Mandating Kill Shots a Crime Against Humanity

The Pharma-controlled CDC wants everyone aged-6 months and older jabbed, re-jabbed and regularly boosted with kill shots designed to destroy health and shorten lifespans.

It’s pushing so-called bivalent jabs for everyone aged-5 and older — infants no doubt to be included later on.

The agency denied indisputable evidence of harm to growing millions worldwide, falsely claiming:

Flu/covid jabs are “effective at protecting people from getting seriously ill (sic), being hospitalized (sic), and dying (sic)” — 3 bald-faced Big Lies in a single sentence.

In Chicago where I live, mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office falsely claimed the following:

“(N)ew bivalent booster (jabs) generate a stronger immune response against current and future variants (sic).”

“Everyone 5 and up should receive a bivalent booster two months after their second (jab) or last booster shot (sic).” 

“People who are moderately to severely immunocompromised should consult with their specialty provider about timing and dosage of” jabs.

And this from the Illinois Department of Public Health:

“(N)ew bivalent (jabs) are designed to offer added protection (sic) from the now-dominant strains of” more scariant than variant omicron.

According to the state’s so-called public health director, Sameer Vohra, “now is the best time to get fully” jabbed — to hasten public health destruction more quickly.

My esteemed alma mater, Harvard, as well as Yale are no longer safe and fit to attend.

They’re among a likely growing number of colleges and universities to mandate bivalent jabs.

Exorbitant Harvard tuition, room, board and fees of over $78,000 for the 2022-23 academic year is a small price to pay compared to mandated health-destroying kill shots — compounded by requiring students and all others on campus to get toxic bivalent boosters.

Last September, the university’s so-called health services announced the following:

“Students must be compliant with (flu/covid) requirements to register for the spring term.”

“This includes the annual (toxic) flu shot as well as bivalent (more scariant than variant) omicron…booster” kill shots.

Health-destroying “bivalent boosters can be administered two months after the last” flu/covid jab. 

“Students will be alerted to non-compliance as early as mid-October.”

In stark contrast to university propaganda, falsely claiming that kill shots are safe and effective, indisputable reality proved otherwise.

The same goes for health-destroying bivalent boosters.

They don’t protect and cause irreversible harm to health.

Harvard students are highly advised to go elsewhere for higher education or skip it altogether if the cost includes self-inflicting harm by kill shots designed for this purpose.

In mid-October, Health Impact News (HIN) reported the following about toxic bivalent jabs, saying:

Based on a small tip of the true human toll, as reported by FDA and CDC VAERS data, “3,232 (adverse events), including 26 deaths,” were reported within 6 weeks after bivalent boosters were granted emergency use authorization (EUA) when no emergency exists.

On October 29, HIN reported “5,435 injur(ies), 45 deaths, 53 permanent injuries, 535 ER visits, and 192 hospitalizations” from bivalent boosters.

In cahoots with Biden regime dark forces and Pharma profiteers, the FDA and CDC granted EUA for bivalent jabs without human testing — clearly with hastening destruction of health more quickly instead of protecting and preserving it as falsely claimed.

Everyone valuing their health should go nowhere near toxic kill shots, including bivalent ones.

Pushers have pure evil intent in mind.

Institutions of higher learning involved in mandating them are complicit with state-sponsored mass-extermination.

A whole different world existed when I was educated to the graduate school level.

There were no jabs required for anything health related.

Focus was entirely on teaching and learning with nothing remotely like what’s going on now.

And make no mistake.

Harvard, Yale and other institutions of higher education that mandate multiple rounds of kill shots are complicit with US dark forces involved in destruction of public health and mass-murder.

Shun them to protect what’s too precious to lose.

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