Nazified Ukraine: A Weaponized Failed State Platform for Perpetual War on Russia

Crumbling in plain sight, failing its people, hegemon USA transformed former nation-state Ukraine into a Nazi-infested platform for waging perpetual war on Russia.

If still a nation, Ukraine would be designated a failed state.

Along with devastating losses of manpower and most everything needed to provide essential public services, the vast majority of its people face increasing depravation harshness while trying to survive in grinding poverty under tyrannical rule — at a time when dominant regime Nazis are indifferent and hostile toward their rights and well-being.

According to the US-controlled IMF loan shark of last resort:

“Ukraine is in a state of severe economic distress (at a time of) destruction of (its) physical capital.”

Britain’s hostile to peace, equity and justice Chatham House think tank said the following:

Ukraine’s GDP “collapsed.”

“The destruction of (its) infrastructure is huge.”

Without continued US/Western aid, Kiev’s economy will weaken further toward total collapse.

And this from the Washington-based, neocon infested Atlantic Council:

US/Western regimes “must take urgent steps to prevent Ukrainian economic collapse.”

Ukraine’s so-called center for economic strategy reported the following:

The regime’s “economy will collapse without more aid now.”

“Losses are building up far faster than Kiev can manage.”

Despite “generous (Western) promises…deliver(ing) (them) is disappointingly slow” at a time when the regime’s “foreign currency reserves are bleeding.”

“The current pace of losses means that Ukraine (is approaching) financial collapse (without significantly increased) inflows” of foreign aid.

The regime’s forever proxy and direct war on Russia “wrecked the economy.”

If the regime “loses its economic and financial stability (altogether), the frontline will also shatter.”

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup, poverty in Nazified Ukraine began increasing dramically under tyrannical rule.

Currently, it’s multiple times more severe than before Russia’s liberating SMO began.

The vast majority of Ukrainians are impoverished.

Struggling daily to make ends meet, the US-installed puppet regime prioritizes war-making at the expense of vital homeland needs gone begging.

Unemployment and underemployment affect most Ukrainian households.

Dire conditions are at a time when dominant Nazis slashed wages and pensions with soaring inflation making essential goods and services unaffordable for the vast majority of Ukrainians.

It’s the wrong time to be ill with the regime’s healthcare system in disarray in a failed state run by hugely corrupted Nazis — stealing most US/Western supplied aid for self-enrichment.

On Tuesday, Southfront reported that the regime is “running out of medical supplies” at a time of mass-casualties to frontline troops.

And it’s unable to cope with “severe damage to (its) energy infrastructure.”

Limited regime resources make it impossible to provide essential medical care for tens of thousands of wounded troops, many in critical condition from loss of limbs and other servere wounds.

Southfront stressed that the “vast majority of help that foreign countries provide Ukraine with has been stolen or sold to people instead of giving it for free (at a time when regime) losses are much” greater than what’s publicly admitted.

With Kiev’s dwindling resources going largely for perpetual war on Russia and its people — as well as for self-enrichment of its ruling Nazis — they show profound indifference toward and contempt for the rights and well-being of its wounded troops and ordinary people.

That’s how the scourge of tyrannical rule operates, and not just in Ukraine.

It’s the longstanding American way and how vassal Western regimes operate — serving privileged interests exclusively at the expense of the general welfare they don’t give a damn about and it shows.


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  1. Sadly to say that the naive stupidity of Ukrainians to let themselves be used in this way.Western criminal governments in cooperating with Arms manufacturers are merciless in generating considerable amounts of money.


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