Biden Regime Abandonment of JCPOA Compliance

Since usurping power by brazen 2020 election-rigging, the Biden regime never negotiated with Iran in good faith on returning to JCPOA compliance — as mandated by SC Res. 2231.

Its dominant hardliners never intended to comply with the landmark agreement.

Since talks among JCPOA signatories began in early 2021, they were virtually stillborn straightaway.

On Friday, interventionist Blinken’s so-called spokesman, Price, once again lied about Iran.

Falsely accusing the Islamic Republic of “support(ing) Russia in Ukraine,” he cited no credible evidence because there is none. 

Defying reality, he falsely claimed that Iran is supplying Russia with UAVs, vowing more illegal sanctions on the nation than already.

And what he called “malign activity across the board” applies to hegemon USA, its Western vassals and Ukrainian Nazis, clearly not Iran or Russia.

Double standards reflect longstanding US/Western policies.

It’s OK for their ruling regimes to support Ukrainian Nazis.

It’s OK for them to seek dominance over other nations by coups, color revolutions, preemptive wars and other violent means.

It’s OK for them to plunder the resources of other nations and exploit their people.

The rule of law only applies if serves their diabolical interests.

It’s not OK for one nation on their target list for regime change to legally aid another one targeted in similar fashion.

It’s not OK for them to legitimately pursue interests that conflict with their own.

It’s not OK for them to be free from hegemonic control.

On Monday, so-called Biden regime special representative for Iran, Robert Malley, virtually admitted the reality of stillborn JCPOA talks all along.

Interviewed by CNN — the most reviled and distrusted name in television propaganda, masquerading as news — Malley said the following:

The Biden regime won’t “waste our time” on the abandoned nuclear deal, what US/Western ruling regimes never had any intention of complying with all along.

Longstanding US policy toward Iran is all-about regime change.

Wanting the nation returned to vassal state status, the empire of lies and forever wars covets control over Iran’s vast oil and gas resources.

Malley lied, falsely claiming a commitment by dominant Biden regime hardliners to engage with Iran diplomatically.

Ignoring weeks of violent made-in-the-USA protests in Iran, he perpetuated the myth of its (nonexistent) aim to develop nukes — despite not a shred of credible evidence suggesting it.

And he falsely claimed that “several times (the Biden regime) came very close” to agreement on returning to JCPOA compliance (sic), adding:

“Each time we came close, Iran came up with one new extraneous demand (sic) that derailed the talks”  — a bald-faced Big Lie.

And saying “nothing’s happening on the nuclear deal so we’re not going to spend our time, waste our time on it” left US/E3 obstructionist actions to kill the deal once and for all unaddressed.

And saying “we’re going to spend our time where we can be useful” is code language for longstanding regime change policy toward Iran and other nations free from US control.

And this perversion of reality by Malley, saying:

The Biden regime intends to focus on (nonexistent) transfers of Iranian weapons to Russia — as well as continued support for violent made-in-the-USA street protests, the latest attempt by the empire of lies to replace Iran’s legitimate government with US-controlled puppet rule.

Ignoring Biden regime war on Iran by other means with the worst of diabolical aims in mind, Malley said:

“We make no apology for having tried (sic) and still try (sic) to do everything we can to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon (sic)” — what it doesn’t seek, never did and wants eliminated everywhere before these WMDs eliminate us. 

And saying “all option are on the table” is code language for anything goes by hegemon USA in pursuit of its diabolical aims.

Malley left no doubt about how the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies operates, saying:

“We will use other tools, (including) a military option, to stop” Iran’s nonexistent intention to “acquire a nuclear weapon.”

And saying “we’re not tying our hands because someday they’ll be a deal” ignored that it was virtually stillborn when implemented on January 16, 2016.

In May 2018, the Trump regime put an exclamation point on the JCPOA’s abandonment by formally pulling out from what the US never observed in the first place.

Throughout its history from the 18th century, US ruling regimes abandoned virtually every agreement they ever made.

The JCPOA was doomed straightaway after implementation.

There’s no ambiguity about what’s indisputable. 

The prospect of hegemon USA (and its Western vassals) returning to JCPOA compliance and sticking to it is virtually zero.

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