Stumping for Undemocratic Dems

A same-day article discussed the fake Biden’s detachment from reality in rattling off one bald-faced Big Lie after another on Wednesday evening ahead of next Tuesday’s midterms.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT did much the same thing in its own way.

Ignoring the White House imposter’s illegitimacy and recitation of one Big Lie after another in his pre-election rant, the Times was silent about how he embarrasses himself whenever appearing on the public stage.

So in supporting him instead of exposing and condemning how the public was defrauded by undemocratic Dems, the Times reinvented his unacceptable remarks as follows, saying:

He delivered “an impassioned (sic) condemnation of his predecessor and other Republicans on Wednesday night for encouraging political violence (sic) and voter intimidation (sic)” ahead of next week’s elections.

Calling them “a pivotal test of American democracy (sic)” ignored its fantasy version, the real thing banned and not tolerated anywhere by the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

And accusing Trump of “undercut(ting) the rule of law” covers for how egregiously undemocratic Dems trample on it.

And in the run-up to Nov. 8 midterms, the Times continued its anti-Trump, anti-MAGA Republicans jihad in support of undemocratic Dems and their diabolical domestic and geopolitical agenda.

Along with brazen election fraud, Dems are notorious for virtually every dirty trick imaginable in pursuit of their diabolical aims.

They stole election 2020. 

They installed Ukrainian Nazis in power by coup d’etat. 

They’re at war on Russia, what risks possible nuclear confrontation.

They’re responsible for millions of casualties from toxic kill shots and all else flu/covid — with intent to destroy public health on the phony pretext of protecting and preserving it.

And along with political nobody Zelensky, a comedian who’s no longer funny, a US-installed stooge to serve its imperial interests, the fake Biden is a detached from reality boob, the most egregious example of non-leadership in US history — an unparalleled embarrassment to how the real thing should operate on the public stage.

And accusing “MAGA Republicans (of threatening) the (republic’s) foundations” is what Dems have done since usurping power.

In his 20-minute Wednesday night rangt, the fake Biden mentioned “democracy” 37 times — in a nation where only a fantasy version is permitted, never the real thing throughout US history.

Separately in support of undemocratic Dems over peace, equity, justice and the rule of law, Times editors blamed what they called “right-wing extremists (for) incidents of political violence,” adding:

“Few (unnamed) experts (sic) believe things will get better anytime soon.”

“Domestic extremism is likely to worsen (sic)” — pointing fingers at Republicans in support of undemocratic Dems.

And this Times trash:

“Donald Trump was the first American president to rouse an armed mob that stormed the Capitol (sic) and threatened lawmakers (sic).”

He has much to answer for, the above phony claim not included.

More Times trash, falsely claiming that Republicans stoke “violence (and) embrace extremism (sic).”

And this:

“(T)he scourge of extremism in the US is evident across the political spectrum.” 

“But the threat to the current order comes disproportionately from the right (sic).”

Forever war is the most egregious form of violence and extremism — along with mass-murder by kill shots.

Both wings of the US war party share guilt, Dems far and away most of all.

Reinventing its own reality, the Times continues an all-out assault on what it calls MAGA Republicans with trash like the following:

They’re “more likely to hold extrem(ist) beliefs (sic), to endorse political violence (sic), (while) consider(ing) (it) to be justified (sic).”

And this trash:

“(G)rowing number(s) of GOP politicians are using the threat of political violence not just to intimidate their opponents on the left (sic) but also to wrest control of the party from” more moderates.

And equating MAGA Republicans with ideological extremist groups is another Times red herring in support of Dems next Tuesday.

In defending what’s indefensible, Times editors earlier said “every day is Jan. 6 now (sic)” — referring to the 2021 anti-Trump false flag without admitting to responsibility by Dems for staging it.

Days before Nov. 8 midterms, the Times and other Dem-supporting MSM are frantic over the prospect of Republicans regaining control over the House and/or Senate.

So they’re in full MAGA GOP bashing mode, trying to prevent it by a war of words in support of what demands opposition and condemnation.


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