Trash Masquerading As Analysis

US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents carpet bomb followers of world and national news with a daily blitzkrieg of fake news mass deception while suppressing indisputable reality.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT reinvented reality on the ground.

Citing nonexistent evidence of Russia’s alleged “plans to abandon (Kherson) city (sic),” ignored was that each time region troops try to breach its defenses, they’re crushingly repelled — in the process sustaining heavy losses of manpower, arms and munitions.

Russian forces relocated most Kherson city residents out of harm’s way across the Dnipro River to let its military smash attempts by regime troops to advance.

On Monday, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported the following:

In the past week alone, its forces “eliminated more than 1,400 Ukrainian troops and foreign mercenaries.”

Especially battered in the Kherson Region as well as in and around Nikolaev-Krivoi Rog, they’ve been unable to breach Russian defenses anywhere along frontline positions.

Along with methodically degrading the regime’s electricity grid and communications systems, its decision-making centers are being destroyed.

In the Kharkov Region, high-precision Russian hypersonic munitions struck the regime’s Kommunar heavy equipment and warheads-producing plant, causing significant damage.

An oil tank and fuel storage facilities were destroyed.

One regime battalion lost 20 tanks, 66 armored combat vehicles and 70 other vehicles.

In and around Krasny Liman, Ukraine lost 6 tanks, 23 armored combat vehicles, 9 armored personnel carriers and 17 other vehicles.

In the Kupyansk area, Russian forces destroyed 3 regime tanks, 7 armored combat vehicles, 8 armored personnel carriers and 9 vehicles. 

In and around Zaporozhye and southern Donetsk, Ukrainian troops lost 5 tanks, 16 combat armored vehicles and 13 other vehicles.

And Russian forces also eliminated  4 counter-battery radars AN/TPQ-36, AN/TPQ-37 and AN/TPQ-50 of US manufacture, 4 launchers of the S-300 air defense missile system and a low-altitude target detection radar ST-68UM.

And 2 regime warplanes, one helicopter, as well as 24 warehouses of ammunition, weapons and military equipment were destroyed.

Russian air defense systems downed 70 regime UAVs, 98 HIMARS, Olkha and Smerch MLRS rockets, as well as 14 US HARM anti-radar missiles.

All of the above was destroyed in the past week alone.

They’ve been similar regime losses most weeks.

It’s why puppet Zelensky keeps calling on US/Western regimes to supply Ukraine with more arms and equipment.

Yet according to fake news by the neocon-infested Institute for the Study of War (ISW):

“Russian forces continued to withdraw from the western Kherson Oblast (sic) while preparing to conduct delaying actions (sic).” 

Citing fake news by the regime’s so-called general staff, the ISW falsely claimed that Russian forces completely abandoned (Kherson) positions, leaving “recruits” behind (sic), adding:

“Using such inexperienced forces to conduct a delaying action could prompt a Russian rout (sic) if Ukrainian forces choose to press the attack (sic).”

Reality on the ground and ISW’s trash are worlds apart.

And this rubbish from so-called Rutgers University political science professor, Alexander Motyl, a self-styled “specialist” on Russia and Ukraine:

“Russia’s strategic defeat is in the cards (sic),” he roared, adding:

“To be sure, the embarrassingly poor performance of the Russian armed forces (sic) (showed (its) sad state (sic),” falsely claiming “Russian corruption and inefficiency (sic).”

And this Motyl perversion of reality:

“Russia…is profoundly weak (sic), (its) economy…in a tailspin (sic).”

Its military is “a paper tiger (sic).”

“(A)t least 65,000 Russian soldiers…died (sic) and at least as many are out of commission (sic).”

There’s talk of alternatives to Putin’s leadership (sic).”

“Internal Russian weakness and continued systemic decay mean that Russia will impose a strategic defeat on itself (sic).”

“There is no need for the West to invade or actively promote strategic defeat (sic).”

“All that’s needed is a continuation of the status quo (sic): Ukrainian military success (sic), Western support of Ukraine, and Russia’s internal decay (sic).”

“Putin is destroying…Russia (sic).” 

“A different Russia, a better Russia, is possible only if Putin goes and his Russia collapses.”

“There’s little for the West to do but sit back (sic) and watch Putin’s fascism (sic) go up in flames (sic).”

All of the above trash is from a so-called US academic, a self-styled Russia/Ukraine “specialist” — a professor of reinvented history.

Nothing remotely resembling the real thing is included in his Russia-bashing remarks.

Students eager to learn real history, not a reinvented version, are highly advised to avoid his classes.

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