Mission Impossible Facing Britain’s Third PM in the Last Two Months

Obscenely rich, indifferent toward the rights and welfare of ordinary Brits, Rishi Sunak is dedicated exclusively to serving markets, privileged Brits and his own self-interest at the expense of governance of, by and for everyone equitably — a notion he never embraced throughout his public life.

On his first day in office as newly selected, unelected, PM, London Guardian editors ripped him, saying:

Two months ago, his “political career” was on the cusp of being over.

The arrogance and incompetence of ousted PM Truss, along with her disgraced predecessor, BoJo, breathed new life into his ambition to succeed them.

The Sunak regime prioritizes austerity for ordinary Brits at a time when aiding them cope with double-digit inflation and economic decline is sorely needed.

He’s “part of the problem,” not the badly needed solution.

As for Tory antipathy toward ordinary Brits, the “party is exhausted and mutinous…after 12 years in power,” the Guardian stressed.

Sunak’s agenda “will exacerbate the crisis that voters face.”

“Sooner or later, he will face parliamentary disunity that his election sought to banish, leaving the country once again with a ringside seat at a political circus” as he melts down like his immediate predecessors.

According to political economist, Tax Justice Network founder, head of Cambridge Econometrics, Professor of Accounting, Richard Murphy:

“Sunak is petrified” about his impossible mission.

He’s “already (way in over his head) overwhelmed.”

He’s the wrong No. 10 occupant at a time when major economic and financial issues facing Britain cannot “be solved…by a Tory,” including:

Unworkable “Brexit.”

“Division over Northern Ireland.”

“Scotland wishing to leave the Union.”

The third world status of Britain’s long ago model national health service (NHS).

Double-digit inflation showing no signs of abating.

Rising interest rates during economic decline — what’s making a bad situation worse.

Ongoing labor actions are likely to grow for badly needed pay increases to cope with soaring inflation.

Millions of Brits “face poverty…financial destitution” and unemployment when layoffs mount from economic decline, dire conditions likely to be protracted.

Murphy expects homelessness to increase among Brits unable to pay exorbitant rent s or service mortgages.

Food banks will be overwhelmed by hungry families and children, he warned.

At the same time, “vast numbers of small businesses are in deep trouble because of interest rate increases and because people who can’t pay their mortgages or rent have nothing left to spend on anything else.”

“Unemployment is going to increase as a result.”

Sunak’s aim “to balance the government budget” is doomed before trying.

And dismal conditions are worsened by “record NHS waiting lists” when medical care is badly needed.

Britain’s court system is “failing.”

Its “social care (is) beyond breaking.”

The same goes for education at a time of increased war-making demands and “an alienated civil service.”

“Sunak’s own policies are only likely to make (a bad situation) worse.”

He “won’t be balancing any books.”

“But he has to keep markets happy because (that’s) his main job” at the expense of the general welfare he doesn’t give a damn about and never did throughout his public life.

He could do lots of things to ease worsening dire condition, but won’t.

Tories won’t let him. They “demand the impossible,” what he can’t and won’t deliver.

“His inability to challenge…Bank of England…madness (alone) will undermine him.”

So will lacking a public mandate.

Set up to fail, not succeed, Murphy expects this outcome, adding:

And Brits across the board will “pay an enormous price” for failure.

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  1. We can thank scandal-prone BoJo for inadvertently exposing the Covid scam by profiteering Uncle Scam.

    Bojo was hospitalized, spent 3 days in an intensive care unit in 2021 and supposedly nearly died. He immediately recovered completely! He had parties at No. 10. These actions prove the following points:

    (a) His hospital stay was due to poisoning by Uncle Scam as a warning for his reluctance to exclude Huawei in UK’s 5G rollout in contravention of Uncle Scam all-out effort to kill Huawei and weaken China.

    (b) His parties at No. 10 proved beyond doubt the Covid was a money-making scam by Uncle Scam. Why was BoJo not remanded? What about all those who were at his parties? Why weren’t they remanded?

    But Bojo was not a lone-wolf prominent offender. Prominent politicians in the USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and elsewhere ran afoul of their own Covid restriction rules. Washington Post gives a tiny abridged list of politicians who offended but all escaped with impunity – https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2021/12/09/leader-covid-rule-breaking/


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