Mocking Russian Evidence About a Likely Made-in-the-USA Kiev Regime Dirty Bomb

Unlike duplicitous US/Western officials — ones never to be trusted — Russian ones say what they mean and mean what they say with facts to support their remarks.

In cahoots with its US master, the Nazi-infested Zelensky regime has no way to counter Russia’s overwhelming military superiority.

With terrorist tactics its only option, Russia has evidence of its plot to detonate a dirty bomb — a false flag provocation to wrongfully blame on Moscow.

On Sunday, the Biden regime together with vassal states Britain and France reiterated support for Nazi-infested Ukraine — a statement by their so-called foreign ministers, saying:

“(W)e reject (what’s likely indisputable Russian evidence of a Kiev regime plot to) prepar(e) (and detonate) a dirty bomb” — to wrongfully blame Russia for their despicable action.

With attribution to Shakespeare from Hamlet, the US, Britain and France “doth protest too much” — given evidence obtained by Russia.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT protested too much in similar fashion — followed by its customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies, based on Biden regime talking points.

Once again ignoring devastating Russian-inflicted losses on Ukraine’s military, the regime’s electricity grid, its communication systems and decision-making centers, the Times embarrassed itself as follows, claiming:

“Russia finds itself on its back foot (sic), struggling to hold onto territory (sic),” adding:

Vladimir Putin “fac(es) growing anxiety at home (sic) about his military’s handling of the” liberating SMO (sic).

And this Times trash:

He “raised the specter of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine (sic).”

The Zelensky regime reportedly invited imperial tool, IAEA head Grossi, to visit its “peaceful facilities (sic)” for war-making on Russian territory.

Separately on Monday, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, repeated General Igor Kirillov’s warning about the regime’s plot to detonate a dirty bomb, saying:

“The threat is obvious.”

“This information was conveyed to the defense minister’s interlocutors.”

On the same day, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

“We have also taken the necessary steps to raise this issue in international structures, first of all in the UN in New York.”

“Today our representatives will do this hoping for an informed and professional discussion of the problems that we will touch upon.”

“We have information, which we double-checked through appropriate channels.”

“This is not a groundless suspicion.”

“There are serious reasons to believe that such things could be planned.”

Defense Minister, “Sergey Shoigu agreed with some of his interlocutors to hold additional consultations on this topic at a professional level.”

Response by the US-dominated West and their MSM co-conspirators to clear and compelling evidence is unsurprising.

“It goes in line with unconditional support (by) the West (for puppet) Zelensky.”

They “indulg(e) him in any Russophobic actions, not only in the form of statements, but also in the form of shelling of civilian objects, killing civilians and much more,” Lavrov added.

And this concern expressed by Russia’s foreign intelligence service (SVR) director, Sergey Naryshkin, saying:

“I find the Western rhetoric regarding the possibility of using nuclear weapons extremely worrisome. It is impermissible.”

“That the current Kiev regime wishes to possess nuclear weapons humanity was able to see on several occasions, starting from the day when (US-installed puppet) Zelensky spoke at a security conference in Munich.”

“His ambitions to possess nuclear weapons were clear already then.” 

“The world should not let this happen.”

Head of Russia’s radiation, chemical and biological protection force, General Igor Kirillov, added the following to evidence he cited about Kiev’s intention to detonate and dirty bomb and falsely blame Russia:

The “bomb’s detonation could be disguised as an accidental activation of a Russian low-yield nuclear munition with highly-enriched uranium used as a charge.”

If occurs, international monitoring system sensors will detect the presence of radioactive isotopes.

Aided by its US master, the Zelensky regime could use uranium oxide from depleted fuel components.

They’re in fuel storage facilities and spent fuel pools at nuclear power plants. 

If an explosive charge detonates a dirty bomb, radioactive contamination could be carried by wind currents and be widespread, causing mass casualties.

Kirillov noted that US/Western controlled White Helmets “filmed propaganda videos to invent alleged Syrian use of chemical weapons by government troops.”

In all its wars of aggression against invented enemies, hegemon USA operates exclusively according to its own rules — flagrantly breaching international law in pursuit of its diabolical aims.

A state of war exists between US-dominated NATO and Russia.

It’s at a time of US/Western support for Nazism — disguised as Ukraine’s “fight for freedom (sic),” ignoring its tyrannical rule.

And the risk of made-in-the-USA war going nuclear is now more ominously real.

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