Why Russia Suspended Participation in the Grain Deal

Russia shouldn’t have agreed to what it knew would be breached by Ukrainian Nazis — as ordered by their US master.

What was certain happened straightaway.

Belatedly, Russia suspended its participation, what it should have done as soon as Kiev breached the agreement last July.

Hegemon USA controls Ukraine and its dominant Nazis.

Russia knows that the empire of lies and forever wars breached virtually everything its ruling regimes ever agreed to — that they can never be trusted, that diplomatic outreach to them, their Western vassals and Nazified Ukraine is a profound waste of time.

As stipulated by its terms, the grain deal was virtually null and void before its ink dried.

After waiting 3 months, Russia suspended participation, an action short of pulling out altogether — explained by Vladimir Putin on Monday, saying:

Protected by Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, a humanitarian corridor was established for Russian Federation and Ukrainian agricultural products to exported safely to poor nations — their people suffering from food insecurity and starvation.

Yet the empire of lies in cahoots with Western vassals, cargo ship operators and insurers blocked most Russian exports of agricultural products.

And around 97% of what Ukraine exported went to developed European countries, not where food is most needed as stipulated by terms of the agreement.

On Monday at a Security Council session called for by Russia, its UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, said the following:

On October 29 pre-dawn, Ukrainian Nazis “launched massive air and sea strikes against the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s ships in Sevastopol.”

They used “9 unmanned aerial vehicles and 7 autonomous undersea drones, all of which were eliminated by our navy.”

“The attacked Russian vessels were taking part in maintaining safety of the ‘grain corridor’ ” — used for exporting agricultural products from Ukrainian ports.

“Russian experts discovered and retrieved debris of undersea drones, and also carried out an expert evaluation of navigation modules of Canadian manufacture that were mounted on the drones.” 

Evidence suggests that sea drones used by Ukrainian Nazis were launched from one or more cargo ships chartered by Kiev.

And the regime conducted the attempted terrorist strike on Russian Black Sea Fleet vessels “under the guidance of British experts.”

At the same time, a Pentagon RQ-4B Global Hawk reconnaissance drone was operating in Black Sea airspace off the Crimean coast when the terrorist attack occurred.

Ukrainian Nazis, their US master and vassal state Britain flagrantly breached the July Istanbul Agreements to ship agricultural products through a humanitarian corridor to poor nations in need.

Their hostile action rendered the agreements null and void — by using the corridor “for military and subversive purposes,” Nebenzia stressed.

Russia will no longer guarantee the safety of vessels involved in the grain deal.

And given how US/Western and Kiev Nazis operate, they’re certain to be plotting further terrorist actions.

At this time, the Erdogan regime, imperial tool UN secretariat and Ukrainian Nazis arranged for “passage of 12 vessels from Ukrainian ports to Turkey, 4 from Turkey to Ukraine, and 40 from Turkey to the Mediterranean” Sea through the Bosphorus Strait.

Yet Nebenzia stressed the following:

According to terms of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, it “must not be implemented without Russia.”

“So we do not view decisions made without our involvement as binding.” 

“Misuse of the humanitarian corridor and the fact that the Black Sea remains an area of hostilities explain why we cannot allow for unimpeded passage of vessels without our inspection.” 

“We will take our own control measures with regard to dry cargo carriers.”

“Soon we will elaborate on our conclusions and approaches to the grain deal in more detail.”

And claims by US/Western regimes of a threat to food security by Russia are debunked by indisputable reality.

In cahoots with their US/Western paymasters, Ukrainian Nazis breached the grain deal, not Moscow.

Nebenzia noted that 70 cargo ships from and to Ukraine were detained for committing “systematic violations.” 

They “fail(ed) to observe rules of navigation in the grain corridor and attempted smuggling.”

Regime-controlled “social media openly discuss opportunities that the grain deal created for smuggling of arms and fuel aboard vessels moving back to Ukrainian ports via the grain corridor.”

And to its disgrace, the UN secretariat failed to condemn or express concern about Kiev’s use of the humanitarian corridor to smuggle weapons and commit acts of terrorism.

It’s also been silent about US/Western efforts to block exports of Russian agricultural products — including to poor countries in dire need of what the Kremlin can provide.

Nebenzia stressed the following:

“By the end of this year, our agricultural sector can provide approximately 30 million tons of grain for export with a view to bringing this up to 50 million tons.”

Despite diabolical US/Western efforts to block all Russian agricultural exports, “we sent approximately 10.5 million tons of grain to Asian and African states.” 

“Russia is ready to provide its grain at affordable prices, and also to provide 500,000 tons of food — and 300,000 tons of fertilizers — to the poorest countries free of charge over the next 4 months.”

Hegemon USA and its Western vassals don’t give a damn about millions of impoverished, food insecure, starving people.

They care only about advancing their diabolical imperial interests at the expense of peace, stability and the rule of law.

They’re mortal enemies of everyone yearning to breathe free worldwide, including their own citizens.

Humanity will never be safe and secure as long as they continue to pose an unparalleled menace worldwide. 


4 thoughts on “Why Russia Suspended Participation in the Grain Deal

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  1. But this won’t be the story that the U.S. propoganda reports. Instead it is that Russia is weaponizing the grain, those evil bastards. Good insight as usual and linking as usual @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/


  2. Excellent summary. Given this history of carelessness, I am concerned now about the likely use of a dirty bomb, of depleted uranium, in the upcoming conflict. It would not only poison the Russians, but Ukrainian land forever.


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