Press Agent for Undemocratic Dem Crooks and War Criminals

A pox on both wings of the US war party.

While both one-sidedly support privileged interests over the general welfare — and forever wars on invented enemies — Republicans at this time are the better of two bad choices.

Not one of 535 House and Senate members forthrightly supports peace, equity and justice — according to international and constitutional law — over governance of, by and for the privileged few and perpetual war-making.

The self-styled newspaper of record, NYT proliferator of fake news over the real thing has been campaigning relentlessly for undemocratic Dems ahead of Nov. 8 midterms.

In its latest fake news edition, the Times headlined:

The fake “Biden’s (diabolical) Agenda Hangs in the Balance if Republicans Take (back) Congress.”

What the Times dubiously called Biden regime “legislative accomplishments” include:

Soaring inflation with no relief in prospect any time soon.

Growing poverty to increase further once economic conditions worsen and unemployment grows.

A housing crisis and proliferation of homelessness in cities, suburban and rural areas.

An energy crisis, including a fast depleting supply of diesel fuel — a few weeks of reserves alone remaining.

According to the US Energy Information Admin. (EIA):

Diesel fuel is vital for trucks, trains, boats, barges, buses, farm and construction equipment, military and emergency vehicles, commercial generators and some passenger cars.

Without a readily available supply, economic conditions could crater.

Biden regime “accomplishments” also include:

Forever war on invented enemy Russia, while risking a similar scenario against nonthreatening China.

Shortages of basic goods because of disrupted supply chains.

Mandating and heavily promoting health-destroying kill shots.

Inventing a pandemic and public health emergency when neither existed earlier or now.

An undemocratic party empowered by election theft — headed by an imposter, an out-of-touch with reality buffoon.

Yet according to Times fake news, the illegitimate Biden regime’s “quest for a New Deal 2.0 (sic)” — what doesn’t exist — will be jeopardized “if Republicans capture one or both houses of Congress in midterm elections.”

And what the Times falsely called the regime’s “economic and social welfare architecture” is pure fantasy, not reality. 

The Times also fears GOP probes into deep-seated Dem corruption and other lawless practices.

And it’s mortified about the prospect of rolling back the worst of Biden regime policies, including unlimited funding of Ukrainian Nazis for perpetual war on Russia.

And over $700 billion for fighting invented/nonexistent climate change.

And $1.9 trillion for the fake pandemic.

And a fantasy effort to curb prescription drug prices.

On October 4, the regime’s HHS admitted that prices of over 1,200 prescription prices rose more than 31% over the past year ending in July — multiples higher than the official inflation rate.

Over the past decade, drug prices rose three times faster than CPI inflation.

Pharma is reviled for good reason.

Along with ripping off consumers for maximum profiteering, it pushes drugs with harmful to health side effects — numerous ones besides kill shots, including opioids.

What’s used to relieve chronic pain doubled over the past decade from heavy industry promotion — while ignoring growing addiction and large-scale numbers of deaths from overdoses. 

Separately with election 2024 in mind, the Times has been heavily involved in an anti-Trump jihad.

Instead of focusing on legitimate issues, it perpetuates the myth of a Trump inspired January 6, 2021 Capitol Hill insurrection — ignoring a false flag against him by Pelosi and other undemocratic Dems.

What happened followed their usurpation of power in rigged November 2020 elections — reality that the Times and other MSM suppressed.

While governance of, by and for everyone equitably and an end to perpetual wars are off-the-table by both wings of the US war party on November 8 and its aftermath, retaking the House and/or Senate by Republicans is the least bad outcome.

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