The Latest from Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Ukraine

In her latest update on Russia’s liberating SMO, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained the following:

US-dominated NATO vassal states “seem to be in a competition with each other.”

They’re still “flooding Ukraine with weapons and ammunition, providing intelligence data, training its military personnel and helping it plan military operations.”

By so doing, they’re “moving ever closer to the dangerous line beyond which lies direct confrontation with Russia.”

Their lack of leadership and self-destructive policies — along with utter subservience to the empire of lies and forever wars at the expense of their own interests — is utterly stunning.

Their actions also reflect insanity — repeating the same or similar harebrained policies time and again while expecting a different result.

And by complicity with or “engag(ing) in extremist terrorist activities,” their contempt for the rule of law needs no elaboration.

And supplying Kiev with arms and military equipment reveals their support for the scourge of Nazism.

MZ minced no words stressing that US-dominated NATO regimes “are not just accomplices of the Kiev regime’s crimes, (they’re) sponsors of” its egregious war crimes.

And they’re directly involved in waging war on Russia.

Since it’s liberating SMO began, NATO regimes supplied Ukrainian Nazis with the following, MZ edplained:

“At least 300 tanks

130 infantry fighting vehicles

400 armored personnel carriers 

450 other kinds of armored vehicles

700 artillery systems, including multiple rocket launchers and mortars

5,000 portable anti-aircraft and 80,000 anti-tank missile systems and grenade launchers

160,000 small arms

800,000 artillery shells and 90 million rounds of ammunition.”

And because of what EU and UK regimes are pouring into Nazi-infested Ukraine — at a time of deepening economic hard times — they “asked their citizens to spend less time in the shower and find ways to keep warm because they can no longer provide them with warmth and comfort,” MZ explained, adding: 

“We know where the money is going.”

So do citizens and residents of EU countries and Britain.

Public rage is growing about what’s going on.

Along with what Russia destroyed, much of what the US/Wes supplied ended up resold by hugely corrupted Zelensky regime crooks “on the black market.”

“(M)onthly arms smuggling exceeds $1 billion.”

“NATO military goods dispatched to the Kiev regime end up in the hands of terrorists, extremist and criminal groups in the Middle East, Central Africa and Southeast Asia.” 

“We have been pointing this out from the start” to no avail.

“Independent experts and specialized agencies, including Interpol and Europol, have long expressed concerns about the illegal flow of weapons from Ukraine, including to European countries.”

Throughout Europe, people are increasingly being “pushed out of their comfort zone” in support of US/NATO war on Russia.

The vast majority of people throughout Europe face increasingly “bleak” conditions because of how their ruling regimes operate.

In Nazi-infested Ukraine, things “continue to deteriorate.”

Along with disastrous economic and financial conditions, human rights violations are rampant.

Anyone not fully supportive of tyrannical rule, anyone with the wrong “political views, ethnic background, language and religion” risks imprisonment or targeted assassination.

Everything Russian was banned and virtually criminalized.

“Everything (and everyone) that this nationalist, neo-Nazi Kiev regime does not approve” of is being eliminated.

The rule of law was abolished after the US 2014 coup.

Video evidence showed regime elements “shooting POWs and torturing civilians.”

Separate evidence reveals “the criminal activities of the collective West and its violations of all conceivable standards and the very ideal of democracy that does not end at national borders.”

“Every day…Kiev regime terrorists  injure, mutilate and kill civilians, including women and children.”

Yet the collective West and their MSM co-conspirators turn a blind eye to the worst of their high crimes.

The Biden regime and its congressional partners in forever wars on invented enemies invited Azov Nazi thugs to Washington.

So did US universities to their campuses.

Ukrainian murderers, torturers and rapists are welcomed and honored in the US.

MZ stressed that these “scum are openly praised for the sole reason that they are killing Russians.”

“There is no other reason.”

“In the eyes of the American elite, this is absolution for any crime and justification for unlimited arms deliveries to the Kiev regime.”

Last week, EU foreign ministers announced “the establishment of a Military Assistance Mission (EUMAM Ukraine) to further support” the Nazi-infested regime.

“Needless to say, this EU decision is reckless and dangerous.”

It’s more indisputable evidence of war on Russia by hegemon USA and its Western vassals.

Of concern is whether things are beyond a point of no return. 

Relations between Russia and the US-dominated West are beyond repair for a generation or longer.

And the risk of another world war was never greater than now since the last one ended.

Arguably, it already began with no formal announcement.

At a time when today’s super-weapons make ones used during WW II seem like toys by comparison, US/Western ruling regimes are blind to the unparalleled danger posed by their recklessness.

In one way or another, we’ll all suffer the consequences of their out-of-control rapaciousness.

That’s today’s disturbing reality.

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