War of Words Update

In its latest fake news edition, the self-styled newspaper of record, NYT, once again reinvented reality on all things Russia and Ukraine.

What it falsely called a “watershed (grain) agreement” was breached straightaway by Ukrainian Nazis as ordered by their US master.

Instead of helping to alleviate food insecurity and starvation in impoverished nations, Kiev breached its vow by virtually ignoring them.

And it used the deal as cover to smuggle weapons in cargo vessels entering its ports for perpetual war and terrorist attacks on Russia and its people.

Commenting on the regime’s use of the deal for military purposes, and as long as it uses the humanitarian corridor for terrorist attacks, Russia’s lower house State Duma Speaker, Vyacheslav Volodin, said the following:

Russia agreed to let the Kiev regime “export grain, which was supposed to go to the most needy African and Asian countries.”

Instead, nearly all its exports “went to wealthy EU countries.”

“Through his actions,” puppet Zelensky “cancelled” what was agreed to with Turkey, the UN and Russia.

“Resuming the grain deal is impossible as long as the security corridor is used for terrorist attacks.”

“There can be no grain deal under the previous conditions.”

This view is shared by senior Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin.

On Monday, he said the following:

“This entire process of exporting grain from the territory of Ukraine was organized under the pretext of securing the interests of the poorest countries.”

“We agreed to this exactly for the benefit of the poorest countries.”

Things didn’t turn out this way — compounded by use of the deal by Kiev as cover for continued militarism and terrorist attacks.

The regime “threatens” Russian ships.

It “just whack(ed) these ships.”

As long as the regime is in breach of its obligations, Russia will not be part of an agreement that threatens its security.

Instead of condemning Ukraine’s perpetual cross-border aggression and terrorist attacks, the Times and other MSM support what’s in flagrant breach of the UN Charter and other international law.

Separately as part of its Russophobic war of words, CIA-controlled WaPo assaulted its forces with a despicable litany of bald-faced Big Lies, saying:

Russian troops “brutalized” Ukrainian civilians (sic).

“Few were spared (sic).”

Citing a invented strike on a civilian residence — a US, NATO, Kiev speciality, not how Russia operated throughout its SMO — WaPo falsely claimed that what didn’t happen killed the husband of a woman who survived, adding:

“Russian troops exhumed” an invented corpse for “rebur(ial) in a mass burial site (sic).”

And this WaPo trash:

“Russian soldiers barged into” a civilian residence and “raped” the women (sic).

And it falsely accused them laying mines — implanted by regime troops — notably anti-personnel petal ones designed to seriously injure or maim victims, their use banned by international law.

More WaPo trash:

“Civilians struggle to bury their dead” family members (sic).

“Soon after Russian forces took (a) 52-year-old woman…prisoner…she was raped and tortured (sic).”

“Russian forces left a trail of destruction and cruelty across Ukraine (sic).”

And what WaPo called “slain civilians bearing signs of torture,  lying in neighborhood streets or unearthed from mass graves” reflects how Ukrainian Nazis operate, not Russia.

The same goes for what it called an “onslaught of death and rubble (sic).”

And saying that “little (was) spared, houses, apartment buildings and playgrounds destroyed across Ukraine (sic).”

And this WaPo trash:

“Patients seeking care became victims of war (sic).”

“A maternity hospital, a cancer ward and a children’s dental clinic are among hundreds of health facilities that have been struck (sic).”

In stark contrast to a daily blitzkrieg of fake news about all things Russia and Ukraine, Bloomberg News called for “appoint(ing) a watchdog for” aid to the regime, adding:

“More transparency over how billions are being spent” is needed.

To date this year, the Biden regime provided Ukrainian Nazis with “more than $60 billion in” aid.

Republican leaders called for “toughen(ed) oversight over how those funds are being spent.” 

“They’re right to do so.”

“The scale of the aid effort is unprecedented.”

Hegemon USA “provided Ukraine with nearly double what it gave all of western Europe on an annual basis during the Marshall Plan in real terms.”

“Support for Ukraine’s military this year equals what the US provided Israel, Egypt and Afghanistan combined in 2020.”

Bloomberg failed to explain that puppet Zelensky and senior Ukrainian Nazis stole billions of dollars in aid for self-enrichment.

Weapons and munitions worth billions of dollars were resold by the regime to terrorist groups in dark net transactions.

US-installed Ukrainian Nazis have been ripping off US taxpayers since 2014, especially this year.

Bloomberg should have called for ending US/Western support altogether.

Instead, like MSM across the board, it supports the scourge of Nazism by backing perpetual war on Russia — ignoring the growing risk of it going nuclear by accident or design.

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