Mocking Vladimir Putin’s Valdai Discussion Club Address

Vladimir Putin is vilified for responsibly heading a nation free from US control.

He’s also smeared by an array pejoratives for his preeminence on the world stage — in stark contrast to lack of leadership in the US, Britain, France, Germany and Brussels.

According to NYT fake news, Vladimir Putin’s Valdai address “aimed more at winning over political conservatives abroad than his own citizens (sic).”

And this Times trash:

He’s “intent on capitalizing on political divisions in the US (sic)” ahead of November’s midterms.

In response to Putin’s debunking of phony claims about possible use of nukes by Russia against Ukraine, the Times falsely said:

“Kremlin assurances proved unreliable (sic).”

And this from a so-called Russian analyst, saying “Putin blamed the West and its support for an independent Ukraine (sic) for every escalation (sic).”

And of course a so-called puppet Zelensky “advisor” ridiculed his straight-talk remarks.

And this Times trash:

“Ahead of US elections, the Russian leader sounded like some right-wing Westerners (sic).”

He “did not mention the US midterm elections.”

“But his barbs (sic) were a reminder that he still hopes to build alliances with supporters of Russia in the West (sic).”

There are none, clearly not in the US and vassal state Britain.

And this Times trash:

“Mr. Putin’s attempts to gain political ground in the West (sic) came as his military is struggling (sic).”

More Times trash:

Ignoring credible Russian evidence of a plot by Kiev Nazis to detonate a dirty bomb, the Times roared:

“Ukraine and the West say that the claims — for which Russia has offered no evidence (sic) — are baseless disinformation (sic) that could be used as a pretext by the Kremlin to use a nuclear weapon or a dirty bomb (sic).”

And this WaPo trash:

On calls for conflict resolution diplomacy talks to restore peace and stability to central Europe, the CIA-linked broadsheet expressed opposition, defying reality as following saying:

“Ukraine is advancing on the battlefield (sic), and Russia, for all its nuclear saber-rattling (sic), is in disarray (sic).”

More WaPo trash:

“A shaken Russia (sic) seems weirdly eager to communicate these days (sic) although it’s been sending a twisted and misleading message (sic).”

“The latest example was Thursday’s speech by President Vladimir Putin (sic).”

“He repeated his usual grievances with the West” — ignoring the legitimacy of his straight-talk remarks.

And once again, WaPo pretended that the plot by Ukrainian Nazis to detonate a dirty bomb was “a bogus Kremlin pretext to justify Russian use of tactical nuclear weapons (sic).”

More WaPo fake news followed.

Putin was falsely called “a liar (sic) and a bully (sic)” — what clearly applies to hegemon USA-dominated Western regimes and their leadership.

And this WaPo trash:

“Russia has grown deeply isolated (sic) (and) repressive (sic), cracking down on political opposition figures, journalists, activists and scholars (sic).”

And this WaPo trash: Falsely pretending that Nazi-infested tyrannical rule in Kiev is democratic.

During his Valdai address and Q & A session, “Putin made far-fetched claims (sic).”

And for good measure — ignoring greatly degraded Ukraine’s military on its back foot — WaPo continued to reinvent reality on the ground by falsely claiming that regime troops are “hammering Russia on the battlefield (sic).”

And this from interventionist Blinken:

Saying the Biden regime is “concerned over the possible use of a nuclear weapon” by Russia (sic) ignored the credible dirty bomb threat by Ukrainian Nazis.

Calling the regime’s plot “an utter fabrication (sic),” Blinken swept reality under the rug in his customary assault on truth and full disclosure.

Separately according to his so-called spokesman, Price — an exposed serial liar like his boss:

“The armed forces of (Nazi-infested) Ukraine inspired the world (sic) with their tremendous skill (sic), professionalism (sic), and profound courage (sic)” — in waging war on Donbass since 2014, followed by continued daily war crimes as a US proxy force for perpetual aggression against Russia and its people.

Vladimir Putin justifiably called the present times historically important.

So did Valdai Club Program director, Timofey Bordachev, saying:

The era of US-led Western hegemony is ending, a new international order emerging.

At the same time, a very dangerous period is beginning because hegemons don’t relinquish power willingly.

Over the next decade or longer, “the power monopoly of the West” will continue to weaken, a new order to replace it — “the nature and content of which are unknown” at this time.


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