Last Resort Armageddon Strategy?

Nazi-infested Ukraine follows hegemon USA’s playbook on all things related to Russia. It’s most apparent from aggression by Kiev since April 2014, following the Obama/Biden regime’s coup.. Things greatly escalated after Russia’s liberating SMO began to protect the nation’s security from the scourge of US/Western support for Nazism on its borders. Claims by Russian officials... Continue Reading →

US/Saudi Relations on the Rocks?

On February 14, 1945 aboard the USS Quincy in the Suez Canal, Franklin Roosevelt met with Saudi king Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud — what began a near-78-year relationship between both countries. In return for what the State Department cal access to a “stupendous source of strategic power, and one of the greatest material prizes in... Continue Reading →

Yearning for Global War?

On Monday, head of Russia’s radiation, chemical and biological protection force, General Igor Kirillov, stressed the following: “The Defense Ministry has evidence that the Kiev regime is planning a provocation involving the detonation of a so-called dirty bomb or a low-yield nuclear device.” “The purpose of the provocation is to accuse Russia of using weapons... Continue Reading →

Trash Masquerading As Analysis

US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents carpet bomb followers of world and national news with a daily blitzkrieg of fake news mass deception while suppressing indisputable reality. In its latest fake news edition, the NYT reinvented reality on the ground. Citing nonexistent evidence of Russia’s alleged “plans to abandon (Kherson) city (sic),” ignored was... Continue Reading →

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