Last Resort Armageddon Strategy?

Nazi-infested Ukraine follows hegemon USA’s playbook on all things related to Russia.

It’s most apparent from aggression by Kiev since April 2014, following the Obama/Biden regime’s coup..

Things greatly escalated after Russia’s liberating SMO began to protect the nation’s security from the scourge of US/Western support for Nazism on its borders.

Claims by Russian officials are supported by cold, hard facts.

Make no mistake.

Russia has credible evidence to show that Ukrainian Nazis, in cahoots with their US master, intend to detonate a dirty bomb provocation to falsely blame Russia for their criminal act.

Head of Russia’s radiation, chemical and biological protection force, General Igor Kirillov, has evidence of the diabolical scheme to detonate a low-yield nuclear device “in the (regime’s) theater of operations.” 

On Tuesday at a Security Council session called for by Russia, the issue will be discussed.

On Monday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, minced no words as follows, saying:

“The purpose of this heinous provocation is clear – to (falsely) accuse Russia of using a weapon of mass destruction.”

Regime “authorities and their Western handlers hope that it will lead to a broad anti-Russian campaign, undermine Moscow’s credibility in the eyes of its partners and lead to our country’s isolation in the international arena.”

“According to our sources, the Ukrainian side already beg(an) to implement the plan.”

“In particular, the Vostochny Ore Mining and Processing Plant in the town of Zholtiye Vody and the Institute for Nuclear Research in Kiev (are) tasked with making the bomb.” 

It’s clear that hegemon USA OK’d the scheme and is aiding its implementation by Ukrainian Nazis — including by supplying Kiev “with dirty bomb components.”

“According to information obtained by Russia, Kiev is planning to detonate the bomb by disguising it as an unauthorized burst of a low-yield Russian nuclear bomb with enriched uranium.”

“(C)alls to detonate a dirty bomb in Moscow (began) making the rounds on Ukraine’s internet.”

“Instructions on how to assemble one were posted.”

Hegemon USA, its Western vassals and Nazi-infested Ukraine are risking a potential armageddon scenario — an act of desperation because Russian forces degraded regime troops toward collapse.

Separately on Monday, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

On all things related to Russia and Ukraine, US-dominated NATO and Ukrainian Nazis operate “by their own rules” — in flagrant breach of international law.

On the plot by Kiev to detonate a dirty bomb, Lavrov stressed that Russia’s information “is sufficiently reliable,” adding:

Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, provided “detailed data, complete with the names of research institutes involved during telephone conversations with his US, UK, French and Turkish counterparts.” 

“Russian military agencies are planning other contacts as well.”

“This issue will also be discussed at the UN Security Council.”

US/Western regimes “groundlessly refuted (Russia’s credible evidence) as a fabrication.”

“They (falsely) allege that Russia is planning to do something of this sort (to blame on the) Zelensky regime.”

“This talk is not serious” — an attempt to falsely blame Russia for what’s planned against the nation, its military and people. 

At this time, Russian forces are on high alert to continue their liberating SMO “under conditions of radioactive contamination.”

It’s at a time when Ukrainian Nazis are completing preparations for a false flag dirty bomb detonation to wrongfully blame on Russia.

Moscow has credible information to prove that Britain is involved with hegemon USA and Ukrainian Nazis to carry out the plot.

Because of the ominous threat, Russia’s Defense Ministry is prepared to counter what’s planned.

According to Renat Karchaa, an advisor to head of Russia’s Rosenergoatom — the operator of the nation’s nuclear power plants:

Areas contaminated by a dirty bomb detonation will remain too hazardous to live in for up to 50 years.

“Tens of thousands of people will suffer at the very least.”

Nazi-infested Kiev is infamous for cross-border terrorist attacks on residential areas and related infrastructure — with killing or otherwise harming maximum numbers of defenseless civilians.

The same reality applies to US-dominated NATO regimes.

What’s ongoing should terrify everyone at a time when lunatics in charge of the Washington asylum are pushing things toward greater direct confrontation with Russia than already.

As retired US Army Col. Douglas Macgregor explained:

Ongoing events are at a time of “the perilous state of Ukrainian” troops, adding:

Without significant involvement of US-dominated NATO, “Polish soldiers” masquerading as Ukrainian ones and other foreign mercenaries, Kiev’s military “has little left to withstand” Russia’s onslaught.

Attempted regime offensives in recent weeks cost the regime “tens of thousands of” troops — while achieving no territorial gains.

Russia’s “sledgehammer” offensive in November or December — beginning “whenever the ground freezes will crush whatever remains of (regime) forces.”

Without large numbers of US/NATO troops on the ground in Ukraine, the puppet Zelensky regime is doomed.

And according to Macgregor, “(t)he intellectual and professional caliber of senior (Pentagon officials) is deplorable” — especially war secretary Austin and joint chiefs head Milley, political appointments without merit.

Russia’s military is vastly superior, including its unmatched in the West super-weapons.

A Final Comment

Along with planned detonation of a dirty bomb, Nazified Ukraine is also trying to destroy the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant and breach the area’s reservoir dam.

If successful, Kherson Region areas could be flooded — harming tens of thousands and cutting supply lines of Russian forces.

At the same time, regime troops continue daily shelling of the Zaporozhye NPP — aiming to release and spread deadly radiation across much of central Europe under a worst case scenario.

Russia only option is slaying the made-in-the-USA Ukrainian monster once and for all as soon as possible.

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  1. This wouldn’t be happening if Russia had launched a full scale invasion, taken over Ukraine, and sealed the borders. The SMO was a mistake.


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