Better Late Than Never

On July 22 in Istanbul, Turkey, a deal brokered by the Erdogan regime called for the following:

“(S)afe transportation of grain and food from…Ukraine and a Memorandum of Understanding between the Russian Federation and UN secretariat on assisting the promotion of Russian food and fertilizers to international markets.”

As in everything agreed to by the Kremlin, its ruling authorities scrupulously adhered to the letter and spirit of the grain deal.

Remaining in place for three years, an accompanying agreement for Ukraine to export grain is valid for 120 days.

Both agreements included guaranteed security for cargo vessels involved in transporting Russian and Ukrainian agricultural products to world markets.

Secure humanitarian corridors for safe passage were established from Odessa, Chornomorsk and Yuzhny through the Black Sea and Bosphorus Strait to the Mediterranean Sea.

To prevent weapons smuggling from or deliveries to Ukraine, inspections have been conducted by Russian, Kiev and Turkish officials at ports chosen by Ankara.

A Joint Coordination Center was  established in Istanbul to include Russian, Turkish and Ukrainian representatives — to supervise safe passage of ships along agreed on corridors.

As ordered by its US master, the Nazi-infested Zelensky regime breached the deal straightaway.

Russia’s goal to ensure “transparent and unhindered shipments of (its) food and fertilizers, including raw materials for their production, to international markets” was stillborn.

Things turned out this way because the empire of lies and forever wars planned it this way — the puppet Zelensky regime going along.

On Saturday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry suspended the grain deal, saying the following:

Using the Black Sea Grain Initiative’s humanitarian corridor as cover, Ukrainian Nazis attempted UAV attacks on Russian vessels and infrastructure.

“In connection with actions of Ukrainian (Nazis), led by British specialists,” attempted state terror was conducted against Russian ships involved in assuring safe passage through the humanitarian corridor, adding: 

As a result of hostile actions by the Zelensky regime and Britain — in cahoots with their US master —  “Russia cannot provide security guarantees for civilian dry cargo vessels participating in the Black Sea Grain Initiative.”

As of October 29, implementation of the deal is suspended indefinitely. 

“Corresponding instructions have been given to the Russian representatives in the Joint Coordination Center in Istanbul, which supervises the transportation of Ukrainian food.”

Separately, Russia’s Defense Ministry explained that Ukrainian Nazis, with aid from Britain, attempted a large-scale terrorist attack against Russia’s Black Sea Fleet and civilian vessels — using 9 UAVs and 7 “marine autonomous surface vehicles,” all intercepted and destroyed.

On October 31, the action will be discussed at a Security Council meeting called for by Russia — to condemn what happened.

Addressing the issue, Sevastopol Governor, Mikhail Razvozhaev, said the following:

On Friday, “we witnessed the most massive (attempted) attack by (regime) UAVs and remote-controlled surface drones” since Russia’s liberating SMO began.

According to credible information, “preparation of this terrorist act and  training of (Ukrainian Nazis to conduct it) were carried out under guidance of British specialists located in the city of Ochakov, Nikolaev region.”

Along with its US master, vassal state Britain was also involved “in planning, supporting, and executing the terrorist act (against Russia’s) Nord Stream…gas pipelines” in late September.

A state of war exists by hegemon USA, its Western vassals and Nazi-infested Ukraine against Russia.

Why did Kremlin authorities wait over 3 months to suspend the Black Sea Grain deal — what dominant Kiev Nazis breached straightaway, as ordered by their US master?

There’s no ambiguity about the futility of agreeing to anything involving the West and US-controlled Ukraine.

Russia’s only sensible option is slaying the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, Ukraine monster once and for all — as soon as possible.

A Final Comment

On Saturday, Russia’s Agriculture Minister, Dmitry Patrushev, said Moscow is ready to supply poor nations in need with around 500,000 tons of grain over the next 4 months.

Last month, Vladimir Putin offered to supply poor nations with around 300,000 tons of fertilizers free of charge.

On Friday, Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, slammed Nazified Ukraine for breaching its promise to ship agricultural products mainly to Somalia, Ethiopia, Yemen, Sudan, Afghanistan and other poor nations in need.

To date, they received only about 3% of its promised exports, most going to Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and other European nations.

US-dominated Western regimes and Nazi-infested Ukraine can never be trusted.

Kiev’s attempted terrorist action against Russia’s Black Sea fleet on Friday — in cahoots with hegemon USA and vassal state Britain — was the latest example of reality on the ground.

At long last, Russia suspended a grain deal its authorities never should have agreed to in the first place.

Better late than never.

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