A Disappointing but Strategically Sound Move

On Friday, Russia’s Defense Ministry issued the following statement:

“On November 11, at 5 a.m. Moscow time, the operation on the Kherson direction completed (the)  transfer…of Russian troops (and military equipment) to the left bank of the Dnieper” River.

Nothing was left behind, no manpower, arms or equipment.

Everything was shifted to heavily fortified defensive positions.

Despite attempts by regime Nazis to disrupt the process, it was successfully completed with no losses.

Russian airpower, its long-range artillery, air defense system, electronic warfare and tactical superiority prevailed.

Russia’s military helped civilians move out of harm’s way to the Dnieper’s left bank.

The mission was accomplished while continuing to degrade regime manpower, arms and equipment.

Since its liberating SMO began, Russian forces inflicted the following losses on Nazi-infested Ukraine:

333 warplanes

174 helicopters

2,486 UAVs

388 anti-aircraft missile systems

6,511 tanks and other armored combat vehicles

885 multiple rocket launchers

3,569 artillery units and mortars

7,166 special military automotive equipment units, as well as:

Hundreds of thousands of killed, wounded, captured or deserted regime troops.

According to Kherson city’s military/civilian administration head, Alexander Kobets, on Friday:

Evacuation of civilians continues.

An estimated 80 – 100,000 remain in the city.

Well over 100,000 were moved to the Dnieper’s left bank.

They were urged to leave the right bank because the regime continues to shell the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant and dam. 

Using HIMARS rocket launchers, operated by Pentagon troops, and artillery — strikes risk flooding a widespread area if the dam is significantly breached.

On Friday, head of the We Stand With Russia movement, Vladimir Rogov, warned of the following:

Ukrainian Nazis will terrorize Kherson city residents, ones remaining behind.

They’re at great risk of “extra-judicial reprisals, torture, killings, kidnapping and other terrible acts.”

“People are being killed by the Zelensky regime.”

“We will hear about hundreds of people who were unwilling to evacuate being officially reported missing, but they will most likely be killed, literally slaughtered” in cold blood.

According to Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister, Alexander Fomin, on Saturday:

“Today, Genichesk where all key government agencies are located is a temporary administrative capital of the Kherson Region.”

When fully liberated from the scourge of Nazified occupation, Kherson city will again be the region’s capital.

And this reality check by analyst Larry Johnson.

Ukraine’s greatly deteriorated  economy is virtually on life support.

Without US/Western aid, the regime’s military and economy would collapse.

Along with greatly degraded, poorly trained, ground troops, Kiev has “no viable air (or naval) force.”

Russia continues to degrade Ukraine’s power grid, its communications system and decision-making centers.

The US-installed regime has “no short-term solution to keep the lights on.”

Russia hasn’t “committed its front line forces and high tech weaponry to the fight.”

Its economy is strong and self-sufficient.

It’s producing everything needed to continue its liberating SMO for as long as it takes to declare mission accomplished.

Its Defense Ministry “can mobilize and train new troops on its own territory without fear of attack from Ukraine.”

The regime lacks the same capability.

Despite temporarily pulling forces from west of the Dnieper River, Russia controls the rest of its Kherson Region.

It’s just a matter of time before Kherson, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, and Donbass are entirely free from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

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  1. This is the result of Russia fighting a half ass war instead of launching a blitzkrieg attack instead, taking Kiev and sealing the borders. This would have taken millions of troops and tens of thousands of tanks and heavy guns. There would have also been a lot more military and civilian casualties but it would have been worth it. It’s better to do it right and get it over with.


    1. I can “like” you partially, but I don’t think the Russians really wanted more than the Donbass (similar to Crimea). The SMO made sense to me as a statment by Russia that “Enough is enough; we’re going to make our point.” Western provision of billion$ to Ukraine may have surprised President Putin (he should not, I suppose, have been surprised, given the perfidy from years ago…) and prolonged the SMO that should never have been necessary in the first place…had the wanna be hegemon practiced active listening, negotiation, compromise, diplomacy…instead of belligerency and warmongering. But who the hell am I to pontificate…?


      1. As long as Russia leaves the Kiev government in place the problems will continue. The need to eventually install their own government and seal the border. They can’t even stop the attacks on donetsk after nearly 9 months. There is no excuse for this. Putin didn’t have the sense to see Ukraine would be flooded with weapons and mercenaries. I don’t even know If the 300k troops will be enough. I would have called up a million. They need someone brutal like Stalin. Putin is just too weak and senseless to fight a war.

        Liked by 1 person

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