The Sun Never Sets on MSM Fake News

Like crabgrass, it infests the dominant 4th estate’s landscape at the expense of what journalism should be.

It gives yellow journalism a bad name.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT falsely accused Russia of discussing use of tactical nuclear weapons.

Citing Biden regime Big Lies, the Times once again defied reality by citing (nonexistent) Russian “battlefield setbacks (sic),” adding:

Russian generals are “frustrated (sic).”

At the same time, the Times admitted that US “officials said that (they’ve) seen no evidence” to suggest Russia’s intention to use tactical nukes — because there is none.

Last month, Biden regime, CIA director, William Burns, defied reality by calling Vladimir Putin “desperat(e) (sic).”

And this rubbish from White House official, Kirby, saying:

“Russia’s (nonexistent) comments about use of nuclear weapons are deeply concerning (sic).”

As explained in previous articles, there’s no ambiguity about under what conditions Russia would use nukes.

Nothing related to its liberating SMO remotely warrants their use.

Large-scale Monday strikes by Russia on Ukraine’s power grid, communication systems and decision-making centers showed the ability of its armed forces to devastate the ability of the regime and its military to operate.

Reportedly around half of the territory’s ability to generate electricity and heat is knock out at a time of falling temperatures with winter cold approaching in the coming weeks.

And according to Kiev’s mayor, water to 80% of the city was knocked out by Russian missile and UAV strikes.

And no matter how much greater supplies of arms and equipment US/Western regimes supply to Ukraine, the regime’s defeat is virtually certain.

And this reality check from Southfront on Tuesday, saying:

Russia continues to effectively repel attempts by regime troops to penetrate its formidable defenses.

Each attempt results in heavy losses of manpower, arms and equipment.

On Donbass, Russian forces “went on the offensive,” forcing regime troops to retreat.

Yet according to Times fake news, regime troops “continue to move forward on fronts in the northeast and the south (sic).”

And this Times trash by its resident right-wing extremist, Brent Stephens’ reinvention of reality on the ground:

Citing Zelensky regime fake news, he falsely claimed that Russia “destroyed…130,000 buildings (sic), including 2,400 schools (sic).”

And this trash:

“Putin’s armies (are) falling back in the field (sic).”

They’re holding firm and advancing.

And whatever weapons and munitions US/Western regimes supply to Ukrainian Nazis won’t change reality on the ground.

In response to the Biden regime’s announced intention to supply Kiev with two national advanced surface-to-air missile systems, (NASAMS),” what Stephens praised and urged more of the same, noted military analyst Andrei Martyanov stressed the following:

Whether “two or even 8 NASAMS” are supplied to Ukrainian Nazis won’t change a thing on the ground.

Once Russian forces spot their position after turning on their radar, they’ll “be annihilated,” adding:

“NATO and US-made weapons in Ukraine performed dismally and now when some reality of the end of Kiev regime begins to dawn in DC, it becomes increasingly clear that with the military-political victory comes a technological one” for Russia.

Its forces are systematically smashing the made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested, monster.

Short of preemptively waging nuclear war, US-dominated NATO regimes are unable to change the inevitable outcome of what was clear once Russia intervened defensively to defend its borders and heartland.

A Final Comment

On Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Minister stressed what clear to everyone paying attention to all things Russia and Ukraine.

Addressing a Russian/Belarusian board meeting of their defense ministries, Shoigu stressed that the collective West seeks to undermine 

Russia politically, economically, financially and militarily — along with eliminating its sovereign independence.

Since the US 2014 coup, hegemon USA has been using Nazi-infested Ukraine to escalate conflict with Russia by providing it with arms, equipment, and intelligence — along with increasing numbers of Pentagon and CIA elements on the ground involved in orchestrating and directing its aggression.

US-dominated NATO shifted from containing to waging war on Russia. 

Union State security depends on prioritizing its readiness to confront US/NATO threats as they arise.

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