Trampling on Truth Sunday

Never on Sunday doesn’t apply to MSM.

Operating as weapons of mass destruction against truth and full disclosure, they use their platforms to obliterate what conflicts with the fabricated official narrative. 

It’s their modus operandi Sundays, Mondays and always.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT assaulted readers with its customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies — based on Biden regime approved talking points.

Russia’s liberating SMO is all about demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine, along with protecting the security it the Motherland and borders from its scourge.

Not according to Times fake news, falsely accusing Russia of assaults on civilians, what its forces have gone all-out to protect, focusing solely on strategic targets to weaken, defeat and eliminate the scourge of Nazism along its borders.

Whenever the Times cites or quotes regime officials, indisputable bald-faced Big Lies follow, including puppet Zelensky’s latest perversion of reality, falsely claiming:

Russia is “losing ground on the battlefield(sic),” as cited by Times fake news.

And falsely claiming that greatly degraded regime troops “have everything they need…and are pushing forward every day (sic)” is more Zelensky trash. 

And falsely claiming that the regime is restoring power to the heavily damaged grid ignored how Russia is methodically degrading it daily.

As military analyst Andrei Martyanov explained:

“(C)ollapse (of a ruling regime can be accomplished by) shutting down its electric grid, blowing (up) its power stations, (as well as) taking out key bridges…its key command and control” centers and communication systems. 

That’s what Russian forces have been doing for the past two weeks, what’s continuing daily.

And this Times trash:

“For weeks, Ukrainian forces have been inching toward Kherson (city) (sic), village by village, taking back parts of the region (sic).”

As a same-day and previous articles explained, each time regime forces attempt to advance in the Kherson Region, Russian forces repel them — inflicting heavy losses of manpower, arms and equipment.

Yet according to more Times trash, Russian forces “might be considering a tactical retreat (sic)” — what’s nowhere in sight, regime troops alone forced back because of heavy losses.

And as Russia continues to perhaps render all or most of the regime’s electric grid inoperable from major damage or destruction, millions of Ukrainians face the bleak prospect of trying to survive frigid conditions ahead with no way to keep warm.

And this Times trash:

Ignoring significant damage from Russian loitering munitions, the Times pretended that the regime is successfully countering them (sic).

And what it falsely called attempts by Russia to “terroriz(e) Ukrainian cities (sic)” is sound military strategy to accomplish strategic aims while minimizing civilian casualties.

The same defiance of reality applies to falsely claiming that regime troops are “routinely shooting down” most Russian UAVs.

Once again, the source is a known regime serial liar.

And US/Western air defenses cannot intercept and destroy Russia’s high-precision hypersonic munitions.

Its own air defense systems and warplanes destroyed most all regime aircraft and helicopters, along with downing more of its UAVs daily.

And this WaPo reality check:

Russia continues to degrade and destroy Ukraine’s power grid, “blacking out large areas.”

“As Ukrainians braced themselves for the high probability of even more attacks — and prepare for what could be a winter without heating, water and electricity in parts of the country — daily Russian strikes are destroy(ing) (Ukraine’s) electrical facilities.”

The regime’s electricity provider, Ukrenergo, said the “scale of damage (from) massive (strikes) in recent days “may exceed the consequences” of earlier ones.

Ukraine’s strategic infrastructure and military are being significantly degraded, heading them for collapse by hugely destructive pummeling by Russian forces.

According to one regime official, recovery is “impossible” any time soon.

Nor can it be achieved without considerable outside financial help.

When puppet Zelensky or other regime officials claim that regime troops shot down Russian missiles, they’re lying.

There’s nothing throughout the US/West or Ukraine able to counter Russian hypersonic munitions.

They cannot be intercepted and destroyed.

With high-precision accuracy, they destroy or significantly damage intended targets.

Ukraine is no match against superior Russian firepower.

For the first time this month, it’s on display with greater intensity than what Russia unleashed before.

And its taking a significant toll on strategic regime targets and will of its greatly degraded military to keep pursuing a lost cause.

One thought on “Trampling on Truth Sunday

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  1. The paid news is not news at all. The bribed Times carries the propaganda as instructed with taxpayer/ debt slave money/currency. presents their truth against the lies created by the West and their is no way a person could read it all. The truth would set us free, but truth is misinformation when it stands against the Empire of Lies official position.

    This is Mythland. No truth goes unopposed.


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