Contempt for Peace, Equity, Justice and the Rule of Law by Profoundly Undemocratic Dems

Dem control of the White House and Congress represents a clear and indisputable example of how power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Yet make no mistake. 

Republicans are worlds apart from saintly.

A pox on both right wings of the US war party.

At war on humanity at home and abroad, they long ago abandoned the rule of law in pursuit of their longstanding aim to control planet earth, its resources and populations by whatever it takes to achieve their diabolical aims.

They both represent the evil of two lessers.

Given an unpalatable choice between the two, undemocratic Dems proved themselves time and again to be least acceptable.

The illegitimate Biden regime under a mumbling, bumbling, out-of-touch with reality White House imposter and Dem gangsters controlling Congress comprise Exhibit A with an exclamation point.

Examples abound.

Perpetual war on Russia by use of Ukrainian Nazi thugs and conscript troops tops the list.

A previous day’s article discussed a hollow letter by 30 undemocratic Dems to the fake Biden.

Calling for a “negotiated settlement and ceasefire (by) engage(ment) in direct talks with Russia,” the letter was more hollow than I imagined.

What was sent to the Biden regime on Monday was retracted on Tuesday.

In so doing, the group of 30 undemocratic Dems showed where they really stand — supporting perpetual war on Russia over resolution while ignoring the risk of escalation to possible nuclear armageddon.

In shamefully about-facing nearly straightaway, lead signatory, Rep. Pramila Jayapal, disingenuously said the following:

“(W)e are united as in our unequivocal commitment to supporting (Nazi-infested) Ukraine…” 

Ignoring perpetual war by Kiev on Donbass civilians since April 2014 — and on Russia for the last 8 months — Jayapal defied reality by falsely claiming that Nazi-infested/tyrannically run Ukraine is “fight(ing) for democracy and freedom (sic).”

Compounding her duplicity, she falsely claimed that the letter “was released by staff without vetting (sic).”

According to Politico, citing an unnamed “source familiar with the situation, Jayapal personally approved the letter’s release on Monday.”

Reportedly drafted in June, its release delayed, claims by other signatories of no current support for its content rang as hollow as Jayapal’s retraction.

The importance of conflict resolution is far more compelling now than months earlier — especially after Russia revealed a Kiev plot to detonate a dirty bomb, an act of desperation at a time when its military was greatly degraded by overwhelming Russian firepower.

Commenting on the scheme, Russia’s Foreign Ministry non-proliferation and arms control department deputy director, Konstantin Vorontsov, said the following during a Tuesday UN General Assembly First Committee session:

Nazified Kiev’s “goal is obvious.”

The regime falsely aims “to accuse Russia of using weapons of mass destruction.”

In cahoots with “its Western handlers,” (it aims) set off a powerful anti-Russian campaign, undermine confidence in Moscow and its partners, and lead to the isolation of our country on the international stage.”

“According to our (credible) information, (dominant Kiev Nazis) already began to implement the plan.” 

The regime’s “Eastern Ore Enrichment Plant in the city of Zhyoltye Vody and and (its) Nuclear Research Institute in Kiev (were) tasked with making that type of a bomb.”

Clearly it’s with involvement of its US master.

And where the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies goes, subservient Western vassals follow in lockstep — even when self-inflicting harm.

According to credible information obtained by Russia, Western regimes are “supply(ing) components for the dirty bomb.”

“The Kiev regime plans to detonate (it) by disguising it as a malfunction of a Russian low-yield nuclear weapon, which would use highly enriched uranium as a charge.” 

“We demand that the Kiev regime and the Western handlers stop taking actions that lead the world to a nuclear catastrophe and threaten the lives of innocent civilians.”

Yet they “recklessly ignore Russian warnings in this regard” in pursuit of perpetual war on the Russian Federation and its people.

Separately on Tuesday, Vladimir Putin said the following:

“Now we are faced with the need to more rapidly resolve issues associated with providing support for the special military operation and need to counter economic restrictions imposed on us, which are truly unprecedented without any exaggeration.”

The reality of hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s war on Russia requires “us to give this effort the most profound consideration” to protect the nation and its people politically, economically, financially and militarily.

At the same time, Putin, other senior Russian officials and its military commanders know that the nation’s forces are defeating the scourge of Nazism in Ukraine.

They also know that US-dominated NATO’s plan to weaken, undermine and isolate Russia not only failed.

It backfired by self-inflicting harm on complicit regimes — while largely self-sufficient Russia is mostly unscathed.

Yet make no mistake about the US-dominated West and Nazi-infested Ukraine.

They’re willing and able to commit virtually every imaginable atrocity in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies tolerates no nations free from its control.

Yet its attempt to subjugate Russia was doomed before initiated.

And the longer US-NATO perpetual war-making continues, the more greatly their ruling regimes will self-inflict harm on their nations and people — while failing to achieve their diabolical aims.

A Final Comment

Now that Russia exposed the likely made-in-the-US Kiev plot to detonate a dirty bomb in its own territory or cross-border, implementing the scheme most likely is off-the-table.

With the world community aware of what was planned, falsely blaming Russia will fall flat throughout most of the non-West if Nazified Ukraine goes ahead with it anyway.

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