Nothing to Offer But Hegemony

In stark contrast to duplicitous US/Western officials — ones never to be trusted — preeminent world leader, Vladimir Putin, says what he means, means what he says, is a man of his word, and long ago proved his trustworthiness. If the world community of nations had leadership like Putin, peace, equity and justice would reign... Continue Reading →

Official US Policy: Preemptive Use of Nukes Against Invented Enemies

Official US new millennium policy asserts the unilateral right to use first strike nuclear or conventional weapons against invented enemies anywhere worldwide,” a previous article explained. From Bush/Cheney to the illegitimate Biden regime, the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies asserted the unilateral right to use nukes preemptively at its discretion.  Throughout... Continue Reading →

Suppressed Reality by the US/West

The fabricated US/Western official narrative is supported and proliferated by MSM press agents for wealth, power, privilege and imperial rampaging. Their mandate over truth and full disclosure tolerates no outliers. On all things related to Russia and Ukraine, the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup was erased from the official record. So is the reality of Nazis... Continue Reading →

The Biden Regime Wants You Dead

Flu/covid mass-jabbing is all about destroying health, not protecting and preserving it as falsely claimed by the fabricated official narrative. Not satisfied with countless millions of mass-casualties from toxic kill shots so far, the illegitimate Biden regime announced a so-called VaxUpAmerica Tour to eliminate greater numbers than already — including maximum numbers of the nation’s... Continue Reading →

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