Burn Before Reading NYT Trash

What applies to the NYT goes for MSM across the board in all forms — propaganda based on state-approved talking points their specialty.

In its latest fake news edition, the Times was silent about what analyst Larry Johnson explained.

Reality for the US-installed, Nazi-infested regime is a “growing mountain of corpses, (disrupted) lines of communication with front line troops, (while Kiev is increasingly hard-pressed to supply them) with food (weapons) and ammunition.”

If US/Western aid is further “disrupted or cut off, (the regime) will no longer be able to” provide expendable cannon fodder for hegemon USA-dominated NATO’s war on Russia.

Throughout its history, US regimes used other nations in pursuit of their imperial aims.

When no longer providing what the empire of lies wants, they and their people are abandoned.

That’s Ukraine’s inevitable fate ahead.

When too late to matter, they learn the hard way that US regimes can never be trusted.

In pursuing its liberating SMO, Russia has been systematically degrading, weakening and destroying Ukraine’s military, its power grid, communication systems and key decision-making centers.

Millions of Ukrainians are enduring rolling blackouts.

According to Kiev’s security director, Roman Tkachuk:

“If Russia continues” attacking Ukrainian infrastructure, “we may lose our entire electricity system.”

Days earlier, Ukraine’s DTEK power utility said the following:

“(W)e used up the stock of (replacement) equipment in warehouses” last month.

The regime’s power grid uses decades-old Soviet Russian equipment, what’s incompatible with what’s produced in the West today.

Without the ability of Ukraine to repair or replace what Russian strikes badly demaged or destroyed, millions of Ukrainians face the prospect of winter cold without electricity or heat.

Some areas lost a reliable source of water.

Where electricity is knocked out, there’s no water or sewage, no ability to flush toilets.

Growing numbers of Ukrainians are crossing into Poland to escape domestic misery.

According to NYT fake news, the Biden regime and its Western vassals “offer(ed) Ukraine strong assurances that their military and financial commitment to the war effort would not waver (sic)” — until it inevitably does ahead, what’s virtually certain.

If Republicans regain congressional control, blank check policy for Ukraine may change.

And eventually, US/Western aid will no longer be forthcoming, especially not from European nations.

By allying with the Biden regime’s hot and sanctions war on Russia, they’re enduring increasingly hard times and dwindling ability to support Kiev militarily and financially.

State-sponsored terrorism may replace US/Western aid by their ruling regimes against Russia to maintain perpetual war.

The Biden regime’s war department established a so-called Security Assistance Group-Ukraine — a forever war on Russia command.

Separately, the Times continues to maintain the myth of advances by battered and beaten Ukrainian troops.

And this Times trash: 

Russia’s going as planned mobilization was “chaotic (sic).”

Its Defense Ministry is “rebuilding (sic) its decimated…ground forces (sic).”

Ignoring Russian battering of regime troops in Donetsk, the Times falsely claimed it’s the other way around.

And this Times trash, citing fake news by Ukrainian Nazis:

“More than 800 Russian soldiers were wounded or killed over the previous 24 hours (sic).”

More trash:

“The Ukrainian military reported step-by-step gains (sic) in cutting supply lines (sic) and targeting Russian ammunition and fuel depots (sic).”

“Ukrainian troops are advancing toward Kherson” city (sic).

Every attempted regime advance was foiled.

Each one resulted in heavy losses of manpower, arms and equipment.

On Friday, Southfront reported that “Russian forces continue to push (regime troops) back” when attempt to advance.

“Ukrainian forces continue their attempts to break through Russian defenses but fail and suffer heavy losses.”

“The Russian military has been using Lancet and other types of loitering munitions against the AFU since the start of its (SMO) in Ukraine with much success.”

“In the last few weeks, use of these munitions was significantly expanded.”

Fake news by the Times and other MSM continues to reinvent reality on the ground.

At the same time, MSM ignore the presence of increasing numbers of US combat troops in Ukraine.

Are East/West clashes inevitable?

Hegemon USA is already at war on Russia.

Will they go head-to-head against each other on the battlefield?

Are dominant Biden regime hardliners yearning for WW III?

Has it already begun with no formal declaration?

A Final Comment

On Nov. 3, retired US army Col. Douglas MacGregor said the following:

The Biden regime “appears to be considering use of a multinational force (against) Russia…US army troops at its core.”

If the scheme is implemented, Russian forces “will focus first and foremost on the destruction of the US war-fighting structure together with its space-based command, control, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities.”

Dominant hardliners infesting the Biden regime are incrementally heading toward more direct involvement in battlefield attacks on Russia.

Do they have preemptive nuclear war in mind?

Do they have a death wish?

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