Straight-Talk by Russia’s US Envoy

At a time of US-dominated NATO’s war on Russia — at risk of going nuclear by accident or design — Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, resides in the heart of the beast that’s hostile to the interests of his nation and personal well-being.

Undaunted, he justifiably slammed his host nation as follows, saying:

The “US with persistence…ignores diplomacy and the UN Charter (by) punish(ing) those who disagree with its approaches and intimidate everyone else.”

Its ruling regimes “interfere in the internal affairs of other countries” as standard operating policy.

Along with one hot war after another against invented enemies, illegal sanctions are their weapons of choice.

Nations allying with the empire of lies pay dearly for supporting for what demands rejection. 

Ones going the other way are more greatly harmed.

Hegemon USA spurns cooperative relations in favor of exploiting other nations.

Whether allied with the US or the other way around, the world community’s poorest nations suffer most from its self-serving practices.

“In the energy sector,” hegemon USA “sells its transatlantic friends (LNG at up to) four times” the domestic price.

And showing subservience to their higher power in Washington, they pay it in lieu of far more affordable, readily available, Russian oil and gas.

At the same time, the Biden regime banned imports of Russian energy to the US.

Once enforced, nations going along with a G7 oil price cap will be cut off from access to what it can readily supply to allies.

“We will not ensure the well-being of others at our own expense,” Antonov stressed.

“We will not sell resources to those who artificially hold back prices.” 

“Our massage is clear.”

“If the (market-defying) mechanism is introduced, no one can guarantee that in the future someone will not try to extend (to) gas, then metals, and, as a result, over any type of goods that Western (regimes) might focus on at some point.”

Because of how hegemon USA and its Western vassals operate, “formations of (alternative) international payment systems (are) inevitable.”

Along with growing numbers of world community nations, Russia strongly opposes the unipolar agenda of the empire of lies and forever wars.

Separately, Antonov slammed Nazi-infested Ukraine for years of “massacring the people of Donbass,” adding:

“Neo-Nazism, Russophobia, and mass violations of human rights” are the hallmark of the US-installed puppet regime.

Russian nationals are considered “non-humans.”

Told to “get out,” those remaining in Ukraine are being “eliminated.”

“Genocide is being carried out against the Russian-speaking population in all its terrible forms,” Antonov explained— what’s endorsed and encouraged by hegemon USA and its Western vassals.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners prioritize support for Ukrainian Nazis against Russia and Taiwan against China, along with regime change in Iran by brute force.

Russia today “faces the threat of a radiation disaster (if Kiev Nazis detonate) a dirty bomb as planned.”

As approved by its US master, “the task of” (carrying out the diabolical mission was assigned) to two Ukrainian organizations.”

“Their work is at its final stage.”

“Kiev has the necessary manufacturing base, scientific and technical capacity as well as stocks of uranium-235 and plutonium-239, which are the main components of a nuclear charge,” Antonov stressed, adding:

“Even more dangerous” are repeated attempts by Ukrainian Nazis to spread deadly radiation across central Europe by terror-strikes on the Zaporozhye NPP — wanting Russia blamed for their atrocity.

By supporting Ukrainian Nazis, hegemon USA and its Western vassals are both “sponsors and accomplices of nuclear terrorism.”

How far will the empire of lies and forever wars go in pursuit of its diabolical aims?

Can Russia foil them to avoid disaster?

Separately on Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry ordered the withdrawal of its forces from parts of the Kherson Region to the left bank of the Dnepr River.

It’s because of repeated regime attempts to destroy the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric plant and dam.

If occurs and millions of tons of water are released, the result would be disastrous for everyone in harm’s way.

Thousands could die from flooding.

Many thousands of homes would be destroyed.

Active conflict areas are no place for civilians.

US-dominated Western regimes pose an unparalleled threat to humanity.

Russia is in the vanguard of promoting peace, equity and justice worldwide.

Achieving all of the above requires elimination of Kiev’s war-making machine and support for the regime by its US/Western paymasters.

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