.

Moscow intends to replace its confiscated gas hub in Austria with a new Turkish one.

Putin’s “strategic move (circumvents) the harebrained (scheme by EU bureaucrats and their US master) to impose a price cap on” Russian gas, Bhadrakuma explained.

Addressing Turkey’s parliament last week, Erdogan said the following:

“We agreed with Vladimir Putin to create a gas hub in our country, through which natural gas…can be delivered to Europe.” 

“Thus, Europe will order gas from Turkey” under a plan to strengthen the energy security of Turkey and European countries.

While Moscow and Ankara have geopolitical differences — including on Syria — Bhadrakuma called their willingness to cooperate on mutually beneficial interests “simply amazing,” adding:

And it’s “dramatic(ally) iron(ic) that…NATO (member-state Turkey) is (a valued) Russia(n)” partner on what’s advantageous for both countries.

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  1. Ukraine may not know how to fight but it sure knows how to beg.

    This war is weakening the instigator NATO instead of Russia.

    Electricians have a saying: “Don’t know? Don’t touch!”


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