Reinventing Reality

MSM feature state-approved fake news over the real thing.

It’s always been this way, why nothing they report on major issues can be taken at face value.

The vast majority of MSM support undemocratic Dems over Republicans.

They support endless US wars on invented enemies.

They fail to explain that hegemon USA’s only post-WW II enemies were invented.

No real ones exist today.

They support kill shots and all else flu/covid, while reporting nothing about many millions of casualties throughout the US/West and worldwide where mass-jabbing goes on.

They support the made-in-the-USA health and freedom destroying mother of all state-sponsored scams.

They ignore that everyone jabbed was irreparably harmed.

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about toxic jabs.

Designed with mass-extermination in mind, not a shred of evidence justifies their use.

Overwhelming evidence demands an end to the most diabolical scheme ever concocted by any ruling regimes anywhere.

Instead of serving the public interest by exposing and condemning what’s going on, MSM cheerlead it, including the following NYT trash:

Hyperventilating about a nonexistent impending “tripledemic,” so-called BA.5, other BA and BQ more scariant than subvariants and fake long (flu)/covid, the Times pushed readers to be jabbed with untested on humans, rushed to market, deadly bivalent boosters.

Separately according to Times columnist, disinformation proliferator Tom Friedman on Tuesday’s midterms:

“(W)e…dodged one of the biggest arrows ever aimed at the heart of (hegemon USA’s fantasy) democracy.”

Ignoring evidence of rampant fraud by Dems, Friedman called what’s indisputable a “shameful fabrication (sic)” by Trump and what he called his “denialists (sic).”

And this Friedman trash:

(Fraudulent) election results “could not come at a better time as  leaders of both Russia and China manipulated their systems (sic) to entrench themselves in power (sic) beyond their previously established terms of office (sic).”

More Friedman trash:

Ignoring violent made-in-the-USA street protests in Iran, Friedman endorses regime change in support of the imperial project by the empire of lies and forever wars.

More of the same:

Legitimate “election denialism took a thumping” — by brazen fraud on Tuesday, he failed to explain.

And what he called “the foundations of American democracy” exist in fantasy form alone, the real thing nowhere in sight.

And calling “truth and trust” the “twin pillars” of (fantasy) democracy fools no one aware of indisputable reality, what’s world apart from his reinvented version.

Dems stole midterms to prevent what should have been a slam dunk red wave.

In deference to dark forces he supports, Friedman pretended otherwise.

Times trash infests its latest post-elections fake news edition — including its reinvention of why there was no red wave.

Ignoring brazen Dem-orchestrated fraud, the Times falsely blamed a failed red wave on the GOP for not “offer(ing) (anything constructive to) “American workers (sic),” adding:

“What sort of national vision did the Republican Party offer working Americans in 2022?”

“It’s hard to say, really (sic).”

“The best I can come up with is something like this:”

“Hand us the keys to government, but don’t expect us to give you anything in return.” 

Ignored by the Times is that both right wings of the one-party state operate by the same standard.

They support privileged interests exclusively at the expense of most others.

It’s always been this way throughout US history — why neither wing of the one-party state warrants support from the great majority.

Given a choice between two unacceptable options, Republicans at this time are the lesser of two evils.

And this Times trash, falsely claiming no advance evidence of a red wave in midterm elections.

On November 3, Newsweek headlined:

“The Red Wave Is Real”

“Here are Eight Polls That Prove It”

Included was a highly respected Quinnipiac University poll, showing that registered voters favored Republicans by a 48 – 44% margin over Dems to regain House and Senate control.

A late October Emerson College poll favored GOP over Dem candidates by a 46 – 41% margin.

And among those saying they’re “almost certain” to vote in November, Republicans led Dems by a 51 – 41% margin.

Yet according to Times fake news, “(t)here was never much hard evidence (of a) red wave (sic).”

Increasingly dire economic conditions for most Americans and the highest inflation since the early 1980s were dominant issues on the minds of voters.

Pocketbook ones most always rank high in polls. Other issues are secondary.

Days before Nov. 8 midterms, a Politico/Morning Consult poll showed “voters ready to blame (Dems) for econom(ic conditions) and inflation.”

Dems way exceeded expectations the old-fashioned way — by stealing races they’d have lost if things were open, free and fair.

And this revelation from Gateway Pundit on Thursday, saying:

“Drop and roll” fraud at the 11th hour in Georgia prevented GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker from triumphing on Tuesday — what’s likely to repeat in the Dec. 6 runoff to let undemocratic Dems retain control of the upper House if they carry Arizona or Nevada.

When dirty business as usual wins whenever so-called US elections are held, its proof positive that America’s political process is too deeply debauched to fix.

That’s the disturbing reality pre-and-post elections, what MSM conceal instead of revealing what everyone has a right to know.

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