Britain’s Selected, Unelected Sunak Support for Privileged Interests and War-Making

Taking office as PM on Tuesday, unopposed by Tory MPs, Rishi Sunak’s agenda is all about supporting privileged Brits exclusively at the expense of the general welfare he showed contempt for as chancellor and now in the nation’s top job.

At the same time in cahoots with his US master, he vowed continued UK support for perpetual war on Russia to keep Ukrainian Nazis empowered.

Commenting on his selection, the fake Biden once again embarrassed himself as follows, saying:

“We’ve got news that Rashee Sanook (sic) is now (UK) prime minister.”

Separately last month at a Pittsburgh rally, he didn’t know whether to turn left or right to exit the stage.

And at a White House event, he called out for deceased Rep. Jackie Walorski.

She and others died weeks earlier in a head-on collision between her vehicle and another one.

Following her death, the fake Biden offered condolences to her family members.

His White House gaffe was more evidence of his out-of-touch with reality state of mind.

Brits are just as ill-served with right-wing extremist Sunak as PM.

Citing what he called “difficult decisions” on day-one in office, he has slashing already degraded social benefits in mind.

Commenting on the scourge of his empowerment, UK-based scholar-physician, Dr. Vernon Coleman, said the following:

Last July he warned that if Sunak became UK PM, Britain “would be lost forever,” adding:

It’ll be “sucked into the (freedom-destroying) Great Reset at terrifying speed.”

Sunak is “the deadliest and most dangerous of the motley crew contending for” Tory party leadership.

His public record “is appalling.”

A duplicitous politician combined with super-wealth, time and again he said one thing, then went another way in support of privileged interests exclusively.

“We might as well have Klaus Schwab of WEF (infamy) as” Sunak at No. 10,” Coleman warned.

Although not dumb and dumber like his two most recent predecessors, Sunak most likely will rise, like them, to his level of incompetence.

He already matches their imperial arrogance and contempt for ordinary Brits he doesn’t give a damn about.

With the likes of his right-wing extremism in charge, supported by go-along Tory MPs, ordinary Brits can expect protracted hard times with no relief in prospect.

And what’s going on in Britain is happening throughout the West.

Western civilization transformed itself into collective third world status for the vast majority of its people at a time when greatly eroded freedoms are disappearing altogether.

If Sunak ends up as publicly reviled as Truss and BoJo, will his tenure as PM be short-lived?

And if Brits think Labor is a viable alternative, they’ll learn the hard way otherwise if return them to power in the next general election.

Both leading parties support privileged interests and forever war-making at the expense of the public welfare they oppose.

During his first prime minister’s questions session on Tuesday, Sunak refused to assure that greatly eroded social benefits will rise in line with inflation — because he intends further cuts.

In cahoots with hegemon USA, a joint statement by him and the fake Biden pledged the following:

They “agreed on the importance of working together to support Ukrain(ian) (Nazis) and hold Russia accountable for” their crimes of war and against humanity.

They also allied to “address (invented) challenges posed by China (sic).”

And by phone with US-installed puppet Zelensky, Sunak pledged “steadfast support” for his Nazi-infested regime.

According to UK columnist Richard Wolffe:

Sunak “is heading for the same fate as four of his predecessors, because you can only fool all of the people some of the time.”

Faced with “the same dire choices” as Truss and BoJo, he “proposed the same dire policies.”

He’s pursing austerity at a time of soaring inflation while vowing support for Ukrainian Nazis.

According to a YouGov poll conducted on October 24 and 25:

3% of respondents expect Sunak to be a great PM.

22% a good one.

29% an average one.

14% a poor one.

15% a terrible one with 17% expressing no opinion.

The above public sentiment was  before his support for privileged interests and Ukrainian Nazis as PM was clear, as well as his intent to pursue austerity over the general welfare.

Given where he’s surely going, follow-up polls, after he’s been in office for a few weeks, are highly likely to oppose his contempt for the general welfare at a time of deepening hard times for the vast majority of Brits.

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  1. The Duran’s video of yesterday, “Globalist, technocrat Prime Minister” at , said Sunak was “inaugurated” (by the Power that is). I think “appointed” is a better word. Alex and Alexander agreed Sunak was a placeholder with Alexander going on to say Sunak is a placeholder for Keir Starmer and guessing elections will come in about a year. Sunak is to stay the course and drive UK over the cliff. The oil price cap is to use the denial of insurance on Russian energy by Lloyds of London which is diminishment of the power of The City of London. The video ends with things look dark.


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