A Brief Pre-Election Update

It surfaced countless times before and again in the NYT’s latest fake news edition.

Despite no evidence of interference in US elections by any foreign nations now or earlier, the self-styled newspaper of record, NYT, reinvented reality — as part of its Russia bashing campaign based on Biden regime talking points.

Claiming that “Russia reactivated trolls and bots ahead of Tuesday’s midterms (sic)” was typical Times trash.

Election meddling is longstanding hegemon USA practice — at home and abroad — notably by undemocratic Dems.

In its fake news piece, the Times cited no evidence to back its accusation — because there is none.

It also claimed that Russia “lament(s) the use of taxpayer dollars to support Ukrain(ian)” Nazis.

Everyone should express outrage about what’s gone on for years, including US sanctions war against nations free from US hegemonic control.

And this Times bald-faced Big Lie, falsely accusing Russia of interfering in the 2016 and 2020 elections (sic).

Again, not a shred of evidence suggests it.

More Times trash:

Those nasty Russians are trying to “cut off” US/Western aid to Ukrainian Nazis (sic).

Everyone should express outrage about what’s gone on for years, including US sanctions war against nations free from US hegemonic control.

More trash:

Russia is “target(ing) (Dems) in (hotly) contested races (sic).”

The US political system is indeed highly vulnerable to manipulation.

Election 2020 grand theft by undemocratic Dems is Exhibit A.

In October, the FBI — the nation’s Gestapo — issued a fake news warning about a nonexistent disinformation threat spread by “dark web media channels, online journals, messaging applications, spoofed websites, emails, text messages and fake online personas.”

It made the whole thing up in support of undemocratic Dems.

And this Times trash, citing unnamed sources, likely nonexistent ones — falsely claiming that they “uncovered a variety of campaigns by Russia, China and Iran (sic).”

Again, no corroborating evidence was cited because none exists.

No Russian, Chinese, Iranian or other foreign campaign exists to influence US election results.

If the Times, other MSM, the FBI or Biden regime officials had credible evidence to back their claims, they’d have shared what can be checked to verify.

Failure to lay their cards on the table shows they have nothing but easily debunked hot air.

And make no mistake.

If Republicans regain House and/or Senate control in Nov. midterms, the Biden regime and its MSM press agents will scream Russian interference.

It’s virtually guaranteed — despite no evidence suggesting it.

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