Worlds Apart Difference Between the Missiles of October 1962 and Today

The most significant difference is that today’s White House imposter is no Jack Kennedy.

Sergey Lavrov compared the Cuban missile crisis with what’s now ongoing.

In 1962, Russia deployed nuclear-capable missiles in Cuba after the US installed them in Turkey and Italy.

The threat to Russia’s security was “quite real,” Lavrov explained.

It was at a time when the Pentagon had around 4,500 nuclear warheads, “several times more than” Soviet Russia had.

And of great concern to Moscow was that US nuclear-capable Jupiter missiles were for first-strike use.

Kennedy and Russia’s Khrushchev wanted things resolved non-confrontationally, achieving resolution in two weeks. 

The fake Biden is detached from reality with no power over how the regime he nominally heads operates.

After transforming himself from a warrior to a peacemaker in office, Kennedy wanted relations with Soviet Russia normalized.

A state of undeclared US war on Russia exists today.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners, undemocratic congressional Dems, and hardcore Russophobic bureaucrats like interventionist Blinken want perpetual war waged on the country by use of Ukrainian foot soldiers.

And according to Lavrov:

“There is serious talk about strengthen(ing) NATO’s nuclear capability” as well as in nations where US nuclear weapons are deployed. 

“Poland urg(ed) (hegemon USA) to deploy nuclear bombs on its territory.”

“This situation is highly alarming.”

A major difference between October 1962 and now is that “Khrushchev and Kennedy rose to the challenge and displayed responsibility and wisdom, whereas now we see no such readiness on the part of” the Biden regime and its Western vassals — just the opposite.  

And as ordered by its US master, Nazi-infested Ukraine abandoned conflict resolution talks after accepting a format for restoring peace in late March.

Since then to the present time, US-dominated NATO regimes “rant about the need to defeat Russia on the battlefield” while publicly ignoring the mission impossible aim.

Looking ahead, “(w)ill Europe(an) (vassal states) have enough sense of responsibility,” Lavrov asked? 

They’re “suffering from” self-inflicted harm.

Sanctions imposed on Russia hurt themselves economically and financially, not their intended target.

“(G)rowing number(s) of economists in Russia and the West” understand that hegemon USA “intends to bleed dry and de-industrialize European econom(ies)” to benefit its own enterprises.

German businesses are relocating to the US because they can’t compete effectively at home. 

Last month, Der Spiegel reported that thousands of German stores and other enterprises are going out of business because of unaffordable energy costs, adding:

“Consumption is collapsing” for the same reason.

Germany’s economy “is sliding almost uncontrolled into a crisis that could permanently weaken the country” — because of the incompetence and arrogance of the Scholz regime.

And what’s happening in Germany is replicated in other European countries.

The empire of lies and forever wars wants European economies permanently weakened, while pushing them to keep supplying Ukrainian Nazis with more weapons and munitions.

In the early 1960s, US/Western leaders lived through WW II.

Jack Kennedy was involved in combat as a US navy lieutenant throughout the war.

Lavrov explained that ancestors of many Russian families suffered and died during WW II, what’s well-known and commemorated as the Great Patriotic War.

The memory of what happened “is sacred because of the huge number of war casualties and the self-sacrifice demonstrated by the multi-ethnic Soviet people,” Lavrov explained, adding:

“This makes us distinct from those (in the West) who are so light-minded on the subject of nuclear weapons.”

Vladimir Putin warned that the longer Kiev Nazis obey their US master, the longer they refuse to agree on conflict resolution, the more they’ll be decimated and hard-pressed to negotiate on anything.

The same goes for US/Western regimes. 

While Russia expresses willingness to negotiate with them in good faith, it knows from experience that whenever agreements are reached, they’re not worth the paper they’re written on.

Hegemon USA and its Western vassals consistently breach them.

A Final Comment

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Wednesday, Moscow is returning to participation in the grain deal.

Saying agreement was reached after “receiv(ing) written guarantees from Ukrain(ian)” Nazis, failed to explain what’s clear and unequivocal.

They’ve been waging war on Russia since 2014.

Nothing they agree to can be taken at face value.

Hegemon USA controls the regime and its actions.

Breaching what was again agreed to is virtually certain.

Yet Russia’s Defense Ministry added:

Ukrainian Nazis assured Russia that “the maritime humanitarian corridor will be used in strict compliance with the ‘Black Sea Initiative (sic)’ and related provision on the Joint Coordination Center (sic).”

“Russia believes that guarantees received at this point seem to be sufficient (sic) and resumes the implementation of the agreement.”

As a previous article stressed, Russia never should have agreed to accommodate the interests of hegemon USA, its Western vassals and Nazi-infested Ukraine.

The grain deal was doomed to fail before its ink dried.

Resuming participation in what Moscow shouldn’t have agreed to in the first place virtually guarantees betrayal in one form or other a second time around.

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  1. Gonzalo Lira put up a 15 minute video about noon this 11/2:2022.11.02 NATO’S New Tune: “Let’s Get It On” at

    He starts out talking about Sweden and Finland accepting nuclear weapons and goes on to speak to the (Neocon’s) madness of posturing an escalation of 30,000 Nato troops in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and Slovakia.


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