Yearning for Global War?

On Monday, head of Russia’s radiation, chemical and biological protection force, General Igor Kirillov, stressed the following:

“The Defense Ministry has evidence that the Kiev regime is planning a provocation involving the detonation of a so-called dirty bomb or a low-yield nuclear device.”

“The purpose of the provocation is to accuse Russia of using weapons of mass destruction in the Ukrainian theater of operations, thus launching a major anti-Russian campaign around the world aimed at undermining (what little may remain of) trust towards Moscow.”

“It is also noteworthy that during (Russia’s SMO, US-installed puppet) Zelensky repeatedly called on NATO (regimes) to carry out strikes at Russia.”

Last March and in 2021, Zelensky regime officials said Kiev may seek to acquire nukes if not granted NATO membership.

Since late last week, Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, spoke twice with Biden regime war minister, Austin, as well as with his Turkish, French and UK counterparts.

Noting “rapidly deteriorating” conditions in Ukraine, Shoigu warned that Ukrainian Nazis are planning a dirty bomb false flag provocation to wrongfully blame on Russia.

It’s important to understand that Pentagon and CIA elements orchestrate and direct Kiev’s aggression.

If a dirty bomb provocation is planned, it was made-in-the-USA.

Are dominant Biden regime hardliners yearning for more direct involvement in waging war on Russia than already?

According to the US war department:

“(M)ore than 100,000 Pentagon troops (are deployed) across Europe.”

Their numbers include “a carrier strike group, fighter squadrons and lift/tanker aircraft, an amphibious readiness group and marine expeditionary force.”

They’re enhanced by an infantry brigade combat team, an armored brigade combat team, a HIMARS battalion, and” additional forces.

US-controlled NATO’s “response force (is) on heightened readiness.”

Is the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies planning a dirty bomb pretext to unjustifiably justify more direct US/NATO aggression on Russia than already?

Consider reality on the ground.

Russia greatly degraded Nazified Ukraine’s made-in-the-USA military.

Incapable of mounting a successful offensive against vastly superior Russian firepower, its ranks sustained hundreds of thousands of casualties over the past 8 months — hundreds, at times thousands, more daily.

While hegemon USA, its Western vassals and MSM press agents pretend otherwise, they understand reality on the ground — that Kiev’s greatly degraded military is heading for collapse.

And Russian forces are methodically taking out the regime’s power-generation grid, its communication systems, and key decision-making centers.

The US-installed regime has no way to counter what’s going on.

With indisputable reality in mind, do dominant Biden regime hardliners intend a dirty bomb and/or another phony pretext to deploy Pentagon combat troops to Ukraine — along with more of the same from NATO vassal states?

Are lunatics in charge of the Washington asylum yearning for WW III — first against Russia, then China?

Their ruling authorities understand the threat.

Russian Defense Minister, Shoigu, raised the dirty bomb issue publicly — surely to warn the US/West about what Russian intelligence knows is planned — and that its forces will respond defensively. 

His aim is getting them to abandon what recklessly could risk nuclear war.

A Final Comment

Over the weekend, Russia-based analyst, John Helmer, explained the following:

Never before in the history of European and Asian wars was the “line of contact between” two opposing forces as far-reaching as between Russian and Ukrainian militaries.

And not since the US embargo and “asset confiscations” on Japan in the run-up to WW II and “trade blockade against Germany in 1939 has (US/Western) economic warfare against a target country reached the present scale against Russia.”

Yet by preparing well in advance to counter what US-dominated Western regimes imposed on the Russian Federation, it’s been “strong enough militarily (financially) and economically to bypass, neutralize, overcome, or defeat” unparalleled US/Western sanctions and hot war.

It’s at a time when Russia’s preeminent leadership is in sharp contrast to its absence in the US, Britain, France, Germany and EU headquarters in Brussels.

Not since Woodrow Wilson’s incapacitating 1919 stroke during WW I “has a (so-called) US president” — an illegitimate imposter — been as inept and incapable of serving in any public capacity as the fake Biden. 

And “(n)ever before have European (regimes) been as politically incapacitated as the British, French, and Germans all at the same time.”

The same goes for lack of leadership in Brussels at a time of deepening Western decadence and depravity — especially as displayed by the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

4 thoughts on “Yearning for Global War?

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  1. Washington = Wars and Terror Inc.

    The Chinese government suspected from the very beginning that the Tianjin Port explosion in 2015 was by a tactical nuclear bomb to account for the crater and damages, not by ammonium nitrate or potassium nitrate.

    The Beirut Port explosion in 2020 was also by a tactical nuclear bomb, not by ammonium nitrate which by itself is almost impossible to ignite and detonate.


  2. Scott Ritter was on Sarah Westall yesterday mainly talking about nuclear war. The gather WordPress blocked the comment because of the link.

    “Russia accused the West on Monday of stealing from its currency and gold reserves.
    Western sanctions have frozen $640 billion worth of Russian assets.”

    From “Russia says the West has ‘essentially stolen’ its foreign currency and gold reserves as the EU eyes asset transfer to Ukraine” from yesterday at


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