Daily Russia Bashing by a Blitzkrieg of Fake News

US/Western MSM never had credibility.

Nothing they report on major domestic and geopolitical issues can be taken at face value.

Everyone wanting to be informed and stay this way should rely exclusively on reliable independent sources.

Daily editions of MSM fake news rubbish explain why.

In its latest edition of turning truth on its head and trampling on it, the NYT reported the following trash:

“Top officials from” US, UK and French regimes defied reality by falsely accusing Russia of “creat(ing) a pretext for escalating (things) in Ukraine (sic).”

Surprising no one paying attention, they rejected credible Russian evidence of a plot by Ukrainian Nazis to detonate a dirty bomb.

It’s the latest example of wanting Russia falsely blamed for what has earmarks of a made-in-the-USA false flag for Kiev Nazis to implement — either on territory controlled by the regime or cross-border.

Sticking exclusively to the fabricated official narrative, the Times mocked Russia’s accusation, ignored its credible evidence based on facts.

And this Times trash — expressing invented concern about a nonexistent threat of Russia using tactical nukes and/or other “unconventional weapons” against Ukraine.

More trash, citing fake news by so-called UK intelligence:

The regime “shot down at least 23 Ka-52 Russian attack helicopters (sic) (and) 31 additional Russian attack and transport helicopters (sic).” 

Kiev Nazis defied reality by falsely claiming to have downed a dozen Russian helicopters in the past two weeks, “including four in an 18-minute span on Oct. 12,” according to Times fake news, adding:

The regime’s “claims could not be verified” — because no credible evidence supports them, the Times failed to explain.

The same UK source lacking credibility falsely said the following in mid-October:

“Russia’s forces are exhausted (sic).”

“The use of prisoners (sic) to reinforce, and now the mobilization of tens of thousands of inexperienced conscripts (sic), speaks of a desperate situation (sic).”

“We know (sic) — and Russian commanders on the ground know (sic) — that their supplies and munitions are running out (sic).”

And Russia “is certainly running short of friends (sic).”

Its military poses a nonexistent threat “to use nuclear weapons” to reverse nonexistent large-scale battlefield “losses.”

“It’s clear that Ukraine’s courageous action (sic) on the battlefield and in cyberspace is turning the tide (sic).”

It’s “clear” that all of the above is easily debunked trash.

Yet the Times and other MSM proliferate it in daily fake news editions, including the following perversion of reality:

“The failure of Russia to control the skies over Ukraine (sic) plagued its military campaign from the outset of the” SMO (sic).

“With artillery ammunition running low (sic), British intelligence (falsely claimed that) Russian commanders ‘are likely increasingly resorting to conducting high-risk attack helicopter missions (sic) as one of the few options available to provide close support for troops in combat (sic).”

Reality on the ground is worlds apart from the above trash.

The same goes for the following WaPo trash:

Vladimir Putin “will only be emboldened to see Washington wavering (sic).”

“If you support (fantasy democracy over the real thing), you need to (support undemocratic Dems) on Nov. 8.

If “Republicans take over the House (and/or) Senate, this is how (fantasy) democracies die (sic).”

And this trash from WaPo editors:

“It’s no surprise that the Kremlin would try to divert attention from its (nonexistent) failures in Ukraine (sic) toward a new story about Kiev’s purported plans (sic) to detonate a radioactive dirty bomb.” 

“Transparent disinformation  (sic), Moscow’s tale (sic) might be intended to serve as a pretext for its own first strike with unconventional weaponry (sic).”

It’s an “attempt to slow or suspend military aid (by US/Western regimes) to Ukraine (sic) and possibly weaken the NATO (war-making) alliance (sic).”

And saying it’s “no time to go wobbly on resisting Russia(’s)” liberating SMO rings like a call by WaPo editors for greater aggression by Ukrainian Nazis than already.

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