All the Fake News That’s Unfit to Print or Read

With farcical US midterm elections dominating MSM reports, the self-styled newspaper of record, NYT, devoted time and space to more fake news about all things Russia and Ukraine.

Despite no evidence suggesting it, the Times (and other MSM) continue to pretend that Russian forces are suffering heavy frontline losses.

Reality, of course, is the other way around, regime troops becoming increasingly degraded one day at a time.

In response to MSM fake news, Russia’s Defense Ministry rejected the claim of “high, pointless losses in people and equipment,” adding:

Since last week, its forces smashed through defensive positions of Ukrainian Nazis.

“Due to competent actions of unit commanders, losses of (Russian) marines for the given period do not exceed 1% of combat strength, and 7% wounded, a significant part of whom already returned to duty.”

The Times and other MSM repeatedly push phony claims about Russian setbacks, while largely ignoring the extent to which they’ve battered and degraded regime troops.

Most of their best trained, motivated fighters were eliminated.

The regime’s command and control capabilities were greatly degraded.

Kiev relies increasingly on poorly trained conscripts up to age-60 for frontline cannon fodder duty.

Much of the regime’s power grid, communications systems and key decision-making centers were badly damaged or knocked out.

If Russian forces operated like hegemon USA-dominated NATO — by its own rules in flagrant breach of international law — the SMO would have been over in a few weeks.

Ukrainian cities and towns would lie in smoldering rubble.

A million or more Ukrainians would be dead, many more wounded.

And this Times rubbish:

Claiming Russia’s mobilization of 300,000 reservists, not conscripts, was “to replace soldiers lost” is typical Times hokum. 

The same goes for falsely claiming  that mobilization caused “growing criticism (sic).”

And this Times trash:

Russian officers “ran away (from Ukrainian) shelling (sic), leaving leaving untrained men” behind (sic).

The above and daily volumes more lie it is how MSM betray their followers, while suppressing truth and full disclosure.

And this Times trash:

Repeating Biden regime fake news, it falsely claimed that up to “80,000 Russian soldiers (were) killed or wounded (sic), many others missing (sic).”

The true toll is a tiny fraction of the above perversion of reality.

And in stark contrast to indisputable evidence of US interference in scores of elections worldwide throughout the post-WW II period and earlier, not a shred of credible evidence suggests the same breach of international law by Russia or other nations free from US control.

Anyone accepting this rubbish can just as easily be brainwashed to believe that black is white and vice versa.

And this WaPo Russia-bashing rubbish — falsely pretending that Kiev’s devastated military is defeating overwhelmingly superior Russian firepower.

And this WaPo trash:

Russia’s going as planned SMO is a “study in ineptitude (sic)…including low morale and lousy leadership (sic).”

Misinformation and disinformation by WaPo and other MSM read like bad fiction.

What’ll they report when Nazi-infested Ukraine collapses, when its so-called military can do no more than conduct sporadic terrorist attacks, when European regimes exhaust their ability to keep aiding Kiev with their diminishing resources, when they accept that they made a wrongheaded bet?

And this WSJ trash:

US-installed puppet Zelensky is open to talks with Russia if the Kremlin abandons people it liberated from the scourge of Nazism and hands Kiev part of its own territory.

The Journal ignored the absurdity of the above demands.

It was also silent about a powerless puppet with no say over anything related to Russia and Ukraine.

Moscow’s position has been clear and unequivocal since launching its liberating SMO.

It’ll continue until Ukraine is demilitarized, deNazified and no longer a threat to Russia’s security and people — until they’re free and safe from the made-in-the-USA monster.


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  1. “SHOCKING Leaked ‘Document’ CAUSES World Leaders To PANIC!” —

    It is established the federal Overseer Government used the social media giants to silence opposition to the Big Lies of CONvid, which is an in-our-face violation of the First Amendment.

    It is not the country you think it is and it never was the country you thought it was.

    Wee are about to find out corporatism is corpsism.


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