Election Day Trampling on Truth

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT claim about “threats to democracy” ignored that the real thing is nonexistent throughout the US/West.

So calling midterms “a referendum on democracy (sic)” is red herring deception, a longstanding Times specialty.

At the same time, it maintains the myth of open, free and fair 2020 elections — what were brazenly corrupted with electronic ease and related shenanigans. 

If elections produced positive change, they’d be banned.

For good reason, there’s widespread distrust in the integrity of America’s political process.

And this rubbish from pseudo-economist/Times columnist Paul Krugman.

Expressing support for undemocratic Dems, he called Republicans “extremist and anti-democra(tic).” 

And this Krugman rubbish:

If regain congressional control, Republicans “plan to use the threat of economic chaos to extract concessions they couldn’t win through the normal legislative process (sic).”

More rubbish:

“A MAGA America would be ugly (sic).”

Their adherents are “full of vindictiveness, of promises to imprison and punish anyone — including (kill shot-pushing fraudsters) like Fauci.”

And calling alleged Paul Pelosi attacker, David DePape, “a MAGA-spouting intruder” is another Krugman bald-faced Big Lie in support of undemocratic Dems and the fake Biden.

And this GOP bashing by the self-styled newspaper of record:

MAGA Republicans are “handmaidens to total domination of capital, to facilitate the upward redistribution of wealth and to strengthen hierarchies of class and status (sic).”

And they intend “to reduce social insurance (and) cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans.”

Both right wings of the one-party state support the worst of all possible worlds — by serving privileged interests exclusively at the expense of the general welfare.

So saying it’s “of great consequence who wins elections” ignores the disturbing reality of one-party rule — each wing supporting perpetual wars against invented enemies, including against most Americans.

And the same goes for pushing fake news claims about “Russian interference” in US elections (sic), adding:

Unnamed (likely nonexistent) “researchers detected a new, though more concentrated, campaign by Russia to try to influence Tuesday’s midterm elections (sic).”

“The goal, as in previous US elections, has been to empower angry conservative voters with the aim of undermining faith (sic) in America(’s) (illusory) democracy.”

Under Vladimir Putin, Russians have the real thing, what Americans have been denied throughout the nation’s history.

And this WaPo reinvention of reality, once again:

There’s no ambiguity about what’s indisputable.

Dems stole Election 2020.

Like most other MSM press agents for undemocratic Dems, WaPo remains in perpetual denial mode with rubbish like the following:

“(C)onspiracy theories and bogus fraud allegations have flourished (sic), fueled by Donald Trump and his sycophantic allies (sic).”

Republicans are highly favored to regain House and perhaps Senate control.

Yet the nation’s political process is debauched by design.

Secrecy and back room deals substitute for an open, free and fair process.

Candidates are pre-selected.

Big money owns them.

Americans get the best democracy money can buy.

Voter disenfranchisement is rife.

One-party rule with two right wings assures continuity on key issues.

Elections are privatized.

Electronic and pre-election voting facilitate fraud.

With exceptions for the disabled, military personnel abroad and others legitimately unable to vote in person on election day, voting should be exclusively by verifiable paper ballots — in person on election day alone.

It’s the only way to minimize fraud.

The current system is the other way around, including the Electoral College for selecting presidents and vice presidents.

It’s notably debauched when when popular vote totals exceed the EC count.

And the US electoral process reinforces one-party rule with two right wings, shutting out independents.

Partisan gerrymandering further debauches the process.

They’re selections more than elections because of deep-seated fraud.

Americans have no say over how they’re governed.

Rule of the people is a meaningless figure of speech.

Their franchise exists in name only.

Powerful interests run things.

It’s always been this way throughout US history.

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