Mocking Russia’s Evidence About Nazified Ukraine’s Dirty Bomb Plot Updated

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT mocked Vladimir Putin’s genuine concern about a plot by Ukrainian Nazis to detonate a dirty bomb.

Clearly with intent to falsely blame Russia for its war crime if committed, Times trash defied reality as follows, saying:

“(T)he Kremlin is seeking a pretext to escalate its (SMO) in Ukraine (sic).” 

Putin repeated what Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, explained — with credible evidence to back his accusation.

The Times lied, falsely claiming that Russian officials made the dirty bomb claim “without evidence (sic).”

Moscow has plenty of indisputable evidence, what Shoigu explained by phone to his Turkish, French and UK counterparts.

Separately as part of its daily Russia bashing, the Times said the following:

“(T)he Russian military conducted an annual exercise involving land, sea and air field tests of its missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads,” adding:

“(T)he military exercises added to the concerns of a possible escalation of the (SMO) in Ukraine (sic).”

Hyping a nonexistent Russian threat, the Times was silent about hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s mid-October Steadfast Noon nuclear drills — simulating war with these WMDs against invented enemies, notably Russia and China.

Nor did it explain the Pentagon’s intention to upgrade and hasten delivery of US nukes to Europe, likely close to Russia’s borders.

Instead, the fake Biden was quoted, saying use of a tactical nuclear weapon by Russia against Ukraine would be a “serious mistake” — ignoring no intention of Russia to use nukes.

And this rubbish from the White House imposter, cited by the Times instead of debunking it, saying:

He’s uncertain if Russia intends to conduct a dirty bomb false flag to blame on Ukraine (sic).”

And this WaPo perversion of reality on the same issue:

“Vladimir Putin…repeated unfounded claims (sic) that Ukraine is preparing to use a dirty bomb.”

AP (fake) News reported the same rubbish, falsely accusing Russia’s Defense Minister of ma(king) an unsubstantiated allegation (sic).”

And of course the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies called credible Russian evidence “transparently false (sic).”

And this BBC propaganda rubbish:

“Russian dirty bomb claims feel like scare tactics (sic),” adding:

“Russia never submitted any evidence to back up its claim about Ukraine’s alleged possession of a dirty bomb (sic).”

“Despite discussing its concerns with numerous western officials, the Kremlin seems remarkably reluctant to air them in public (sic).”

Shoigu conveyed sensitive credible evidence to his Western and Turkish counterparts — giving them the option of revealing it at their discretion.

Separately on Wednesday, Russia’s  Foreign Ministry deputy director of nonproliferation and arms control, Konstantin Vorontsov, said the following:

“I would like to draw special attention to the extremely dangerous tendency, which has surfaced in the course of the developments in Ukraine.”

“I mean use of outer space civil infrastructure facilities, including commercial ones, in armed conflicts by (hegemon USA) and its” Western vassals.

“Quasi-civil infrastructure may be a legitimate target for a retaliation strike.”

“The West’s actions unreasonably jeopardize the stability of civil space activities and numerous socio-economic processes on the ground, which determine people’s wellbeing, first of all in developing countries.”

The Biden regime is directly involved in waging war on Russia.

Along with supplying tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions and equipment to Ukrainian Nazis, it’s providing intelligence, selecting targets for the regime to strike, and running its aggression entirely.

On Wednesday in remarks at the UN General Assembly’s 77th session, Vorontsov stressed longstanding Russian advocacy for outer space to be used exclusively for peaceful activities, adding:

This goal can only be achieved “by developing universally recognized legally binding principles and norms of international law…to prevent an arms race in outer space.”

Given the reality of forever US war by hot and/or other means on Russia and other nations free from its control, the risk of using outer space “as a launching pad for aggression” by the empire of lies is ominously high.

Russia has indisputable evidence to show that hegemon USA is developing weapons systems for war-making in and from space.

That’s why Moscow considers hostile US activities in outer space legitimate military targets.

While a full-scale space arms race has not begun in earnest, things are heading in this direction if hostile to peace and stability actions by hegemon USA continue.

To prevent use of space as a platform for war-making, Russia proposed the following:

A prohibition of weapons in space for striking targets on earth.

No use of space “to create, test, deploy and use outer space weapons for missile defense” or for launching attacks on targets anywhere.

Prohibiting use of space “to destroy, damage, disrupt normal functioning or change flight trajectory of other States’ space objects.”

“Not to assist or incite other states, groups of states, international, intergovernmental or any (NGOs) to participate in the above activities.”

With the empire of lies and its NATO vassals at war on Russia, their ruling regimes are highly unlikely to agree on anything related to furthering world peace and stability — just the opposite.

Separately on Wednesday, Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, warned of dangerously escalating tensions more than already by rehearsing war on the Russian Federation by US/NATO troops along its border, adding:

“We are not going to tolerate a situation where military threats are mounting on Russian borders,” he stressed.

“Direct participation of the US military in the fighting will lead to disastrous consequences.”

The Biden regime is directly involved in waging war on Russia.

Its aim to “defeat our country (militarily) is clearly spelled out in” its so-called national security strategy,” Antonov explained.

Bilateral relations are at an all-time low.

While it’s uncertain how far dominant Biden regime hardliners will go in pursuing their diabolical anti-Russia agenda, the risk is ominously high of pushing thing too far — with potentially disastrous consequences.

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